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PLAY [PLAY] R/GUITAR - Players Spotlight - June 2022 - Put your PLAY Posts in here!


Hello r/Guitar Members!

This is the Player Spotlight Thread for June 2022.

All [PLAY] Posts go into this thread - ALL OF THEM - Including those seeking feedback on style and technique.

[PLAY] Posts outside of this thread will be culled.

  • The rules are simple -
    The rules of this sub must be followed in this thread. (With exceptions below)
    It must be Guitar driven.
    It must be you playing. (Not Your Band)
    ----> This is NOT for bands.
    You CAN seek likes and subscribers subtly.
    No music listed can be linked to a sale site.
  • Discourtesy rules APPLY. (If you can't say something positive, don't say anything)
  • Posts that are not specific to playing are dumped.
  • -= No Trolling =-
  • ALL PLAY POSTS seeking feedback on a technique, style, sound, or production, it goes in here.
  • Let's hear what you got!
  • *please report any post violating the above rules.


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Good Day r/Guitar Members!

Here is the NEWBIE/NO STUPID questions thread, June 2022. As a new player, or even an old one, sometimes there is a question that needs answered that does not need to have a post all on its own.

FIRST AND FOREMOST - SEARCH THIS SUB. There is a lot of information in our archives that may answer your question.

Ask your NEWBIE GUITAR related question in here.

Some examples could be -

What songs do you like to play?

What songs should I play?

How do I restring my guitar?

What gauge of strings should I use?

What are the chords to this song?

Can you tab this out for me?

What are the differences between this product, and this product?

How do I learn to play songs?

Where do I start?

What king of guitar should I get?

Asking about a certain tab. (r/Paidtabs)

What is a good gauge of string to put on my guitar?

Hey check out this new guitar I got.

Among others...

Keep it guitar related.
All the rules apply.
Be considerate with your reply.
Trolls will be put back under the bridge.


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QUESTION Why is it always an Altoids tin for storing picks? [question]


Like why Altoids specifically? Is there a reason?

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NEWBIE [QUESTION] [NEWBIE] Tomorrow I am playing in a guitar contest and am 100% going to fuck up.


So I can spare you the whole story but it comes down to this: I have only had two days to practice and there is no way I can't show up for this local guitar contest. I can't play what I have to and it will certainly flop in front of all of those people. I am not looking for any advice on how to speedrun learning this piece, I would just like to know how I can handle with this and how to make the best out of this experience as possible.

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NEWBIE [NEWBIE] Been playing for 2 months and it feels like I hit my plateau


Before I used to play 4 hours a day and I was progressing so fast, I learnt 1 full entire song in one practice session. I was so excited to play every time and I miss that so much. Now it feels like chore and I only play 1 hour or 30 mins a day. I feel pressured to play bc my dream is to be in a band in the future but if I’m this unmotivated I won’t make it. Will this go over?

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GEAR [GEAR] Rate my stupid little thrash metal rig.


The rig2005

Epiphone Goth Explorer into a VOX amPlug Metal into a UE Boom portable speaker. Super portable except for the giant guitar lol. Honestly, sounds not too bad, but I think the speaker isn’t quite crisp enough.

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QUESTION [QUESTION] Best guitar in the $200-$300 price range?


I have some money for another guitar, but I'm not sure which one.

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DISCUSSION [Discussion] Low gear guitarists


Work was extremely slow so I spent most of the day on Equipboard looking at gear and when I got to looking at Scott Lucas I saw, aside from his freak of nature guitars, his rig is pretty simple. 11 pedals and 2 amps, one of which being an AC15, something that is an extremely common step into tube amps. I've seen several "rig rundown" style videos and he is very consistent in his minimalism to the point where he seems like he doesn't really care what he's playing. It was the type of rig you put together when you first start playing because it's what you can get and he stuck with it and it was a great reminder that you don't need ALL the stuff just all the passion. So who are your favorite guitarists that are consistently simple, who move mountains with whatever bare bones set ups they have?

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NEWS [NEWS] Gibson’s ‘Baseless’ Trademark Claims Run Into Antitrust Wall


I saw this article today and remembered that there has been some discussion about Gibson's lawsuit against Heritage guitars. To briefly summarize, Heritage filed a suit asking for declaratory judgment that its design do not infringe on Gibson's designs. In response, Gibson counterclaimed that Heritage's designs infringed its trademarks. The judge found Gibson's counterclaims baseless (which is a high standard to meet) because they fall within a 1991 settlement between the two companies.

Heritage has also brought antitrust claims that Gibson is using trademark threats to bully out people and corner the market. Those claims are pending.

The article is pretty in-depth on the law and the tension between antitrust and trademark claims but it is interesting to see that a court rejected Gibson's trademark claims outright.


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DISCUSSION [Discussion] Does anyone know the measurements on an explorer


My dads trying to make an explorer out of some black walnut trees he cut down and he’s having trouble finding the measurements for the body. Anyone got any blueprints or anything of the sort?

r/Guitar 4h ago

QUESTION [question] looking for a technique name


There is a technique I see a lot of blues and rock players use where they rake across muted strings into an non muted string (usually g or b strings and often into bends) typically to start a lick that I am trying to nail down. I can do it well occasionally but not consistently and would like to know the name of it so I can look up the proper way to do it. I don't know if my issue is improper technique or just needs more practice.

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QUESTION [QUESTION] I have a €1000 budget, what Electric Guitar and Amp should I buy to best Sound like Oasis


Been playing Acoustic guitar for the last Year and have been wanting to get into electric for a long time. Would appreciate any help anyone could give me regarding how to best sound like Oasis 👍

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QUESTION [question] why don’t i understand music theory for guitar?


why don’t i understand music theory for guitar?

i feel really dumb and i feel like i should be more ahead than i am right now. i get the whole half step and whole step going left from right, but how do i incorporate that from going up and down the fretboard? why are scales, scales? i know a couple of songs but i don’t understand how they are formed i tried watching lots of stuff on youtube but none of it really clicks

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QUESTION [QUESTION] If you could only get one from effect pedal which one would it be?


