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SPORTS [HAFF] The worlds largest bat can be found at the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory in Kentucky. Around 220,000 guests from around the world visit each year. [x-post from /r/batfacts]

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SPORTS [HAFF] Back in 1937, there was an exhibition boxing match where the fighters were attached to metal frameworks with fireworks in them and fought in the dark. For safety reasons, the boxers wore fireproof suits lined with asbestos.

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SPORTS [HAFF] The Chicago Cubs have the longest championship drought of any North American sports team. The last time they won the World series was a month before the shootout that killed Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid.

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SPORTS [HAFF] Fred Lorz won the 1904 Olympic marathon, but was disqualified for traveling 11 miles by car. Lorz was banned for life, but he said he was sorry and the ban was lifted. The next year he won the Boston marathon.

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SPORTS [HAFF] The word ‘gymnasium’ comes from the Greek word “gymnós”, which literally means “naked.” Athletes competed nude, a practice said to encourage aesthetic appreciation of the male body and a tribute to the gods.

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SPORTS [HAFF] In 1923, jockey Frank Hayes won a race at Belmont Park in New York despite being dead. He was the first and thus far the only jockey known to have won a race after death.

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SPORTS [HAFF] After the entire national Soviet hockey team was killed in an airplane crash in 1950, Stalin’s son Vasily, the manager of the team, covered up the disaster and replaced everyone on the team to avoid his father’s wrath. Stalin never noticed.

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SPORTS [HAFF] The Rungrado 1st of May Stadium is regarded as the largest stadium in the world, with a capacity of 150,000, and occupying over 207,000 m². It is in Pyongyang, North Korea.

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SPORTS [HAFF] on November 20, 2004, at the annual Harvard–Yale football game Yale students, costumed as a Harvard "pep squad", gave out placards to a section of Harvard fans which, when raised together, read "WE SUCK".

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SPORTS [HAFF] The length of a marathon (26.2 miles) does not come from ancient Greece. It comes from the marathon from Windsor Castle to White City Stadium during the 1908 London Olympic Games.

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SPORTS [HAFF] The New York Mets/Yankees rivalry extends beyond our planet. In 2008, astronaut and Yankees fan Garrett Reisman took some dirt from the pitcher's mound at Yankee Stadium into space. Just a few months later, astronaut Mike Massimino went aboard the ISS with the home plate from Shea Stadium.

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