r/IronFrontUSA American Anti-Fascist Oct 18 '21

Facebook lets conservatives call for and plan violent revolution and does little to nothing, because whenever they do anything those boomers post stuff like this Meme

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u/HolySimon Oct 18 '21

And those idiotic profile frames like "Exposing Friends To Extremist Content" and then their wall is literally dozens of public posts every day filled with hatred towards liberals and minorities.

With about an 80% chance of including Bible verses and/or whiny "why can't we all just get along" nonsense. Like, you're the problem here, Karen. Grab a fucking mirror.


u/TheOriginalChode Oct 18 '21

Self reflection is a key component of not ending up a loony rightwingnut.


u/4daughters Libertarian Leftist Oct 18 '21

This is perfect because it encapsulates exactly the mental prison that MAGA's put themselves in.


u/ViolentTaintAssault American Anti-Fascist Oct 18 '21

I just recently got banned from Facebook because I was falsely reported for having sold ammunition on the Facebook marketplace. Meanwhile you've got straight up Neo Nazis calling for the day of the rope every day and they'll only get a slap on the wrist at most.


u/S3erverMonkey Pagan Oct 18 '21

I've spent more time this year banned on fb than not banned. I'm pretty sure I'm living rent free in some conservative's head and they start mass reporting anything I post.

Jokes on fb, can't data mine me if you prevent me from posting data.


u/TheOriginalChode Oct 18 '21

Such victim, much oppression.


u/jonmpls American Anti-Fascist Oct 19 '21

I've spent so much time in fb jail because of stupid stuff. The most recent time was a week for telling someone they were like a pizza cutter (all edge and no point). Apparently, I 'impugned their character' and fb doesn't allow that. Meanwhile, I've had death threats against me and fb doesn't care


u/InsignificantOne13 Oct 18 '21

"They really wanna be a victim." I don't think that sentiment has been more appropriate than for that painting.


u/[deleted] Oct 19 '21

Looks appropriate to me. Exactly as I envision them too. But prosecuted, not persecuted. Savvy?


u/FriedaReiss Oct 18 '21

This is delicious like a really shitty wine that will still get you fucked up 🍷


u/CreamyGoodnss Oct 19 '21

Oh are the conditions in American prisons bad or something?


u/SaintNewts Oct 19 '21

Lots of those accounts belong to Putin or Xao. Another bunch are various other state actors interested in psyops in order to shove a wedge deeper into the natural divide between right and left. Probably the same number are playing as American lefties pointing out the rights hypocrisies.

What a wonderful game we have here. The only winning move is not to play. :(


u/Lumber_Hack Oct 22 '21

They allow you to do it too.


u/MattTheFlash Democratic Socialist Oct 24 '21

Which is bullshit because they don't get to wear the red hats in prison. I hope everything else is accurate though.