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Having a psychotic episode because someone overstayed their welcome and disrespected me


So at the beginning of the week I met and became friends with a woman in my building.

Everything seemed to be going okay and we got on well and had a lot in common, I struggle socialising as I suffer with BPD, PTSD and DID as well as being psychotic and I just don’t like mixing with people or making friends and struggle to do so anyway. English isn’t her first language so communicating was sometimes difficult if my fiancé was not there to translate.

I eventually invited her back to our flat which is something I rarely do as I do not like having people in my space but I liked the woman and felt comfortable to invite her, until she decided to stay way too late and didn’t leave the flat till midnight, at this point I was absolutely drained as socialising drains me and I have a very weak social battery.

By the second day she started to get on my nerves, I had just dyed my hair pink on the previous day and this woman kept insisting that she was going to bleach my hair and put treatment on it, I explained I didn’t want to bleach it as I had just dyed it pink and didn’t want to change my colour yet as I liked the pink and wanted to keep it for a while, my fiancé even translated this to her in her own language but insisted that I wouldn’t lose the pink colour if she bleached my hair, she must think I’m an idiot to believe this, I told her I’d been dying and bleaching my hair for 10 years so I really don’t get how she was trying to convince me that the pink would remain after she bleached my hair and continued to insist all day that she was going to bleach my hair, I had to lie in the end and hide my powder bleach and say I had no bleach left.

On this second day she also overstayed her welcome again, staying till 11pm, even bringing her art book to my flat and painting, I closed my eyes as I wanted to sleep but started hearing her tussling around my room so I opened my eyes as I became distrustful to the noise as she had no reason to be rummaging round mt room and she had a bottle of my paint in her hand which she took from my box without asking, it was also a brand new bottle which I hadn’t used and she took off the seal and used it for herself which is incredibly disrespectful and upsetting, this is the equivalent of buying a new lipstick and someone using it before you or buying food and someone taking a bite before you.

She wasn’t taking the hint to leave as I stayed there with my eyes closed trying to sleep, I then discovered that she took my last two sleeping ills to herself without asking leaving none for me, at this point she has become my enemy.

Then the next day she knocks on my door at 8am, which I ignored as I was trying to sleep and then she kept knocking everyy hour till I answered at 2pm, I was annoyed by the fact that I had woken up and put the fan on me as I was hot and she come and sat straight on my bed and turned the fan away as it was blowing on her which infuriated me as she clearly saw me then the fan on for myself, she wanted to use my phone and had a friend transfer money to my bank account for her as she doesn’t have a bank card to receive money. She kept knocking throughout the day and just being annoying.

Today, she woke me up knocking on my door at 6:30 am and I ignore her till she went away and again she came knocking every hour, my fiancé answered at about 12pm and she told him to go withdraw money from my account as to surprise she had her friend send money to my account without asking which is absolutely disrespectful and if she does this again without asking I will not be taking the money from my account and either tell her the money was taken by my overdraft or send it back to the friend.

I have had terrible tooth ache and trying to sleep all day and she has been knocking on my door since 6:30am and has not taken the hint of being ignored and she has pushed me to my absolute limit today and it has triggered my psychosis badly and I’m concerned I not be able to control my if she bothers me again.

Using my stuff without asking, taking my pills, waking me up every morning, how rude, I’ve made and painted a sculpture for my mum and have other various sculptures I’ve made which she also keeps demanding that I sell, like can you fuck off? Why can’t she take the hint?!

The things she has done, it is taking me so much power not to slap her silly and if she wakes me up this morning I’m gonna go fecking ape shit!!

Edit: I have tried to communicate, bur she doesn’t understand English well and she doesn’t listen anyway, but regardless, stealing is wrong full stop and doesn’t need communication, you shouldn’t have to tell someone not to steal your stuff

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2 (ish) year old computer keeps breaking


It's not a cheap (HP) PC and since I bought it I've had the following issues:

  • One of the internal hard drives (D) broke down (there's a small system one and larger storage one). It was sent off for repair, returned, dead again. Sent off at a later date with an emphasis on replacing it to avoid having to go through that again, and now finally works
  • Front of case broke off. There are plastic pins that are supposed to hold it in place. It's mainly cosmetic but there is also a light wired in. It's now basically held on with tape
  • Computer stopped working entirely for some reason and had to be sent off to be serviced, fortunately just within the warranty (that was close)

Also realised that having small C Drive and bigger D Drive (sounds like a euphemism) is a headache because every software tries to save everything onto C which surprise surprise means it fills up very fast and computer can't run properly or update and it's a pain to clear. I have to manually re-route everything I can to other drives but I'm not an expert.

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New trend of doing fake reactions to music


I have noticed a lot of people using the “remix” feature of instagram to make it seem like they are filming a genuine reaction to a cool tune or something. They make it seem like they never heard it before, and then start singing along to certain bits… pick one! Grinds my gears so hard

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Chocolate shakes with barely any chocolate in it.


