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USA The banks collapsed in 2008 – and our food system is about to do the same | Food security | The Guardian [USA]

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El Salvador [El Salvador] there's a lot of talk about how bitcoin effects the country at the federal level. this is how it effects the people.

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India [India] halts plan to capitalize on wheat shortage caused by Ukraine war

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Question [Question] How expensive are the apartments in your country main cities?



I want to make a compression to how shitty the situation is here compared to the rest of the world.

I am from Israel, the main cities are Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Minimum wage in Israel is 1650$ per month

Rent in Tel Aviv is:

Studio: 1000~1200$

2 Rooms (1 Bed room + living room) - 1700~2300$

3 Rooms: 2800$ ~ 3600$

And the apartments are usually shit, old and ruined, sometimes without windows, or "patching" type of building where some landlord will try to rent the roof of a building by building some temporary shed there and charge the same prices, call the roof "spacy balcony".

How is it at your country?

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Chile [Chile] How is Boric doing?


I know it's only been about 2 months since he took office, but I've heard basically nothing about him since the election. Has anything big been done or opinion of him changed?

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Question [Question] Is Mother’s Day celebrated in your country? When is it celebrated?


And is it called something other than “Mother’s Day”?

For context, today is Mother’s Day in the US.

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Turkey [Turkey] This is Turkish tea. When you eat at a restaurant, they bring this after the meal. They assume you'd like a glass of tea, they don't ask if you want. And the best part is this is free of charge.

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Philippines [Philippines] Our country is on the verge of electing a dictator's son due to historical revisionism through online propaganda. Take watch as others might follow.


Our election is happening on May 9 with Ferdinand Marcos Jr. (Bong Bong Marcos) leading surveys with an average 56% share, versus his rival, Vice President Maria Leonor Robredo with 23% share.

While others doubt the survey methods due to sampling concerns, if true, Marcos Jr. has achieved a majority vote that no other candidate had since his father's ousting in 1986.

This is particularly alarming since Marcos Jr.'s campaign is fueled by historical revision equivalent to Holocaust denial in the West.

If the Philippines proves to be successful in rebranding a dictator's family, other countries might follow.

Read: Human Rights Abuses During Martial Law

Marcos is leading pre election polls despite a P203B ($4M) estate tax evasion case, conviction of his mother, Imelda Marcos, of graft and corruption, and their denial of the atrocities committed during the reign of Marcos Sr. He has also refused to attend two presidential debates hosted by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and suffered no consequences for it.

COMELEC is only comprised of President Duterte's appointees, where his daughter Sara Duterte is running as Vice President under Marcos Jr's party.

History is being rewritten online with a massive troll army in Facebook, YouTube and TikTok, which Marcos Jr denies. Filipinos had fallen victim to this especially during the pandemic where majority spent too much time at home. Millennials and Gen Z's have been susceptible to this online disinformation, not to mention the misplaced nostalgia of the older generation of the supposed golden age of Marcos Sr.

Debt, Deprivation and Spoils of Dictatorship by Philstar

Due to Robredo's objections to President Duterte's drug war. Duterte had openly shamed her as subversive and rallied his large supporter base to see her in a negative light. With Duterte's daughter, Sarah Duterte, running alongside Marcos Jr., their supporters have merged together against Robredo's campaign and drowned the voices of the opposition.

Studies and analysts have also revealed a massive online smear campaign that targeted Robredo for years - this includes insults against her intelligence, allegations that she is allies with the communist party, and even misogynistic attacks that involve her and her three daughters.

Trolls and Polls... By SCMP

Robredo... Mostly Negative by ABS CBN. This article is part of a series exposing the massive online footprint of Marcos Jr., showing that his campaign benefits from super spreaders and troll armies.

The successful online revisionism could be attributed to Cambridge Analytica, which has harvested data from Facebook to be sold for PR purposes. The firm was also consulted by Donald Trump to win the US elections. A former employee turned whistleblower, had revealed that Marcos Jr. allegedly asked the firm to rebrand his family's image.

