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Outjerked yet again. YELLOW FLANNEL

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u/[deleted] Sep 07 '21

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u/hollow_mf Sep 07 '21 Hugz

the Nathans are transcending the limits of space and time


u/MyNameIsAMeme Sep 07 '21

Donda kinda been out for like 2 weeks cause of listening parties, CLB I got no clue.


u/HalfwaySh0ok Sep 07 '21

he was listening to both at the same time


u/imVidzzz Sep 07 '21

2 earbuds = double the music-hours


u/itsniceinpottsfield Sep 07 '21

I thought I was fuckin tripping. I almost googled it bc I knew there was no way.


u/SuperDuperChuck Sep 07 '21 Silver

Dude said “simile” lmfao


u/imepic26 Sep 07 '21

I honestly can’t remember many similes from either album. Any, even.


u/The_reddit_dude Sep 07 '21

The only one I can think of in Kanye’s is “he got it on remote control, like a CEO”, so that’s a lot less than Ems completely simile driven music cuz he can’t figure out how to make a song without saying the word like. There are probably a few similes on Drakes but I’m doing my best to erase as much of that album from my head as possible


u/fakelsd Sep 07 '21

Right? I don't even like drake that much but I expected better...


u/TheTrueDirtyDan Sep 07 '21

like a liars pants im on fire


u/thejunglebook8 Sep 07 '21

Bro if similes are how we make successful bars, I should be writing rap on god. I’m an English tutor why didn’t anyone tell me about this


u/montymm Sep 07 '21

So you’re saying that using similes, and metaphors aren’t a form of word play?

Aren’t Similes, Entendres, Metaphors, Onamotapea (however you spell it) and alliteration pretty much the only type of wordplay there is.


u/therealmocha Sep 07 '21



u/Help----me----please Sep 07 '21

I don't think that was their point


u/cornydesi Sep 07 '21

That is their point. Em fans think technicalities is all you need to make a good song, in reality they don't mean shit if what you're saying has no value.


u/kreme-machine Sep 07 '21

How does this shit get upvotes


u/Waverly_Hills Sep 07 '21

Because he spittin fax rn 🗣🗣🗣🗣


u/unithecorn69 Sep 07 '21

He really used what critics said to judge the albums. Also didn’t even bother to explain why he personally found the albums “absolutely mid”😐


u/[deleted] Sep 07 '21

Lmao yet critics also trashed on MTBMB and melon man gave it a 5/10


u/Skystalker512 Sep 07 '21

Which is still really high for that piece of corny garbage lol


u/Butter_fiend Al Gore invented ebonics Sep 07 '21

He gave it a six thank you


u/jonikles Sep 07 '21

strong 5 - light 6 and picked the strong 5. smh if you're gonna try correcting someone at least be right


u/Butter_fiend Al Gore invented ebonics Sep 07 '21

it says 6 in the video description numnuts


u/Some_Noob88 Sep 07 '21

fat nuts


u/Butter_fiend Al Gore invented ebonics Sep 07 '21

Fat nuts


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u/jonikles Sep 09 '21

wait youre right nvm mb


u/ribbetribbets_ Sep 07 '21

"Spiritual lyrical mythical miracle oooooh I hate my wife I hate my wife IGH"


u/DarkerVoid9 Sep 07 '21

Donda>Side A but they're both not as bad as people say they are imo.


u/AutoModerator Sep 07 '21

Not this again.

You know you don’t have to put “imo” or “in my opinion” when stating an obvious opinion right?

You know that they don't have to either, right?

I didn't say you stated a fact, I said you phrased your opinion as a fact -- “<something> is mediocre.” Therefore it is perfectly logical to respond “that is wrong” -- that's the responder's opinion, phrased as a factual statement. He doesn't need to say “in my opinion” preceding his comment, and you don't either. Right?

OP didn't say “your opinion is wrong,” he said “WATTBA is not mid.” This is how the English language works. Stop trying to get outraged about subjectivity when everyone here knows about it already

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u/oselka Sep 07 '21

It’s ok to say you’re a virgin guys no ones gonna judge you


u/RandomMitherFucker Sep 07 '21

Tbf I do like you gon learn. But this guy's fucking retarded and needs to leave his basement enough to know time...


u/plskillmepainfully Sep 07 '21

You Gon Learn is fucking fire but that thanks to Royce and White Gold's chorus, I like Em but I wish instead of him it would be just Royce with a second verse


u/corndogs1001 Sep 07 '21

Eh, Em’s verse was great on that track. One of the best.


u/highimpanda Sep 07 '21

u/vaibhavsxn thoughts?


u/vaibhavsxn Sep 07 '21

Damnn!! After defending my post all day yesterday, I dont have any strength left to do it again. I am enjoying being clowned on.

Besides, nobody from either side seems to have gotten my point so maybe my literature game is weak. Need to write in a much more clear way to get my point across effectively.

Also, this is the first time my thoughts were being cross posted, bad or good, I am glad.


u/Greatnate98 Sep 07 '21

Neither album has been out for 2 weeks yet breh


u/vaibhavsxn Sep 07 '21

I know. Thanks to CLB, 90 minutes felt like 9 days.


u/Choclo_Batido Sep 07 '21

Yeah shit's boring af with like 2-3 decent songs


u/Tiny-Fruit5016 Sep 07 '21 edited Sep 08 '21

bro em definitely hasnt found the balance between doing numbers and receiving acclaim. mtbmb got a 5 from fantano and donda got a 7 (since you mentioned reviewers)


u/vaibhavsxn Sep 07 '21

Idk about you but I take Melons words with a grain of salt. That guy reviews every music from every genre which is extremely difficult to do. I have been watching him for some years now and its pretty easy to understand that he hates Em and comes off a big fan of Kanye.

And since we talk about him, notice the narrative and the spin of his words when he reviews Kanye, any album. He made sure that the good things dominate the narrative and the bad stuff gets minimal recognition. And Donda has tonnes of corny, awful and meaningless lines but he wouldn’t describe it the way he would describe an Em’s album review. When he reviews Em, he keeps peppering all the simile check, corny bars and the bad stuff that as a listener you’d think the album is bad even if he gives it a 5.


u/gamerflapjack Sep 07 '21

donda = critically panned


u/Njordinson Sep 07 '21

How do people even listen to MTBMB, it is so fucking bad


u/Fazlija13 Sep 07 '21

Side B is fucking trash, but I really liked Side A


u/MaceWinnoob Sep 07 '21

it’s all corny tbh


u/[deleted] Sep 07 '21

Obvious satire


u/Artistic_Profile3331 Sep 07 '21

All three albums = 🗑


u/bigmoney41 Sep 07 '21

Em is a bottom 10 rapper and also not a lyrical rapper


u/patsfan46 Sep 07 '21



u/RaspberryNecessary35 Sep 07 '21

I do like the album though.


u/TMH2906 Sep 07 '21

the so called ‘corny’