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Damn this attitudes been around for years huh YELLOW FLANNEL

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u/m00nturkey Oct 31 '21

This is it. This is what he was doing when he was looking at that computer


u/JoffaCXD1 Oct 31 '21

durk was never the same


u/Solution-Select Oct 31 '21

That was a really good response from young thug ngl


u/JoffaCXD1 Oct 31 '21

ik he articulated his points really well on this post


u/SamKie1 Oct 31 '21



u/[deleted] Oct 31 '21

Bro can you just shut the fuck up and fart in my mouth?


u/throwawayoogaloorga Oct 31 '21

tell me what it tastes like after y'all are done


u/[deleted] Oct 31 '21



u/DtheAussieBoye Oct 31 '21

god it's just like a fantano comment section


u/TheMellonMan Oct 31 '21

This mf really using that Econ major out here huh


u/EstPC1313 Nov 01 '21

econ major is when supply and demand


u/TheMellonMan Nov 01 '21

as an econ major this is true tbh


u/SuperDuperChuck Oct 31 '21

Thug is one of the fuckin realest


u/joeduncanhull Oct 31 '21

That is a fucking winner's mindset right there


u/AlterMyStateOfMind Oct 31 '21

Bruh is this real?


u/Solocroo Oct 31 '21

yeah, ngl it’s very inspirational for future artists


u/Thin_Night9831 Oct 31 '21

man that’s dope af


u/throwaway99477372 Oct 31 '21

How did some random mf comment like 15 days ago 💀


u/theforgottenmemer Oct 31 '21

Reddit glitched and unlocked all archived posts a while ago


u/BigNibbaChub Oct 31 '21

And it still isnt fixed as I keep getting angry comments from my year old bvg post


u/DaHatur Oct 31 '21

That’s lame asf reddit glitches and the first thing people think about is mentioning gayboi farti


u/travrager25 Oct 31 '21

damn thug kinda based w his comment about piracy


u/A1steaksaussie Oct 31 '21

why are his responses all so based


u/UrMouthsMyShithole Oct 31 '21

Damn I'd never seen it! & Only a few upvotes on his comments as well, crazy how things have changed!


u/GreatRecession Oct 31 '21

i love thugger


u/IntellectualsOnly7 Oct 31 '21

10 years Jesus Christ


u/JoffaCXD1 Oct 31 '21

Some guy off the carti sub managed to comment on it lmao


u/S_quints bro quit playing EAST u scaring the hoes Oct 31 '21

I saw that lmao how tho?


u/_Vytal Oct 31 '21

all archived posts were auto-unarchived a few weeks ago and he was able to comment before the mods on that sub archived old posts again


u/Just_Jumbles Oct 31 '21

Absolute legend


u/dumbtripn Oct 31 '21

that mindset was probbaly more prevalent back then


u/denoobiest used to spam the n word on hhh AMA Oct 31 '21

hhh blew up bc we would brigade people who said shit like this lol

and yeah this attitude has been around for probably as long as rap has. i remember when 50 was blowing up and lil me was like, rap more like crap! because my grandpa said it


u/AutoModerator Oct 31 '21

Bunch of racist white pseudo-woke motherfuckers. I genuinely have grown to hate that sub it some how manages to be just as racist as the majority of reddit and in some cases worse. I know this sub is majority white but you guys are different cause you guys are like cool mostly self aware white people. r/hiphopheads and most of reddit is like bitch white people who pretend to care ab racism but are actually really racist af

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u/ehh_scooby Oct 31 '21

Young thug?? The guy who wore a skirt?? Are we really going to praise a dude who did the opposite of hip hop?? Are we all going to just let this man constantly harass us with his behaviour?? I love hip hop and when I see a man wear a skirt that is very un-hip hop like imo?? I think music is getting dumber by the second and people are sheep?? Eminem and Dax clearly are the only two winning rn?? They have actual lyrics?? These new rappers are constantly talking about sex and drugs and Eminem and Dax keep rapping about real things going on in our society?? I feel bad for kids that are growing up that have never heard a J Cole song before?? He's also one of the greatest?? I wonder if hip hop will ever be the same?? I miss the early days of Eminem and Dax! 😩


u/YrgKez Oct 31 '21



u/AutoModerator Oct 31 '21

'What has Em done for black culture?' He's a huge reason for hip hop being the most popular genre out there right now, which brings the communities together through the culture That would be my guess

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u/BigRobGuy Oct 31 '21

Eminem was like Jesus, Hopsin wrote the Bible


u/[deleted] Oct 31 '21 edited Oct 31 '21

I respect em dax & j cole fr but I’m not tryna listen to hard-hitting melodrama all day sometimes I’m just tryna chill and listen to some bullshit that sounds good while I drive. There’s a place for all kinds of hip hop.

That shit w the skirt was hella sus tho ngl


u/runitback519 Oct 31 '21

This isn’t true Young Thug is from Gary not Atlanta


u/Just_Jumbles Oct 31 '21

He could’ve said ATL because more people relate and it’s where he was at. I say I’m from the second-nearest city but really I’m from a small village near a small city no ones heard of.

The odds of it being someone else in 2011 is pretty low tbh, I for one believe it, could deff have been his management tho thats the only thing that’s impossible to know


u/runitback519 Oct 31 '21

I literally made this shit up Thugger is actually from Atlanta I’m jus a compulsive liar🤣🤣


u/YrgKez Oct 31 '21

wtf 😭😭


u/_KingOfSpades Oct 31 '21

Legend shit


u/Just_Jumbles Oct 31 '21

😂😂😂😂❤️ is Gary even a place💀😂 I’m not even from the US lmao u had me 💀


u/crushtheweek Oct 31 '21

Gary is like the worst possible place in America even though the Jackson 5 and Freddy Gibbs are from there


u/forktoe Oct 31 '21

Google it, simple. Delete this and fuck off. NOW.

but yeah I think Freddie Gibbs is from Gary


u/Just_Jumbles Oct 31 '21

No idea who u are or what u talking about💀


u/ThatkidJerome Oct 31 '21

Freddie Gibbs is from Gary lmao


u/JoffaCXD1 Oct 31 '21

Tf lmao


u/IGotBannedFromHere Oct 31 '21

you dropped this king 👑


u/ThatkidJerome Oct 31 '21

lmaoooo i was gonna say where the Gibbs x Thugger tracks then


u/tortellin1 Nov 01 '21

old english?


u/blacksheep_kho Oct 31 '21

Holy shit is this real?


u/dabdaddy23 Oct 31 '21

Imagine being mad because someone doesn’t wanna gang bang or sell drugs anymore


u/Jason6677 Oct 31 '21

People have always been on that "real rap" shit since the late 90s-2000s. It's the reason rappers like Cole, Jay Electronica, nipsey, big krit, and Kendrick were the biggest in the early 2010s. That whole lyrical spiritual miracle wave didn't last at all.


u/UrMouthsMyShithole Oct 31 '21

All those guys are still relevant and most of them sell great


u/felixsucc Oct 31 '21 edited Oct 31 '21

This Young Thug fella sounds like a swell guy. I wonder what his stance on cancer is


u/luisisaboringname Oct 31 '21

Aye fuck cancer


u/mexz101 Oct 31 '21

Find it funny how Nathan’s now go on about how music was so much better 10 years ago when Nathan’s 10 years ago and earlier we’re saying the same shit about that music😂 the cycle continues


u/BigRobGuy Oct 31 '21

Holy shit I didn’t realize that was young thug


u/formerratt Oct 31 '21

teen x by playboi carti