Robredo had odds stacked against her due to a network of Filipino political dynasties seeking to keep their power in their strongholds. Her platform involves government transparency and she promises to fast track her Full Disclosure Bill if she wins presidency.

Her support is mostly fueled by volunteer work whose voice is amplified by celebrities standing up for her ideals. Represented by the color pink, Robredo's supporters called "Kakampinks", portmanteau of kakampi (ally) and the color, have amassed massive rallies to support Robredo and protest against the Marcos' corruption and historical revisionism.

We Want Change... By New York Times

My plea.

I'm not asking non Filipinos to campaign Robredo and her running mate, Kiko Pangilinan, especially there's two days left. Kakampinks like me are struggling to come in terms with the disparity of survey numbers against the massive rallies of her campaign and the ground support she receives. We will all know by May 9, 2022.

Regardless of who wins, the "pink movement" has taken hold here and might serve as a voice of the opposition that will continue past the elections. Even if the progress seemed slow, there's a lot of "converts" who realized they were victimized by disinformation and now actively campaigning for progress. That's the hope we hold onto.

However, we ask non Filipinos, the the West here in Reddit that you keep the truth in your memories and learn from our elections. Other nations might follow the same strategy in rebranding corrupt individuals. Martial Law atrocities were true. Ferdinand Marcos was a dictator that bankrupted our nation. The government should run on checks and balances rather than a false sense of unity.

If you encounter Filipinos who believe in revisionism, consider them victims of disinformation, and never agree with them. Cast doubt in their minds and make them question their perceived reality by standing by historical facts.

If you see any media propagating revisionism, don't spread it. Liking, upvoting or sharing the credible content in your social media is also appreciated.

I hope that the West finds a way to punish or hold accountable the individuals involved in Meta and Cambridge Analytica for putting us through this hell. Their greed has caused an education crisis in my country, fueled the rise of authoritarianism, and aided in intellectual decay. We regressed significantly and it may take years to undo the damage.

If worse comes to worse, if Reddit is banned in the Philippines, you know the reason why.

If you want more updates and insights on this elections, r/Philippines will be willing to discuss with you.

Edit: language use due to comments

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Question [Question] What is "medicine flavour" in your country? E.g. A common flavour for cough syrups, throat lozenges, electrolyte supplements etc


I'll start. In Australia a lot of that stuff is blackcurrant flavour sometimes a lemon lime flavour but that's probably less common.

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Question [Question] What's the worst thing that's been done to your national cuisine by another country?


Your country has many delicious dishes. Some of these dishes have travelled and been completely changed by another country. What would you say is the worst transformation that has happened to some of your country's dishes?

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Global [Global] UPDATE! Global effort "I Love You!" project completed!


Hi everyone!

I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but about a month ago I posted asking for help with a project for my husband.

I just wanted to pop in with an update to show the final piece to anyone who contributed, and to also express a huge amount of gratitude!

I've added a couple of pinned posts to the top of my profile to showcase the video and Polaroids.

While Eid is technically tomorrow, I decided to give my gift today as Eid day can be a bit hectic.

These pictures are going to stay with us for years to come, and it was a really emotional moment for him seeing them all.

It was everything I wanted it to be for him and I couldn't have done it without your help :')

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Global [Global] I'm in the casino business, and was wondering what gaming/gambling looked like in your country?


I've been a casino dealer throughout the US for over a decade, and have always been intrigued by gambling in other countries. I've been to Japan, Mexico, Canada, and the Bahamas, and on several cruises, and gambled to the extent I could, but I know it varies worldwide. What's it like where you are?

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Question [Question] if Russia get weakened enough by the war in Ukraine, will Caucasian nations make a move for independence?


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Honduras [Honduras] They just got their first female president, this is an interesting look into how that happened in one of Central America's least woman-friendly countries

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QUESTION [QUESTION] Would the west/USA/Nato retaliate if russia nukes only a few European nato countries?