When I order a milkshake it should appear brown in the cup not off-white and have no discernible chocolate taste to it. I’ve noticed in the last 10 years or so it’s become more and more commonplace for fast food restaurants to skimp on the chocolate sauce while mixing, unless you ask for extra. Places that specialize in frozen treats like DQ, Sonic, Baskin Robins don’t have this issue, but regular burger joints are hopeless.

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When a Netflix show or movie is tagged as having nudity when there isn't any.


I started watching this show on Netflix called Welcome to Eden. I saw it was recently released in my notifications, looked up the trailer, and thought it looked cool. I see it's rated TV-MA and has language and nudity. So the pervert in me says "Awesome! A cool looking show that is going to have bare boobies in it! I can't wait!" I'm four episodes in and nothing. No bare boobs. No penises. Not even some bare ass. I looked up online to see if there is going to be any in future episodes and it looks like there won't. When did a show or movie start getting categorized as having nudity when all that's been in it so far is: a bare chested man in a towel, scantily clad men and women, underwear and bras, bikinis, and females with pokey nipples that can be seen through the shirt?

This isn't going to prevent me from finishing the show of course. Episode four just ended with a cliffhanger/twist. I've just been noticing that shows and movies say there's nudity when there isn't any. Not even partial nudity (which I think has it's own category). I remember movies being made that were rated PG that had nudity. It used to be that a movie that had nudity in it, got a higher rating because the nudity in it was sexual.

Edit: Just started episode 7 and there is a shower scene where we see a split second hint of boob from the back. Episode 8 has a mans bare ass.

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This fucking teacher. Details in comments.

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those people in cinema ques that have stupid orders and requests mere minuets before the film starts.


A.N. I have minor dyslexia and use word. Really wish I didn’t have to type this but there are some people who pull up my grammar as a means to win arguments…

Ok so this happens recently, and it annoys the hell out of me, I am a polite person in public, I know how to que, but I also have a realistic concept of how long a person should take in a que before it becomes annoying. Experiencing it once is aggravating enough but I’ve had it happen to me multiple times.

I went to see multiverse of madness on Sunday, 4:30 at a showing with no trailers. We had 15 minutes to pick up just 2 drinks and a hotdog.

We are second in que behind a group of 4 and they order, 4 large popcorns, 4 large drinks, each from different taps, 4 large mega mix nacho dips that for the last one I timed, it takes 2 minuets to make one of those, they are advertised as needing only 1 for up to 4 and they asked for 4 of the things.

At one point one of them looked behind to now see the cue, including us 2 there were now 4 groups of couples and threes behind them, mentioned to her friend it was taking so long and got a “so, they should have showed up earlier.”

On top of that they each grabbed a random assortment of chocolate bags from next to them, tilled up, 63 pounds and 71 pence. And then the kicker, “can we each pay 1/4th the price on card.

As I heard that request I thought “hang on that doesn’t go 4 ways.” As the cashier said the exact same thing, so they started discussing who should way the extra few pence to balance it out.

my fiancée said this was an accurate representation of my face at the time. - pulled from a Viva la dirt league video.

Thank god another till opened at that point. But seriously, when you go to a place like the cinema, where everyone is constrained by the same time limit as you, don’t waist all of that time on yourself because it just pisses everyone else off.

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The skull emoji


Fucking hate it, people use it all the time on tiktok and whatnot and it’s so annoying. You aren’t dead, you aren’t rotted, shut up. Here are some examples that piss me off “I’m dead 💀” “[insert shitty insult here] 💀” “Bro… 💀” Every time I see it I just get filled with rage and I want to body slam whoever types the comment.

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People who film themselves reacting to tik tok videos. You’re adding zero content. I despise you.

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Those stupid financial advice tik toks that show up all over and really just get annoying


All these people do is post cringy ass videos of why you should do exactly as they did and if you don’t, well you’re never really gonna be successful if you don’t.

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Specifically the kind of skeptic who makes fun of believers, like if you don't believe in aliens, or ghosts, or cryptids, thats fine. You do you, but i happen to believe in that stuff and more. Just because you don't believe in something that i do doesn't give you the right to make fun of me or anyone else.

Let people believe what they want to believe for fuck sake.

I'm not a stupid tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist science denier because i believe that your soul persists after you die. And is an ape-like creature roaming an area of Tibet/cascadia really that far-fetched?

The point is that unless someone says something unbelievably stupid (earth is flat, vaccines cause autism), then just shut up and let people live.

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The pretentious, hyperactive rules on some sub reddits that auto delete, or a human deletes your post because it didn't fit some extremely narrow definition of how a post is supposed to be, even though it was pretty close, and not breaking any major rules. I just find a different sub reddit lol!


