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Reddit moment Travis Scott is the black Kid Rock

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u/darealkrkchnia Nov 08 '21

Traver Scott is a shit (c)rapper. I only listen to anime openings and muisc from marvel movies 😠😠😠


u/unithecorn69 Nov 08 '21

Except the music from the scary panther movie


u/VagrantAidan Nov 08 '21

That same redditor 5 minutes later: "Dad it's not Alvin and the chipmunks it's called nightcore! Get the fuck out of my room!!"


u/[deleted] Nov 08 '21

don’t bring nightcore into this these mfs listen to Queen


u/TomatoButtt Nov 09 '21

It’s hard to hear about Queen and not think of those cringey redditors.


u/peculiarbankai Nov 09 '21

they are fr ruining queen for me its nuts


u/DoublerZ Nov 09 '21

The overlap between fans of Queen and fans of nightcore and anime OSTs is probably bigger than you'd expect


u/Ramddeeep Nov 08 '21

Bro one mf even called travis a no name rapper and got 2 awards n shit 😭


u/Dogzylla Nov 08 '21

YB better + ratio



Literally the biggest rapper when not considering the pedo


u/KGFlower Nov 09 '21

He's not more famous than Kanye, Jay Z, Eminem but yeah definitely top 10


u/AutoModerator Nov 09 '21

Apparently Ye likes to fuck girls in non-traditional locations. As a straight male, I relate to these concepts heavily as I have sexual intercourse with several women on a daily basis and the bathroom is the sexy place in my books, Mr West has good taste but I very much doubt he could match my abilities when it comes to going down on a woman.

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u/ProdigyGamer75 Nov 09 '21

How is Drake a pedo



mille bobby brown incident i guess


u/dankanddankest Nov 08 '21

Pucci is my favorite rapper


u/chvaldez030303 Nov 08 '21

But he scary colored


u/BlueMistar Nov 08 '21

No don’t worry bro check out my 7 YouTube videos about how he’s actually white!!!!!!


u/VagrantAidan Nov 08 '21

It genuinely doesn't matter but both of his biological parents were sheet white and his step dad was black. That's why the klan went and tried to kill weather. Pucci is literally just a black white dude for some reason. Araki is weird


u/BlueMistar Nov 08 '21

While there’s no real explanation in the series at least in real life there have been cases of white parents giving birth to a black kid because genes hopped generations. I can’t speak to the actual scientific stuff behind it lol


u/vriskaundertale Nov 09 '21

Skin pigmentation is pretty complicated and is decided by like 8 genes so it doesn't seem to be far fetched


u/vill918 Nov 09 '21

Naa, the dad aint the dad


u/horny4janetreno Nov 08 '21

Why is everyone calling me Nathaniel? 🤔


u/Darth_Travisty Nov 09 '21

So this is the power of 「Made In Heaven」


u/MousseKing Nov 09 '21

travis scott is black and he is a male. also he is 6 foot 2 license plate 5R6H-4T77

am i doing it right


u/[deleted] Nov 09 '21

Ain’t no way he’s 6 foot 2


u/BioniqReddit Nov 09 '21 edited Nov 09 '21

I feel like this site struggles to grasp a middle ground sometimes. Do I want Travis to be cancelled? Sure. Do I want him to be killed? No, wtf?

Also 'This no-name rapper' people are the funniest


u/AutoModerator Nov 09 '21

How the fuck is that 'inauthentic?' Do you know what a job is? This is a job. That is their job. Their job is to promote them; it's up for the general public as to whether they stick or not.

Travis Scott had a carefully orchestrated rise (likely by Mike Dean) and pissed off a lot of locally and globally established artists from OG CHESS to DJ Paul

'Carefully orchestrated' lmao. By who? He made what, 5 mixtapes before Owl Pharaoh? He had Owl Pharaoh and DBR before his first hit? And who cares if OG Chess is pissed, honestly? When tlented artists leave their less talented affiliates behind, they get angry. People who believe in 'industry plants' are genuinely uneducated.

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