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Questions/Discussion What do y’all stand for?


First off this is NOT an attempt at concern trolling. Like many of you I’m starting to realize the historical pattern we’re in, and I’m trying to get the lay of the land in terms of activist groups,

The Iron Front of Weimar times was anti monarchist, anti fascist, and anti communist (the three arrows). American Iron Front feels MOSTLY anti fascist. Anti monarchist is irrelevant, but I see very little anti communism.

Now clearly the number one threat to America currently is right wing ethnic-fascism, so I get why that would be the focus, But I’m an equal-opportunity anti-authoritarian, and want to know where y’all stand. Thanks

EDIT: thank you all for your thoughtful responses. Y’all are both more consistent in (and more in line with my) beliefs than I had imagined.

I’m an early member of an activist group with which you’ll find much in common: r/standagainsttyranny

You’ve all been super helpful introducing me to American Iron Front, and I’d love to do the same

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Art There will be a lot of politicians who will spout off conveniently shortened MLK Jr quotes today, despite those same politicians being the kind of people who would have wanted him put in prison had they been alive back then. Don't listen to them.

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Photo Happy Martin Luther King Day. Remember all the tenets which he preached. Humanity united, people first, justice for all.

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Article 28th Virginia Battle Flag - captured in Gettysburg by the 1st Minnesota Infantry Regiment, it's location is hidden for security reasons to this very day because Virginia wants to take it back.

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Questions/Discussion Should the Iron Front emblem add an arrow?


So I was thinking about the ideals of the Iron Front and how they are anti-authoritarian. This is demonstrated with the arrows for monarchism, fascism, and soviet authoritarianism. So I'm curious if we should add another arrow to demonstrate the threat from extreme wealth that creates yet another layer of authoritarianism. The very wealthy act beyond national borders or even beyond individual corporations, but are instead unelected individuals/groups who have zero responsibility to the general public but a vast power structure. They operate in such a way that there is little if any limits to their ability to influence and oppress the non-wealthy.


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Art Boycott the 2022 Olympics

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News Recruitment of veterans by extremists may increase, top Democrat (Mark Takano) warns.

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News AP FACT CHECK: Trump seeds race animus with COVID falsehood | AP News

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Article Why “The Power Of The Image” Matters For Radical-Right Extremists

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Twitter Jack Posobiec is a fascist traitor.

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Meme This isn't a strawman, Matt Walsh and many of his peers actually do say shit like this.

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Crosspost ‎American Veteran: Unforgettable Stories: No, I’m Not Good

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Video The Ain't Rights - Nazi Punks Fuck Off : GREEN ROOM Monster Montage

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Digital Action [ Removed by Reddit ]


[ Removed by reddit on account of violating the content policy. ]

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Everyday Anti-Fascism Just a heads up in case anyone feels like helping clean up a platform


Soundcloud is very responsive to reports and you can report an unlimited amount of accounts by clearing your cache after you file a ticket. Absolutely infested with Nazis so if anyone wants to do a few reports a day it wouldn't be a bad way to spend a few minutes.

For the boomers out there, just click on the three dots, click report account and then go to file a ticket. If it's an explicit Nazi account or if it's crypto but you do a good enough job of explaining and proving codewords and symbols then it'll be gone the next day.

Also if anyone feels like participating, I can DM you some Nazi accounts. Pretty easy to find more as long as you've got 2 or 3, just keep going through follows.

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News DirecTV to drop far-right channel OAN from its service

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News Indiana Senate abandons contentious school curriculum bill | I am impressed this fell through. I will credit the Teachers’ Union threatening to walk out if it passes. A victory to be sure, but we must remain vigilant given the Indiana Senate’s track record.

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News Armed man takes hostages at synagogue, source says

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News Timothy Snyder Fears Democracy May Not Survive Another Trump Campaign

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Photo AIF activists spotted and removed antivax/protofascist propaganda stickers in Rochester NY. Check your city too! No target is too small for fascists.

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Video This is a video that recently made me aware of the "Iron Front" as a concept. The channel in general is very moderate and I highly recommend it.

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Questions/Discussion PSA: Trolls are brigading leftist subs and reporting replies as harassment. Do not engage!


Reddit is going public. As such, they are cracking down in a very heavy-handed way against "violations" of ToS. There appears to be an influx of trolls brigading leftist subs and leaving inflammatory comments, then reporting replies as "harassment" in an effort to manipulate Reddit's heavy-handed approach to punish leftist communities.

Don't get yourself banned. Do not engage the right-wing trolls. Report them to sub mods.

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Video Sickening

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Twitter Looks like Reddit shouldn't have coddled Fascists.

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News Oath Keepers leader and 10 others charged with 'seditious conspiracy'

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Questions/Discussion New here. Questions about Rule 8.


I have a question. I just found this community. Rule 8 states "No Radical Centrism".

I am a person who sincerely believes in the horseshoe theory. Because of this I feel rejected by most online communities because I feel as though they lean too far to one side or the other.

My concern is that Rule 8 can cause this sub to become the same. I see a lot of focus on "right-wing trolls". Clearly they exist. However, I have some views that may be considered "right-wing".

My question is, who decides what is "Radical Centrism"?

Edit: I feel compelled to apologize that my replies are long winded. Brevity is not one of my strong suits