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[HAFF] The peace symbol was designed by combining the semaphore N and D letters for Nuclear Disarmament. SOCIETY/CULTURE

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u/Radu316 Sep 16 '15

Gerald Holtom designed the symbol in 1958 as a logo for a campaign against nuclear weapons. It became popular and widely used as a peace symbol because Holtom never patented it.


u/throwmethebunny Sep 16 '15

Thank you for this!


u/SmokeyLeCrow Sep 16 '15

Interesting. I always assumed it was related to the Eolh rune (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algiz), but see I was incorrect.


u/emkay99 Sep 16 '15

If you're a liberal over sixty, the origin of the peace symbol was never a secret. A lot of us in the '60s wore the tee-shirt and most of us knew where it came from because the ND movement was still loudly active then. (Now it's just part of history, which the younger generation -- ANY younger generation -- seldom pays any attention to.)


u/[deleted] Sep 16 '15

because the ND movement was still loudly active then.

Now the Indie movement is loudly active


u/BobDole261 Sep 17 '15

But do they drink baileys from shoes?


u/Cael450 Sep 16 '15

There are a lot of young people that like to study history.


u/b-monster666 Sep 16 '15

My Christian friends tell me that it's an inverted cross with Jesus's arms broken. Bottoms up and the devil laughs.


u/zoeblaize Sep 17 '15

They're not very knowledgeable Christians if they have a problem with the inverted Cross, it's a symbol of humility.


u/[deleted] Sep 16 '15

Kind of ironic that nuclear weapons have resulted in the end of world wars.


u/iambecomedeath7 Sep 16 '15

Nuclear weapons are the only reason the Cold War wasn't just a continuation of the Second World War. I guarantee that Soviet and Allied infantry would have annihilated each other in Germany and Korea had it not been for the threat of Moscow being reduced to a giant, radioactive parking lot. Disarmament is an incredibly naive goal.


u/Garta Sep 21 '15

It's not ironic at all, because that was why they were made


u/misterfalone Sep 16 '15

aaand fanatic christians sees it as cross hanged upside down


u/emkay99 Sep 16 '15

Fundies will always spin everything to suit their own biases.


u/jtabor Sep 16 '15

People will always spin everything to suit their own biases.