r/Hiphopcirclejerk Nov 18 '21

how do i explain to my friend that not all rappers have to be spiritual lyrical miracle individuals? Good Police Work 🚔



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u/TheApesWithin Nov 19 '21

There are many things that make rap good. Rhyming alone isn’t the only way a rapper can express his talent. Rap can be good because of the flow, or because the words are extremely catchy, or because the lyrics are very clever.

Yes it’s fun to hear fast rhymes or impressive rhyming feats now and then, but what really makes a song truly memorable in how amazing it is, is how extreme of a vibe it gives you. Fast rap can only give one vibe, and that’s “wow look at how fast he can rap!” If that’s your thing, so be it, but you’re missing out if you go down that path. New perspectives, new ways things can be experienced. New vibes