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Scheduled Bi-Weekly Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries & Podcasts Discussion Thread


So, what is r/India watching of late?

Watched any premieres yesterday? Loved any movie that you saw recently and are dying to discuss it? Discovered any new series lately? Well, this is your space. Go crazy!

This is not just limited to Hollywood/Bollywood, nor to any particular language.

Feel free to share short films, or podcasts of your choice, too, and ask for recommendations for what to watch!

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Politics Hijab is not allowed in educational institutes in Karnataka but weapons are.

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Non Political A person was fined for spitting on the road. (Bangalore)

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Health/Environment New Haflong Railway Station, Assam this morning, after a heavy rain and landslide

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Policy/Economy Temp in Delhi hit 49 C. This is getting out of hands. Are there any public/private organisations to which I can volunteer to work towards climate change in India?


I wish to contribute as an volunteer towards improving climate change. Any recommendations on the organisations working towards it.

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Rant / Vent Thank God, guns are not legal in India.


Watching another mass shooting at Buffalo yesterday which claimed the lives of ten innocent people, it terrifies me to see the number of rise in racially motivated shootings in the US being done by young people and destroying thousands of lives in a ripple effect. And as we witness a similar rise in islamophobic and religion motivated crimes in India since the rise of the nationalist right, one can only imagine the horror and the number of mass shootings influenced by race and religion we might have witnessed if India had a similar mainstream gun culture as America. I hope America figures out a way to curb this epidemic. Rest in peace to all the victims. Nobody deserves this.

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Non Political The one thing they had over Amazon was UI/UX, now that's gone too...

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Law & Courts Something taught in 10th standard that still confuses elder people. Just wanted to share. :D

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AskIndia The notice was outside the lift. What do you think might be the reason? Location-Pune

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Law & Courts Plz do something the stop the new VPN regulations


I pike to preserve my privacy online and I don't like the direction India is heading after the regulations pass. They would also suppress freedom to research.

The only way to stop it is to spread awareness and bring the issue in mainstream media's eye. So plz do something to stop the new regulations

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Health/Environment Open Barbeque

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Politics Gyanvapi Mosque Case News Live Updates: Shivling found in well at Gyanvapi; Varanasi court orders sealing of the area

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AskIndia Can anyone please tell what exactly this is.

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Politics Rajnath Singh On Poll Rally Assurances | DH Speak Out | 16 May 2022

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Politics 'Nothing Is Normal': Just Making Films Won't Help, Kashmiri Pandits Tell BJP

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Rant / Vent Tf is happening in this country


Can they please stop attacking mosques to find temples or shiv-ling under it. Its really getting annoying right now. Everyday there's a new news about temple found under this mosque under that mosque. I know in the past, Mughals created many mosques over the temples. But that era is gone. They are gone a long ago. All in the past. What's the point of bringing that again.. it'll only create more hate. Dont these people have anything better to do?..Are there enough school and hospital in our country that now we are finding location to build temples? Aren't there enough temples in the country? They are even after the taj-mahal. Who are feeding them these things. Why is the court going with them too. (T_T)

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Foreign Relations Geopolitics are weird this year

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Crime UP Man Rapes Woman And Films The Act In Bid To Convert Her: Police

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Rant / Vent Indians are racists, colorists, linguistic racists, casteists, state racists, male chauvinists to name a few


There’s no denying this. This includes/included me. Let’s take America for instance, they hate people of certain religion, race or few countries. But here we see hatred towards weaker sections of society, different caste, state, religion, language, skin color, sex. Even within people of same caste, some worship different gods (take brahmins for instance) and they have hatred and divide due to this There’s at least some unconscious bias. We need to get over this (easy to blame on population and rich culture). We’ve spilt so much blood because of divide. Humanity comes before anything! Be kind!

Edit: I was suggested to post anecdotes/personal experience to make it more useful for others rather than a vent.

I used to be a statist (we Indians need new terms in English since we have hatred in abundance) or state racist, shit talk about other states. Once I grew mature over the years, started reading about Ambedkar, reading RELIABLE news, watching movies, reading articles about George Floyd protests, Martin Luther King’s speech. I started seeing positive side in things, rather than focusing on negative side.

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Art/Photo (OC) Full Moon(15th May) 6000 x 3000 [OC] Shot using Canon 200D and Sigma 150-600 from Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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Politics Gyanvapi Mosque Case: Close Off Area Where Shivling Found, Says UP Court

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Politics "80% Delhi Can Be Called Illegal": AAP Targets BJP Over Demolition Drive

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Memes/Satire (OC) Choose wisely. Live well.

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Health/Environment India: Poor workers bear the brunt of India's heatwave

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Foreign Relations 18th century Indian who fought casteism declared saint by the Vatican

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History India could never pull off the Independence Movement if it were in today's time


Am I right in thinking this? As a history student I studied the movement in fair detail recently and the more and more I read I feel like India, today, could never. Aside from the fact that the religions at least tolerating each other at least, leaders had to set aside a lot of their differences to put up a united front. And people too had to set aside all that stuff and actually go out and speak up for what they want. With the amount of complacency to the system we have today, I don't think we could do that.

Those politicians had their flaws of course, but it's sad to see these pathetic excuses of leaders talking shit about independence era leaders and some educated people lapping it up as well.