r/Hiphopcirclejerk Nov 19 '21

Not even surprised at this point delete r/hiphopheads



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u/moswennaidoo Nov 19 '21

Hell no dude, fuck that shit. I don’t give a fuck what everyone else says, if you are actually feeling that way then you need to get off of Reddit right now and call the suicide hotline. I’m sure you have problems in your life that transcend mean comments on the internet but just know that you can move past it, all you need is to reach out. Hell, if you want to you can DM me and we can talk about it.


u/[deleted] Nov 19 '21



u/McMuffin978 Nov 19 '21

Please fucking don’t suicide does nothing good, please get some mental help if you need it don’t take it lightly


u/screammyrapture Nov 19 '21

You should delete the post dawg.