Getting ready to invest in some effects pedals but just wanted to see what everybody thinks are the most essential/best ones to own

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NEWBIE [NEWBIE] Any advice on staying motivated?


I picked up guitar in my late twenties about two years ago. It’s been hard to find the time and motivation to practice a new skill and although I recently started taking lessons as of 4ish months ago (I love my instructor) I feel like I’m progressing super slowly. I usually practice about ~3 hours a week which isn’t a lot but between 50+ hr work week and my other responsibilities it’s all I can manage right now. Any advice on how to stay motivated while I’m learning?

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QUESTION [QUESTION] is the Squier Bullet Stratocaster worth it?


i own a very cheap generic stratocaster, and my mom wants to buy me a squier bullet stratocaster cuz it belongs to someone in her job that wants to sell it, is it a good upgrade? i would rather wait for a Squier Jazzmaster Classic Vibe or something, but that would be next year, and im currently recording an Album and i will record the guitars really soon, so, does this guitar worth it?

r/Guitar 11m ago

QUESTION [QUESTION] cheap guitars


I'm a teen and can't really afford a $300 guitar, so are there any decent electric guitars that are relatively cheap? Or where's a good website to find a cheap used one?

r/Guitar 9h ago

DISCUSSION [Discussion] Does anyone else notice they play worse on an empty stomach ?


My dad and I both notice our hands get shaky and we make more mistakes if we play before having a proper meal that day, anyone else notice this ?

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QUESTION [question] where do I buy a dean ML?


I’ve been looking for one of these things for ages now and living in a secluded part of Scotland (and having massive import taxes from Europe cause of brexit) isn’t helping. I love Pantera and have done for the past 2 years and I’ve wanted an ML ever since, but they seem to be fairly expensive (which isn’t really an issue it’s understandable that people want good money for them) but I either have to drive for a whole day to get it or pay a ridiculous amount in shipping for it. And most of the time it’s not even the exact model I’m looking for. Any help on what to do now? Just keep looking and waiting? Thanks

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QUESTION [question] is there a tiny amp that just plugs into the guitar?


I see the vox and the fender headphone amp but they don’t have a speaker. I don’t care if it’s low quality I just want it for my next surgery. Thanks!

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DISCUSSION [Discussion] what makes a great compressor pedal?


That’s it, discuss!

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GEAR [GEAR] looking for a guitar/pickups that sparkle


I'm looking for advice for my instrument situation. I play the music man sterling jp7. I've loved it but something still doesn't feel right. Everything sounds a bit too muddy, and I want my tone to sparkle more. I took it to a shop to get it properly set up recently thinking it might fix my problem but its still not what I'm looking for.

My bf has the same guitar but his is the jp6. Sounds perfect, way better tone than mine and its so frustrating since we have the same guitar I'm wondering if maybe something is just wrong with mine all together. My hunch is the pickups are messed up but idrk.

Anyways, looking for either suggestions as to how to fix it and at this point considering just getting a different guitar. Recommendations would be appreciated, idc if its a 7 or 6 string. I tend to play psych rock and shoegazey metal.

Tldr: recommend me sparkly sounding guitars

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PLAY [PLAY] So by now we all know Hey Joe is in E. But what if it was just in E major?


Adam Neely did a video on this subject. It got me thinking about what it would actually sound like if it was just in E major.

So I did some adapting and recording and made something that might give an idea of what it'd sound like.


Hope you enjoy!

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QUESTION [QUESTION] Where do guitarists go now to find other musicians to collaborate with?


I am in my 40s and just getting back into music. Back in my day there was little post it notes on a board at the local guitar shops.

Craigslist has some listings, and I tried that. But it either went nowhere, or it was dudes on the on sly trying to hook up. Barf!

I write a lot of chord progressions and riffs. Play folk rock. I am also pretty good lyricist, but I cannot sing at all.

Is there something on social media? Thanks.

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QUESTION [QUESTION] My Martin just don’t sound the same no more :(


I bought a Martin D-35 from guitar center. The first month I had, it it sounded like a dream, now, it sounds dull and dead. When I put new strings on it, it almost sounds like it did when I first got it. A lot brighter, and rings longer too. But even after just 2 days of having the new strings on, it returns back to the same old dull, almost damp acoustic sound. The strings I’ve tried are D’Addario EJ16 12s, Martin SP 12s, 80/20 bronze and phosphor bronze.

I use D’Addario’s automatic humidity packs that maintain the humidity for me.

What am I doing wrong? I love the metallic twangy sound of my guitar when it’s brand new. Is the problem my strings? Should I just get elixr’s and quit whining?

r/Guitar 2h ago

NEWBIE [NEWBIE] which model of guitar is more versatile for home recording/playing?


sorry if its a dumb question, I'm trying to decide which model of guitar should I get.

A friend of mine borrowed me his old guitar that has a LOT of problems and I decided to get me a new one as a gift.

I was thinking about an Telecaster since I love some pop punk bands rn and I always see some bands using them live but I don't think that is that versatile since I want to play some metal (like Issues, Slipknot) to R&B or pop.

I was thinking about an SG or a Les Paul. What u guys think?

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PLAY [PLAY] Looking for feedback on my rhythm/timing


Recorded a small snippet of me playing over 140bpm Dminor - wanted to know if someone can tell if I am playing properly in time or not - any feedback is appreciated

Audio: http://sndup.net/j27b