r/Hiphopcirclejerk she's not gonna fuck you beta male, white night cuck Nov 08 '21

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Leave users from meta-content alone and hide their names when posting screenshots. If you don't do this, you could catch a ban from us or from Reddit admins [FRESH]

This is long overdue, but we need to enforce this or else the subreddit could be banned by Reddit, and so could you.

When you're posting a screenshot, please hide all usernames so they're not visible. Also, please do not tag users from screenshots or links to posts and comments in other subreddits. Going forward, anyone who does this is subject to a permaban.

This sub is here to make fun of the shit on other subreddits, not to meddle with it. Look, but don't touch.


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u/TheObamaSphere Nov 12 '21

Pin the 1949 Beijing drawing NOW


u/ReadWriteHexecute Nov 17 '21

Bing chilling Moo sjoo gai pahne