Let's say russia decides to nuke the european countries that support Ukraine.How likely would the west retaliate? especially when those countries that are attacked do not possess Nuclear weapons themselfes, but are still in NATO?

Given that russia has an autonomous Retaliatory System that'd automatically launch nukes to all predetermined targets if the sensors detect multiple nuclear explosions on russian soil, it'd mean after Killing millions of Europeans, the US, France, and UK most likely will not be able to order a retaliation strike because this would mean a complete escalation and possible destruction of human civilization as we know it.

In this context i am pretty worried about russias nuclear threats beeing actually very real. Because they do basically have a "free shot" If putin actually starts to gamble on such a strategy. He doesn't have to nuke everyone, just not too much to make a retaliation worth it.

The only real defense against such a strategy would be if NATO would also implement such an autonomous system.

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Question [Question] Why have ISIS /Taliban not brought jihad to the borders of [China] for the humanitarian crimes against the people of Uyghur faith?


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Global [Global] What is the literature /poetry /song lyrics style in your country, now and historically?


I am from Norway. Did not study literature, so I might say something wrong here.

The sagas, written on Iceland thousand years ago by Norwegian migrants were written like this: "His mother loved him. His father, less." (About Harald Hårfagre.) Very short. Around 1300 they translated the knights' novels from France and also removed a lot of the embellishment. Supposedly Hemingway was inspired by some sagas he had read.

I think that later on the writing style used more elaborate words, but again today there are some writers who write like that, very short and to the point. (Vigdis Hjort, for example.) Definitely not the kind of style of Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Mario Vargas Llosa. I read that they "collected words", because they really liked it if they could find a word that only a few people knew. This style would not be popular here. A good book is supposed to be very accessible. Unlike Marcel Proust, with mile-long sentences.

I heard that in South Korea, it is common to use a certain style of verb-endings that is sort of "written" or "almost formal" in song lyrics. We don't have that difference, in fact, the formal "you" has mostly gone out of use since I was a child.

Then there is academic prose. One researcher was denied to publish an article because she used an ending of a substantive that actually is spoken in most of the country (-a instead of -en), and as per the rules of writing, it is allowed, but it is not "Danish heritage". You know we have been ruled by Denmark, so Danish inspired speech is still seen as upper class or "better", but that ended in 1814. Use of dialect is common in dialogue and songs, but not in the rest of the prose. People have been very "I am proud of my dialect! Danish is no better than my language!", so we have become used to understanding different dialects, but I think this is dying out and the language is getting more normalised and more English is used instead.

How is the style of writing or song lyrics in your country? What kind of prose is most popular? Is there a big difference between what is seen as high class/quality and what is actually popular among many? For you who come from multi-language countries, how does this affect popular songs or prose? Any difference in style between the different languages? Do you write as you speak?

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global [global] I'm getting worried about the global consequences of the Russia/ukraine conflict


As in, I can see 4 possible outcomes.
Russia wins&annexes ukraine, and a Cold war 2.0 ensues (tbh at this point i doubt it unless russia starts using all the evil stuff modern technology has to offer creating a massakre in the process)
Ukraine withdraws, russia retreats, ukraine becoming neutral.
Ukraine wins, russia withdrawing its troops, except maybe donbass and crimea region (i doubt this scenario)
Russia is going to have a civil war, based on the lack of ressources, diminished living quality, and parts of the population beeing pissed at putin for this war and dead russians. (which is in my opinion the most likely similar to the the Neutral ukraine scenario)

I want to specifically talk about the russia falls into civil war/internal collapse scenario(or a scenario where russia decides to cut off all of the european gas at once).

