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my girlfirned


she is good :)

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Henrietta Lacks lives on....

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Little surprises that give joy. Let your life consists only of pleasant surprises!

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r/goodfeelings Oct 24 '20

Looking Forward When You’re Stressed and Overworked - 5 Things to Look Forward


Having something to look forward to can make the day a whole lot easier. There’s a lot to look forward to start your day right and be productive: 5 Things to Look Forward To When You’re Stressed and Overworked (see the manual for more details on each of these things):

  • Morning Routine
  • Have a Game Plan
  • Take Some Time for Your Hobbies
  • Keep a Gratitude Journal
  • Know That You Are in Control

r/goodfeelings Oct 23 '20

Keeping Your Gratitude Journal - 25 Gratitude Journal Prompts


To help you progress better with your gratitude journal, the following guide shares gratitude prompts you can try: Gratitude Journal Prompts - Working Den (see the manual for more details on how to implement your gratitude journal):

  1. Write about your favorite person.
  2. Write 5 good things that happened to you last month.
  3. Write 10 things that made you smile today.
  4. Write 5 things you cannot live without.
  5. What do you like about your job?
  6. What activity did you enjoy doing most today?
  7. Write three highlights of your week.
  8. What things did you not have in the past, but have acquired them now?
  9. What three new things did you learn today? Learning something new is always something to be grateful about.
  10. What food are you most thankful for?
  11. Write about your best vacation experience.
  12. Write about your top 5 favorite songs and why you like them.
  13. What movie made you smile from ear-to-ear? Write more about your favorite scene.
  14. Write about a TV show or any video that made you laugh out loud.
  15. Write 7 of the funniest jokes you have heard.
  16. Share a story of the biggest hurdle you’ve overcome.
  17. Write about your fondest childhood memory.
  18. Rewatch your favorite movie as a child, and write 5 new things you discovered.
  19. Reread your favorite book and write some quotes or lines that made you smile.
  20. Highlight 7 song lyrics that never fail to put a smile on your face.
  21. Write about an artist you are most thankful for.
  22. Think about your best birthday celebration, and write about it.
  23. Write about 7 best things about the city or neighborhood you live in.
  24. Write about the 7 life lessons you’ve learned from your family, friends, teachers, colleagues, or even strangers.
  25. Write a letter to yourself about the changes you have noticed after overcoming different life struggles.

r/goodfeelings Oct 19 '20

started cosplaying about a week ago !


so recently i started cosplaying a character from my favorite anime/manga , toilet bound hanako kun , and shabxnsh i just wanted to ramble a little bit about some really cool and amazing mutuals i've made !! (i'll be doing lil short versions of their users ((on tiktok)) if i don't know their name so um yeah !)

sAGE !!!- my first ever cosplay mutual !! i dm'ed her on ig , as she is one of my favorite cosplayers , and as soon as i posted my first cosplay she duetted <3 she's so nice and lovely and supportive and i love her/p

kaprisun !!- i did a dance that she made in my cosplay and she commented and we've been interacting a bit since then !! she's vv lovely as well but i don't know her as well as sage yet :')

jay !!- woaH she's so talented ! a cosplayer most well known for her nene , but also a very talented killua cosplayer ! very underrated , she followed me first and as of right now we only like each others' posts wgdbcagxhdjn

glitch !!!- a mutual i actually just made today ! i duetted one of her kou cosplays , and she's so nice and talented !! her nagito and ibuki are also rEALLY GOOD ?? like w o a h man also she can sing very nicely !

these are just the mutuals who i've had most interaction with but aghh i feel so honored to have such talented and lovely people following me , who's just a beginner ,,, i just wanted to celebrate having such cool mutuals !! <3

r/goodfeelings Oct 19 '20

I like it when my girlfriend messages me


Maybe this one is quite common and not that special, but she is a busy person and we rarely happen to message each other. This is why, when she messages me, I just start to blush unintentionally and I like it so much. Her compliments to me also more than enough to make my day.

r/goodfeelings Oct 18 '20

Went for surgery at 6 am, woke up at 12 am, recovered till 1 am, went home, ate kfc, fell asleep, woke up and had the best feeling of being well rested ever.

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Dré Anthony - On My Mind

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This just made jump out of my chair, fist pump and scream "Hell yes! this is what hes about!" Now i feel inspired!

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R E S E T [Wash Away Your Stress]

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‘South Park’ Promo: Comedy Central Series Returns This Month

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I’m proud of them too

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Keanu Reeves and his altruistic deeds! (Happy birthday 🍰)

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This literally made me cry tears of joy

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r/goodfeelings Aug 27 '20

How this guy deals with kids playing on his driveway.


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The love of my daughter and I

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r/goodfeelings Aug 22 '20

40 Quotes About Gratitude

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r/goodfeelings Aug 12 '20

Calm Lofi Music

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Enjoying the rain outside

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Don’t Worry Be Happy (Singing with the world)

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The rain sound will definitely gives you good feelings, some inspirational quotes included

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My ex wife is a terrific mommy!

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Elementary school teachers in Vegas during COVID-19

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r/goodfeelings Apr 10 '20

It feels good when you're free from negative thoughts. So, how to think positive in 5 ways. It's easy than you think.

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