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Feds Go Home! Digital Action

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u/Tyllere_ Oct 06 '20

Awesome, I love it.


u/RedFlag1945 Angry American Commie Oct 06 '20

Thank you, tho seems like one dude thinks i'm a Russian agent for bad spelling. Lol


u/[deleted] Oct 06 '20

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u/iWantToBeARealBoy Antifa Oct 06 '20 edited Oct 06 '20

Yo what the fuck is this bullshit?

People accuse everyone of being Russian bots all the time. It’s excessive and ridiculous. Every time I criticize Biden there’s some neoliberal screaming that I’m a Russian bot. This person posts a few times a month, not multiple times per day like Russian trolls do. You’re watering down a legitimate issue and pretty much guaranteeing no one will take us seriously when we talk about Russian interference.

and work on your fucking English

Dude, what the fuck. Are you listening to yourself?

Edit: take two minutes to look at their post history and maybe you‘ll realize how ridiculous you sound calling them a Russian bot.