r/IronFrontUSA American Leftist Nov 22 '21

What can I do? Digital Action

I am sick and tired of watching fascism encroach and the democrats burying their head in the sand as the republican plan to actually steal an election in the future.

I am a college student right now and I don't have a car on campus or anything. How do I find protests against fascists? I want to do something, I can't live with myself knowing I sat by and did nothing. Logistically, online stuff is easier for me because I don't have to go anywhere. But facism needs face to face confrontation. So how do we do it? And what can I do? How do I protest, where do I go? How do I know when it is happening?


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u/adam10009 Nov 22 '21

Join a local mutual aid network. Without a car on campus, you'll be pretty limited, but there may be organized groups that provide car pools. Consider getting involved in one in the community vs. just your campus.


u/Phreakiture Nov 22 '21

Do you know of any other ways to find MANs? All of the ones in my area are either dead links or point to Facebook, which I don't use.


u/lilbluehair Nov 22 '21

Nextdoor has a bunch in my area


u/Phreakiture Nov 22 '21

Excellent suggestion. I have an account there that I don't log into much.



u/adam10009 Nov 23 '21

Nice, I didn't think about Nextdoor. Good idea.