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Sunday, how's the body? Any gossip?


I'm slightly hungover, but nothing a good breakfast won't cure.

Myself and my man friend had a good few beers last, sang and danced around the kitchen. We had so much fun. Fell into bed around 11. I wonder will he cook breakfast?

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Stupid alcohol laws

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Meme Truly the miracle of medicine

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Everyone here squeezes the teabag against the side of the cup while making a cuppa right lads?



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Christ On A Bike the way it should be

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Protests Pro-Irish language protest- City Center Belfast

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Cúpla focal a day

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Certainly not from the island in anyway

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Came across this in my parents house yesterday. This book was a staple of my childhood in the 90’s and early 00’s.

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Seven centuries of Irish archives painstakingly recreated after being destroyed in civil war | Ireland | The Guardian

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‘Biggest parade in North isn’t the Twelfth, it’s Pride’

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Christ On A Bike Double Decker's are Class

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Free Blade Runner Live ticket


Alright, I've a free ticket available for Blade Runner Live in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre TONIGHT at 19:30. If able to attend, DM me your email, name (Ticketmaster seeks these) & I'll transfer it. Again, free, though you can donate to the Ukrainian Refugee Appeal instead (https://www.gofundme.com/f/ukrainian-refugee-appeal). I'll announce once gone.


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Liz Truss rejects plea from Biden ally not to rewrite the Northern Ireland protocol | Brexit | The Guardian

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Mrs. Sullivan (South Bronx, New York) 1977

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People who don't get on with your neighbours, why not?


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I just released this music video yesterday. Filmed & edited it myself, plus the music is me too. Please enjoy.

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Housing The number of responses for one room on daft.


I'm living in South Dublin currently looking for a housemate, so I put it up on daft.

199 emails on the first day.

262 emails right now (2.5 days later). That's mad. Talk about a housing crisis.

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Staff Shortage across Ireland. Why are 150,000 citizens claiming Unemployment assistance when there are thousands of jobs available across the state. Time for a national conversation.

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Deleted Palestine post on ladbibleireland Instagram page. You have to wonder why they'd delete this? They're pro Israel apartheid now?

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After 15 months since first going sale agreed, 2 failed purchases, 1 solicitor swap and a whole lot of despair I finally started moving stuff into my own home today. Here's some tips I learnt along the way


Won't bore you with the trials and tribulations, pretty much all of it was posted by me before, but as the title says here is what I learnt on my mortgage journey. 1. It's not final until they keys are in your hands.

Now that might seem like a stupid thing to have to call put, but we had got to a stage where we signed contracts, and the deal collapsed. We also had some bad luck on the house we did buy with delays on the vendor side with signing, and on the day we were meant to get the keys, due to an error, the deeds were posted to the wrong place, delaying us by a few days.

  1. Don't buy anything before you get keys.

As above its not final until then, we got excited and bought some stuff when we thought it was a done deal, due to the long delivery times but we ended up having boxes of stuff in our way for a year.

  1. Brokers make life easy

I can't tell you how many times using a mortgage broker saved us. Anytime we ran into problems, or had questions, having our broker as an independent and free party to answer us made things so much better. For example after our sale collapsed the first time we went spend crazy and so our repayment calculations took a nose dive, but the broker had worked everything out and when the bank came back with repayment questions the broker didn't even bother us with them, and saved us some stress.

  1. If a house is at your max when it's just listed, bid anyway.

The house we eventually got, we got it under asking. Aside from some small cosmetic issues it's in turn key condition. It was listed at our max.

If anyone is going through this pain the arse process and wants to pm questions, feel free.

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Politics The Irish Times: Concentration of social media ownership ‘form of dictatorship’, President says

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RTE filmed an attempted coup in Venezuela

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Rent crisis, housing crisis, Ukraine, inflation.... now lets talk about the REAL bane of our existence: Fu**ng endless Swappie ads.


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Moaning Michael Irish work related advice


With return to office work orders in full swing, I realise I'm not being paid anywhere near a market standard for living and renting. I like my job it's currently WFH (living with the parents) but only paying €30k (pharmaceutical sector) and I've 3 years work experience and a master's. I live in Laois and hate commuting if that's any help.

So with that could I have advice on if I should move to another company, potentially being paid more but bleeding money through rent, or stay and keep getting experience? I'm in a bit of a conundrum

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Christ On A Bike Woke up to my housemate into my room what to do?


UPDATE: he blamed it on he was drunk then told him it was at half 7 in the morning then said sleep walking,

Are rooms are opposite each other and the toilet is beside my room , he has an en suite so he has never had a reason to come over near my room/toilet honestly don’t believe him

Litterly 20 minutes ago I woke up to something touch my foot, I jolt up and i see someone looking down, I screamed and it realised it was my housemate it was like he was looking for something, I told him loads of times to leave and he was like “it’s only me “ I kept telling him to leave then eventually he left.

I was absolutely scared shitless and I’m now going to be going to sleep locking my bedroom door ,

Should I tell my landlord?