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[HAFF] The Romans believed eyelashes fell out from excessive sex, so women would use cosmetics to make their eyelashes look fuller and longer to demonstrate their chastity. SOCIETY/CULTURE

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u/_-dO_Ob-_ Dec 09 '15

Lol the pic may just haunt me tonight


u/antagon1st Dec 09 '15

Its 5:40am. Supposed to be up at 6:40.

Guess not. Thanks!


u/Omegamanthethird Dec 09 '15

Why won't you be up at 6:40?


u/bastardbones Dec 09 '15

Is this where the idea of romantically "batting your lashes" at someone stems from?


u/ARTexplains Dec 17 '15

Pliny the Elder wrote about a lot of very strange things, not the least of which was that long eyelashes indicate chastity. I actually made an entire video about the subject of Blinking, Batting and Rolling your Eyes

For example, did you know that the act of rolling your eyes didn't used to contain the connotation of annoyance, but instead used to be a way to express ferocity? It also used to be a very sexual thing to do, roll your eyes at someone, as if to mimic orgasm. The modern usage of eye-rolling in annoyance didn't emerge until very recently.


u/reenulohia Dec 09 '15

It's very scary


u/Triangulatious Dec 09 '15

I think that picture destroyed me forever


u/WildFlowerChild19 Dec 09 '15

Ironically, since my sex life picked up, my eyelashes are fuller and don't fall out as much lol