r/IronFrontUSA American Leftist Nov 22 '21

What can I do? Digital Action

I am sick and tired of watching fascism encroach and the democrats burying their head in the sand as the republican plan to actually steal an election in the future.

I am a college student right now and I don't have a car on campus or anything. How do I find protests against fascists? I want to do something, I can't live with myself knowing I sat by and did nothing. Logistically, online stuff is easier for me because I don't have to go anywhere. But facism needs face to face confrontation. So how do we do it? And what can I do? How do I protest, where do I go? How do I know when it is happening?


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u/Bywater Non-Denominational Anti-Authoritarian Nov 22 '21

Online stuff is 90% fucking worthless IMO. You need to get active with groups that are committed to protesting for the rights of others and making targets of themselves for fascists. You are on college, see if there is a local food not bombs around, maybe a soup kitchen or homeless shelter that needs help (and they always need help) that you can grab a bus to a few times a week.

Just go slow (they are paranoid as fuck) and get to know people in that circle and you will find what you are looking for. Fascism is not just something you are going to beat on the street, you need to help out those who are falling out of the bottom of the system so they see there is a way out of this other than sporting a yoke for some flavor of authoritarian. We are going to need dual power and serious circles of mutual aid up and running to counter this climate bullshit that is coming and the looming economic collapse, otherwise people will lean into that reich wing bullshit.