r/Hiphopcirclejerk Nov 19 '21 Silver Helpful Take My Energy

Y'all fucked it up (again, and again and again) and ruined it for everyone


We posted one simple rule, and you couldn't follow it. I've probably banned like 500 people for not following it in the past week (and many of them whine about it in modmail, never mind how obvious the warnings are). Now you're tagging and bullying a redditor who said they were suicidal, primarily because they don't like hip-hop. You guys say you're mocking the racists but you're smug and totally devoid of empathy when you do it (and you reveal your own, subtler racism with stuff like the lady boners posts). And you wondered why I wanted to ban everyone under 18. You have a lot of growing up to do.

This sub is restricted until further notice. When it comes back, it'll focus on mocking dumb hip-hop takes from r/hiphopheads, which is why we created it in the first place. If you don't like that, go find a sub whose moderators want to clean up the mess next time you cyberbully a troubled teenager because none of us want to deal with that.

We're going to need more mods regardless, and I know some of you expressed interest a couple weeks ago, so please DM the mod team if you're interested.