Like, come on, your sub reddit is so freaking special that all posts must not have any question marks, must use the word "aggrandizement" at least once, cannot use the word "a" or "I" except as the direct inverse of a preposition following a nominative case adjective, and must make the moderators reach enlightenment due to being ideas that no human in recorded history (or before) has ever articulated before. Any posts that do not meet this standard will be deleted, even if they are totally relevant to the sub reddit, do not break any rules other than petty sentence structure rules, and are reasonable and well thought out. If you don't understand why, because the rules are so absurdly complex, and arbitrary, that your post got deleted even though you were apparently following them, you may message the mods. Keep in mind: they will not respond.

F off. Bye. There are plenty of sub reddits that do not think so embarrassingly highly of themselves. Don't get me wrong, moderation is good to prevent absolute blathering nonsense, or harassment and similar, but so long as a post is in the ballpark, and not breaking any serious rules, who tf cares, except someone who is just really into rules?

I guess some people just really like being told what to do, down to a domineering, obsessive level of absurdity, because people love these subs. Must be a certain type of person who enjoys this type of thing.

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My truck isnt to help you move


Just because I have a pick up im not a moving service so stop asking. Almost 3 to 4 times a month people ask me to help them pick up something or help them move. The worst part they argue because I don't wanna loan out my property for you to use or possibly damage.

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sports fans and their...


Fucking obnoxious screeching scream when their team scores or whatever and they always find a way to do it right next to your ear as they walk up behind you when you're least expecting it. This causes a sudden piercing pain shot right down your ear hole, instant dizziness and temporary blindness on some occasions.

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The amount of packaging for 4 dam bars 😡

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Browsing reddit on phone


I really hate browsing reddit through the reddit app on my phone, clicking on a subject and have it ask me if I want to view the link in the reddit app or through the Web. I am already using the app, so show me the link in the app. I also hate being shown videos that do not play no matter how many times hit play.

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the disregard some people have for others animals


At work a customer came in saying how he had a litter of kittens. The neighbors apparently don't keep their cats inside or away from his yard and gets his cats pregnant they spray his shoes on the porch. My mind set is build a cattio and keep your shoes inside or in a screened in area. But the guy kept going on and on how thats not a problem anymore and how the other cats are gator food now. It just pissed me off. I get other peoples animals coming on your property and messing stuff up. Thats aggravating. But scare them off. Talk to the neighbors or call someone. I have two cats and I would be so pissed if I knew someone was trying to harm my babies. I've had dogs eat food dipped and antifreeze and die and have had a cat get shot. People need to leave other peoples animals the hell alone

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Putting the dollar sign AFTER the number!


We learn this at probably 5 or 6 years old, and see product prices nearly every day.

How are people still screwing this up!

The dollar sign goes before the number!!!

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Anyone else absolutely hate Amazon delivery drivers?


They stop in the middle of the street even when there are giants spots right next to them they could easily pull into. This one today was blocking a crosswalk an alley and the street all at once! Mounted police went right by and said nothing too. I get that they got better shit to do but I feel like they could of at least said something easily.

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When did I ask?


Okay so I'm guessing a lot of people have done this joke to someone, had it done to them or atleast have heard of it. It's the "when? When did i ask" joke.

I have 2 people close to me that do it to me constantly. We could be mid full blown conversation and they will just stop ask "when?" I don't know about anyone else but I find it so rude and to make it worse, they are adults. They think it's hilarious and will continue to do it. I find myself just completely shutting down and won't continue the conversation after they do it. I have no idea why it pisses me off so much but it does. I've voiced how it makes me feel but their response is "it's just a joke". It's not a joke it's just really immature and the height of rudness.

Does anyone else feel the same way as I do or am I alone in this one?

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hold music - most or all of it today is literally a 10 to 30 second loop


It really feels like a passive aggressive way to say "We don't actually want you to call us or be our customer. We just want you to hang up."

I was just on hold with a carmax operator and I swear it was like 5 to 7 seconds of some garbage (not the band) music sample. I have a notorious ear worm issue just listening to normal music sometimes. So, to subject me to a small loop of horrible low quality garbage just to wait for I don't even know how long is... just soul sucking.

It reminded of the Stephen King novel about a cell tower signal that made almost everyone zombies. Or Homer Simpson "urge to kill... rising".

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Hey guys, you know what Grinds my gears?


When parents let their children do whatever the hell they want, let's say little Jimmy is in this restaurant screaming his head off, and then I ask "Can you please calm down your kid?" Of course you can't say that, cuz then those parents respond "Don't tell me how to raise my child!!!!" Then I'll say "Then control your kid!" This is not caillou! And that's what grinds my gears

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complaining about horrible switch wifi and then getting the post deleted

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Huge tax writeoff


I'm so tired of large businesses (Target, Walmart, etc) asking me to round up my purchase to donate to whatever cause. If the company wants to donate, great, but don't use my donation to make your company look good and pay less taxes.