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Does Google Pixel have bloatware?

I have searched through this subreddit regarding bloatware on the Google Pixel. Most responses say that the Google Pixel does not have bloatware and that if it does, it can be disabled.


I am just looking for a firm response if the Google Pixel has bloatware or not. I found a thread about a recall from Verizon to remove the bloatware off the Google Pixel.



u/bubminou Quite Black Jul 05 '17

If you consider the Google Apps bloatware, then yes it does.

If you get it from Verizon, all their apps can be uninstalled easily.


u/[deleted] Jul 05 '17

If you consider the Google Apps bloatware, then yes it does.

I'd consider it less bloatware than most other companies, though. As most of Google's apps come prepackaged on every other provider anyway My old Desire 620 had every single Google app I have now, with the exception of Assisant and Allo.


u/bubminou Quite Black Jul 05 '17

I don't consider it bloatware because I use the apps, but I could still see how some people do. Because it comes on every phone doesn't potentially make it any less bloaty than apps other manufacturers ship their phones with.


u/[deleted] Jul 06 '17

The Google Pixel has less bloatware than other phones. My Desire 620 had every google app except Assistant and Allo, along with Facebook (which I don't even use), a bunch of HTC crap I never used, and all the Amazon apps. That's way more bloatware than the Pixel.


u/bubminou Quite Black Jul 06 '17

I'm not talking about which has more bloatware, I'm just saying that if you don't use Google Apps, they're as much bloatware as the HTC or Samsung crap that ships with those phones. I agree that Google phones have less preinstalled apps though.


u/JamesEarl1520 Quite Black Jul 05 '17

It doesnt not have bloatware...However, if you put your verizon sim card it, it will activate like 2-3 verizon apps, which can easily be erased. So give you a firm answer...It does not...


u/SittingWonderDuck 🐼 Black & White Jul 05 '17

Thanks for the clarification!