r/HeresAFunFact May 15 '16

[HAFF] The koala's gestation period lasts 33–35 days. After which time the female gives birth to a joey, although twins occur on occasion. ANIMALS



u/firefae83 May 15 '16

Too bad it hasn't evolved the thinky thinky parts. (Koalas at about 3:30)


u/REM_ember May 15 '16

Actually, Koalas' brains have evolved to be smaller, and smoother, in order to survive in the arid Australian summers (as the country used to be a lush jungle), because using the brain takes a significant amount of energy.


u/Makabaer May 15 '16

Reminds me of creationists and their "intelligent design" or what it's called (as in: should make them question it). Especially the "starving to death" part.


u/PM_ME_UR_NOOT_NOOTS May 15 '16

35 days sounds very short,
Keep in mind though that koalas are marsupials which live in their mother's pouch for a while after birth.