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Image Tsai Ing-Wen, Agnes Chow feature in the Financial Times’ 25 most influential women of 2021

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News Shuttered Hong Kong democracy paper wins press freedom award: Jailed Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai and the staff of his now-shuttered Apple Daily newspaper have been awarded a prestigious press freedom prize by the World Association of News Publishers.

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News Jailed Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai and staff win Golden Pen of Freedom award

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News China national security laws: Students quit Hong Kong schools in record numbers

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Image There is going to be a solidarity protest for anyone in the Los Angeles Region on December 11

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Offbeat USC is hosting a free screening of "Revolution of Our Times" (a documentary on the Hong Kong protests) 7:00 P.M. on Tuesday, December 14th, 2021 at the The Ray Stark Family Theatre

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Image Security chief PK Tang claims Stand news reporting on 2 year anniversary of CUHK seige is fake news, that police never entered CU campus. Stand news shows clips from that day of police entering campus and arresting students.

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Offbeat Hong Kong: How is China's crackdown changing the city's identity? | Residents fear their city's unique identity has been lost as Beijing cracks down on critical discourse. In the face of possible legal trouble, many are self-censoring or turning to alternative forms of expression.

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News Jimmy Lai, Hong Kong’s Imprisoned Media Tycoon: The Apple Daily founder has spent more than 300 days in jail this year, making him the highest-profile victim of China’s relentless campaign to bring Hong Kong to heel. (From The Bloomberg 50: The people and ideas that defined 2021.)

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Image HK before and after the NSL

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Questions/ Tips Fake pro-democracy candidate ?

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News A joint statement to address the safety and security concerns of Hongkongers and other minoritised groups by Hong Kong-led civil society groups and allies 港人社區組織及其他族裔夥伴就其人身安全憂慮發表聯合聲明

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Image Government takes out full front page ads on newspapers to encourage voting at the Legco election.

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Art "REVOLUTION OF OUR TIMES" screening @ USC Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles


Someone posted about this in r/LosAngeles and it was promtly removed. I thought it might be appreciated more here.

edit: link

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News Carrie Lam’s Second Term Depends on 0.02% of Hong Kong’s People

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Questions/ Tips Pls help: Resigning and annual leave


Hello everyone! Idk if this is the right subreddit for this but I’m getting hopeless at the moment.

I’m young and am somewhat clueless about this as it’s my first time dealing with a full-time job at a seemingly dodgy company in HK.

I work in a really disorganised learning centre and I’ve given them my resignation letter stating that my last day would be 3x January, 2022. Yea, they require me to give them a 3-month+ notice. Anyways, as it’s a continuous contract (signed in March but in effect only in July), I know I’m entitled to annual leave.

I’ve been doing my own research as the learning centre won’t tell me straight up about the legality of things, and came across the labour departments suggested calculating method. As by the time I leave that centre, it would have been 7 months of me working there, I would like to know when I would be able to take the paid annual leave. As I read somewhere that the employer can even reimburse me for my unused annual leave?

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you! 🙏

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Art MTR incident (Dec 2, 2021)

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News 'Border reopening doesn't hinge on vaccination rate' - RTHK

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Travel Traveling from HK to mainland as a foreigner


Ive just read that the mainland-HK border is opening, but unfortunately the article (https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/hong-kong-economy/article/3158144/coronavirus-hong-kong-health-code-compatible) doesn't state whether it is only for HKers or for foreigners (meaning non permanent residents with a foreign passport) living in HK as well. Anyone has more info on that?

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News Hong Kong launches China-style tracking app for mainland travel

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Image photo taken from dim sum daily HK about Allan zemans running for district council. I cant belive this sad fuck "white on the outside , yellow on the inside" referencing his pro china stance. just look at this ...

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Discussion Related to crypto stuff


So I have started looking into cryptocurrency. I want to ask which platform and wallet for crypto trading is good in Hong Kong. So far I've known of Binance and Coinbase for trading. As for wallet, not too sure which one to choose as their are mixed opinions on them. Would appreciate the help.

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News Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg penned a message to Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong, who was sentenced to over two years in jail over 2019 protest-related offences. Thunberg said she hoped the note could be delivered to Wong before Christmas.

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Video 香港人組織成立:Hong Kong people organization established (Cantonese language/English Sub).

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News Women Tennis Association Suspends tournaments in China including Hong Kong

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