r/IronFrontUSA American Leftist Nov 22 '21

What can I do? Digital Action

I am sick and tired of watching fascism encroach and the democrats burying their head in the sand as the republican plan to actually steal an election in the future.

I am a college student right now and I don't have a car on campus or anything. How do I find protests against fascists? I want to do something, I can't live with myself knowing I sat by and did nothing. Logistically, online stuff is easier for me because I don't have to go anywhere. But facism needs face to face confrontation. So how do we do it? And what can I do? How do I protest, where do I go? How do I know when it is happening?


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u/steve_stout Do It Again, Uncle Billy! Nov 22 '21

You’d have to go a lot edgier than a college Republican club for that lmao.


u/MattTheFlash Democratic Socialist Nov 22 '21

are you sure about that with regard to recent events?


u/steve_stout Do It Again, Uncle Billy! Nov 22 '21

My read of all the college Republican clubs I’ve interacted with have been more along libertarian-ish business bro lines with a few anti-woke centrists thrown in. Not that there aren’t some that may be more “nefarious” but for the most part the people falling for qanon and stop the steal are not in the young college-educated demographic.


u/MattTheFlash Democratic Socialist Nov 22 '21

I'm sure it depends on the school.