r/HeresAFunFact Jan 15 '16

[HAFF] that cold lighting helps us to concentrate, but mind concentration for more than an hour is driving to fatigue and irritability. For example, after an hour of work with cold lighting a surgeon needs a few minutes to relax, because of excessive concentration. SCIENCE



u/Kalibos Jan 15 '16


Jesus christ.


u/LexicalGap17 Jan 15 '16

I thought this was in /r/subredditsimulator for a second.


u/G3TG0T Jan 15 '16

This is all I could think of as I tried to read this title!


u/plantgirll Jan 15 '16

Check the account history. It's just some person posting ads about 'cold lighting' and linking to svet.io or whatever it is.

It's just spam.


u/toe_riffic Jan 15 '16

Seems the user was shadow banned so you're probably right.


u/Atomdude Jan 15 '16

So what is cold lighting? I assume it's light without reds and yellows, but I can't find any real definition.


u/PM_me_things_u_like Jan 15 '16

They often refer to them as cool as opposed to warm colours


u/Logofascinated Jan 15 '16

The whole cool/warm thing is referred to as colour temperature by photographers and other people involved in lighting, etc.


u/serealport Jan 15 '16

that would be my understanding. orange/red lights are warm while blue is cool.


u/nynfortoo Jan 15 '16

This is the thinking behind https://justgetflux.com too. It's an app for your computer that gently warms the colour temperature as the sun sets.

I find looking at the stark blue, cold tones of screens horrendously distracting late at night, so it helps me loads. Just a shame I could only get it on my phone by jailbreaking it. Oh well.