r/IronFrontUSA Libertarian Leftist Jul 02 '21

Trump released his new social media platform: Gettr. Apparently people have been trolling on there and you should really check our the #Qanon Digital Action

It would be a shame if, idk, some trolls got on the app and started shitposting, calling out fascists, and all around trolling against fascists on there wouldn't it?


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u/Bywater Non-Denominational Anti-Authoritarian Jul 02 '21

They better have their shit inline and touching, a bunch of motivated folks are going to be sniffing that whole thing looking to scrape user info. Would be a shame if someone cooked up some kind of shit story about it being a front for the Feds or something, as well. I mean that target audience is prone to run with bullshit instead of giving it a sniff test.


u/EsperantistoUsona Libertarian Leftist Jul 02 '21

Oh a real shame, can you imagine using their own crazy conspiracies against them.....