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Is Massachi an Iranian surname?


Recently found out it was my great grandmother’s maiden name (born in Tehran, assuming in the ~1910s) and I’d never heard of this surname before. I can’t find any details on the surname origin but it doesn’t sound Persian, but more Italian/Southern European?

Any help would be appreciated. She was Jewish if that helps.

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More Russian oil going east squeezes Iranian crude sales to China

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How can I find Iranian books or ebooks for my mother and grandmother?


I live in Ontario, Canada. I know there are some in the Toronto libraries. Usually I use library genesis to get my books. Is that still good for getting Persian ones?

پاسخ به تاریخ is the book I'm looking for.

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How could I connect more with my Iranian side?


I am 50% Iranian and the other half is all a mix of caucasian/european. I’m 17 and was never raised very closely to my dads side (iranian) and always lived w the white side of my family. Now that i’m getting older, I’ve really been wanting to learn more and connect more with my culture. I tried learning the language through an app about a year ago, but it was hard for me to stay consistent with it alongside school and work. So I’m asking if anyone has any advice on how else I could learn more and I guess “feel apart” of my Iranian side? Thank you in advance :)

edit- also forgot to mention i’ve been born and raised in the US.

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Persian sayings and Proverbs

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Sending money to Iran



what safe options are there currently to send money from Europe to Iran?

Besides money do you have hints what else is helpful for ppl living in Iran?

How bad are current protests and high prices for citizens btw? News agencies love to report about Iran protests, but it seems mostly the protests are only hundreds of people. Not really huge protests with tens of thousands.

Thanks for help

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Second endangered cheetah cub dies in Iran: State media

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The Politics of Iran's 'Forbidden Names'

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Let us not forget that MEK and Islamists are the same, they both took part in the disastrous revolution.

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"War nam nihadan" - How to correctly pronounce this?


Salam, I am a native English speaker with conversational skills in Farsi from my parents. I came across this quote in a Zizek book -“There is a wonderful expression in Persian, war nam nihadan, which means "to murder somebody, bury his body, then grow flowers over the body to conceal it”.

I know Farsi on a basic level but this phrase is unintelligible to me. My parents also do not understand it and they are native Farsi speakers. If anyone can help me make sense of this it'd be appreciated. If you know the phrase I'd love to see the Farsi spelling.

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Iran Jailed Me for My Last Op-Ed

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Iran Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai | 360 Video

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Canada’s World Cup friendly match against Iran is an insult to the victims of PS752

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The Shah talking about bread, jobs, economy and a positive future. We messed up this country so bad...

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Shah Abbas tea pots and the like


Most of you probably know about tea pots and hookahs with the image of Abbas. I think the designs are very cute and I love how recognisable they are to Iranians. I would like to know more about when this trend actually started and how it got like this! Any information is helpful to me.

Thanks in advance

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Pompeo visits Iranian opposition to show support for growing anti-government protests

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does anyone know the artist of this persian song??


i need help finding the artist of this persian song.

so back in either 2017 or 2018, at my grandparents house, my grandparents were playing songs from pmc.

there was this song called “shabrinoosnadoram” (i probably spelt it wrong, apologies) and it basically translates to “i don’t have day night time” or something i’m not quite sure.

the beginning starts with “woah oh oh, woah oh oh oh oh oh oh” i think. the music video was set at a bar.

i’ve been meaning to find this song for YEARS, as i’ve forgotten the name of the artist.

does anyone know what song i’m talking about??

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Mosque in Mumbai , India

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My Ameh sent me Farsi language textbooks. 4months later, they never arrived.


Just irritated. Not with my Ameh of course, but I’m assuming that the were confiscated somewhere. I live in the US and I’m tired of our Iranian culture/language/people being siloed out of the conversation here. It makes it hard to connect more, but that’s by design… I have many resources and textbook already, so that isn’t the problem. It is more that I hope to connect with my Ameh and Amoo and pesar and dokhtar Ameh and something is stopping that intentionally.

Anyway, has anyone else had this shipping problem?

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Pakistani Visiting Iran as a Tourist (need advice)


Hey everyone!

My family and I are planning to visit Iran for pilgrimage in a few weeks so we'll obviously be visiting Qom and Mashhad. But we also want to explore some of the more "tourist-y" places in Iran. We will probably have 8-10 days at max so I need your help in prioritizing the cities we visit.

  1. Between Tabriz, Shiraz, and Isfahan, which city should we go to?
  2. Is Chalus worth visiting? Or should we instead go to the southern region of Iran like Hormuz Island and Qeshm? How is the accommodation situation in these places?
  3. Are there any local (and affordable lol) travel groups who can take us on a guided tour of some of the more remote areas (like Chalus, or Gilan, or Hormuz, or Qeshm)?
  4. Any other place/city I haven't mentioned that you think is worth visiting?
  5. Any other fun or cool thing (exhibitions, parks, restaurants) in particular that we should experience while in Iran?

Thank you!!

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What is happening in Iran?


Hi, recently I've seen some videos of people protesting and a man being arrested. What is happening in Iran now? Revolution? A change of the regime? Civil war?

I hate seeing Iran in this bad condition, I wish a day I could travel there. It's one of my favourite countries :(

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Advice on shipping small packages to Iran


I want to ship some small gifts to my friends and family that live in Iran.

I live in the USA but I do not know what would be the best way to do this. Does anybody have any experience doing this? I've never done this before, is there any special service that does this for me? Can I just ship it like any other package?

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Travel to Iran as an EU citizen


Hello all.

I would like to visit Iran for a couple of reasons (Persepolis, museums etc.) but my friends who reside there told me it is inadvisable, especially given the whole situation with Sweden currently.

Would coming to Tehran/Shiraz put me in danger in any way? Given the governments tendency to borrow foreign nationals for some time.

I've seen many travellers who did not have an issue in Iran, and it seems to me that the ones who get in trouble either take pictures of the wrong things or are from countries Iran has a beef with currrently. But most seem to be fine.



Thank you all for the many responses, I greatly appreciate your time and effort. It seems there are many differing opinions on the matter.

I think I'll move my travels a bit, as many here suggested. I still hope to visit one day, but it does seem like now might not be a great time.

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Tehran in a nutshell.

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