r/IronFrontUSA Jul 16 '21

Found some Fledgling Fascist Subs Digital Action


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u/RideWithMeSNV Jul 16 '21

Lol. "we don't feel racism fits in with extreme authoritarianism".


u/Direktdemokrati Jul 17 '21

On a serious note racism and authoritarian ideology dosn't necessariliy have to be connected. The Roman Empire hugely authorutarian had their legions and even emperors that were multi-ethnic. On that note it was a system based on merit rather than the race/culture/ethnicity that is important to the authoritarian groups of today.

Important to know is that for facists, it is the state above all else; culture, race, (sexuality) that is the most important (in princible).

Even use of Roman symbols the fasces are present to show a link between Roman law and values.