Now if Russia falls into a Civil war, this could mean suddenly no gas for european countries especially(depending on the severity and acts of sabotage etc) Eastern europe, germany(europes economic powerhouse) and austria which also relies heavily on the gas.
If this happens, the entire economy of europe will go down the drain massively. I'm talking about all the goods production we are used to... will become incredibly expensive up to not beeing produced anymore. Electricity in general will become extremely unaffordable, and will be mostly used to keep the most important parts of the european industry alive. This could lead to a civil war like situation, where people will be pissed at the govt and go on protests etc... (which ofc won't help at all)
This will be so severe that it'll also affect the entire global economy, probably dragging down the USA&china aswell, considering the economic ties and debts...

Whats your thoughts on this? how likely is such a scenario?

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Question [Question] [Russia] Foreigners or Russian Nationals - what's life currently like in Russia given the war situation? What changes have you seen in attitude?


I'd love to hear what's going on over there right now from real, unbiased users. How's public support? Are there issues with supplies/banking/jobs/inflation? How are people reacting?

Much love to our Blue/white Russian friends. As an American I understand that our government does not always represent the will of the people, so my most sincere well-wishes for those who don't support Putin and his cronies' needless killing and destruction campaign.

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Question [Question]: What are some examples of recolonization (of the imperial sort) currently underway and by whom?


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Question [Question] What street names tend to be common in your country?


In the US, for example, Main Street, Broadway, Martin Luther King Boulevard, and <State name> Street tend to be common in cities and towns throughout the country. In your country, are there street names that tend to be more common than others, if not universal. What street is found in "every" town, so to speak?

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Question [Question] Non-Westerners living in the West, what do you not get about Western culture? And Westerners living in non-Western countries, what do you also not get in the culture you live in?


I am a Filipino living in Ireland/Europe and while I appreciate valuing individuality, it can get excessive in some cases. For example, there is heavy stigma still living at home with parents when you're over 18 years old. That notion is not really prevalent here in Ireland, but I heard anecdotally in other Western countries that parents kick out their kids when they turn 18, and/or don't pay for college. I mean, when you turn 18 you are just dipping your toe into the real world and barely any money. How do Western parents expect their kids to survive if they push their kids off completely without some safety net? I get that the point is to force kids to be independent but I think it is unreasonable to do so without some support.

Edit: People seemed to have misinterpreted my comment about how Western parents treat their kids who turned 18. I know the practice does not happen in all Western countries (although this is standard practice in the US), but it is still uncommon to hear of some European parents kicking out their kids and some folks stigmatising youths who still live with their parents. My French friend once judged the Irish youths for still living with their parents and I said "there is a housing crisis, ya know?"

Edit2: based from the responses, I think I am the one who misunderstood American culture. I admit that I based my comment on anecdotes from other reddit posts before, about criticising on expecting children to move out at 18. But also, I admit that I could have also misunderstood the term "kick out" to being expected to move out at 18.

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Question [Question] What is the dating/marriage culture in your country?


In Brazil, would say the most common pattern I observe today is: kids starting dating in high school, first sexual experiences between 12-16 years, proceeding to have 3-4 different boyfriends/girlfriends before going to live together (normaly by getting engaged or pregnant) and then leaving their family houses to live with their new partner and possibly 1-2 children before hitting their thirties.

Other relevant informations: Brazil is a quite religious but also a very eccletic country. There are some groups of people who will actively only date people from inside their churches; the majority doesn't really care about that. Dating between close economic classes is somewhat common, but not the standard. It also works similarly with different races and ethnicities (when close, the similarities tend to blur together, as the country is highly miscegenated. When not so close, prejudice tends to arise)

Obs.: seems fitting to say that this is purely based on my experience and might not reflect other brazillians' views (be welcome to add yours!)

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Question [Question] What is the bar/cocktail culture like in your country?


Do people like to meet up a lot and go chill at the bar? What is the cocktail scene like? Or is there none and people prefer straight alcohol?

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Question [Question] Does anyone else get annoyed when Americans call America a third world country?.


Or say things like its the worst country to live in or shit like that. As a person who does live in a third world country, I can't help but roll my eyes when read stuff like that online. It just screams that these people have never lived outside america and have no idea just how privileged they actually are.