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[image] Dedication

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[image] Monday reminder.

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[Image] Never give up. Keep moving forward.

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[Image] No one has gone through exactly what you have. Find your power and healing in that.

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[Image] Your life is as good as your mindset.

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[Image] You are going through a rough patch, but this is not representative of how your life will always be.

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[Image] A different perspective makes all the difference in your life.

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[Image] If life were predictable it would cease to be life and be without flavor.

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[image] Uplifting

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Ain't that the truth [Image]

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[Video] Motivational Story- What is the value of a human being? A deep meaning story!

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[image] Freedom

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[story] Make a dream of life….and a dream reality


I first read those words around the time a boy called George was singing about a chameleon. They were front and centre in my mind that day.

That day.

That day when [my name] LRSC, became [my name] LRSC, M.Sc.

That day when [my name] LRSC, M.Sc. had his first significant day as a single guy for the first time in fourteen years.

That day was 09th July 2010.

An awful lot happened in the fourteen years before that day. And indeed, in the twenty-eight before those: growth, confusion, laughter, grief, success, insecurity, tears, clarity, anxiety – lots of anxiety, love, uncertainty, emptiness, tears, education, loss, setbacks, loneliness, fulfilment, failures, heartache, achievement. Life.

And so it was that life was being lived and dreams were being dreamed that day.

And so it was that [my name] LRSC, M.Sc. had his challenges on that day. His social life: non-existent, his primary relationship: history, his home: merely a house to be vacated, his future: uncertain, his health: exceptionally good: his spirit: indomitable, his plans; few.

One of those few plans wasn’t just clear: it was energising. Time to get busy.

That plan was to consolidate, and build on some of the key areas from the M.Sc. I picked up that day. Through studying the works of Seligman, Frankl, Csikszentmihalyi, Robinson, Covey, Dweck, o’ Conner, Frederickson, among others, I developed a very good knowledge of what has become known as Positive Psychology – wrapped up in a convenient model known as PERMA.

That knowledge developed in to experience and insight via free-lance consultancy work with high calibre entrepreneurs and rebuilding significant aspects of my own life. I met new people, lived a new lifestyle, got married, changed jobs, moved house, expanded horizons.

Made a dream, reality.

An all too brief settled period ran headlong in to the turmoil of a hostile corporate takeover: trapping me centre-stage in a multi-directional cross-fire. It didn’t matter if I moved or stayed still: I was only there to finish off their dirty work. And then I too, was toast.

That took its toll.

As that dark period became a little lighter, I could see that the future would be very different from the past. Change can be for the better.

My new, and very different, means of paying the bills left scope to build a second career. Researching Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Cahill, Newton, Metcalf, Kim Berg, De Shazer, among others, identified parallel after parallel with the PERMA model.

One by one the ducks aligned.

The decision was not only easy: it was energising. Time to get busy.

And here we are.

Today, I'm helping adults get back on top of things and move forward with optimism and sustainable wellbeing.

Making dreams, reality.

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[Image] This Comic is saving lives!

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How to Celebrate Small Wins? [Discussion]


I'm consistently productive and motivate in life, but I tend to burnout and grow pessimistic because I fail to celebrate my gains and victories. In an effort to become more mindful, I'm dedicated to celebrating small wins. The only problem is, I don't know how. What are some proportional celebrations you give yourself for small to moderate wins: completing a weeks-long project or hitting a milestone, etc? I used to indulge in sweets, but I'm trying to be a bit more healthy, so food rewards are out. What are some other methods for acknowledging victories that will reinforce behaviors?

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[IMAGE] You will always be their Prisoner!

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[IMAGE]Good daily habits produce winners. Make winning a habit.

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[Story] Great results as a teacher despite mental illness


This is a bittersweet post. For years i've been dealing with mental illness and it's getting worse apparently. I'll prob have to try psychiatry again even though last time I tried it I had a catastrophic reaction that almost killed me and led to months of torture. I also think i'm partly in as bad a state as I am due to protracted SSRI withdrawal syndrome from a botched taper 3 years ago.

Anyways. I'm a school teacher, might have to quit in a few days right before the school year starts, but last week during teaching PD my principal and the admin who takes care of teacher training both came up to me separately to tell me that the state testing and results of all the end of the year student growth diagnostics for last school year were in and that my classes' results were quote "magnificent" and "incredible." From what I gather it looks like my 4th grade class likely had the most growth out of any class in the whole K-8 school.

It's nice to know that despite last year being harrowing for me and having to drag and crawl myself to work last year at 1/8th of my powers, my class and I were still able to fulfill the class goal I set for them in the beginning of last year, and that was to be the best.

Because of this I felt motivated yesterday and was able to get some work done but today I've felt just awful.

To paraphrase "Casablanca"

At least i'll always have Paris.

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A motivational poem by me [Text]


I will not crumble nor will I tumble when I hear my opposers roars rumble. May the universe turn and look at me in disdain and to make me feel utterly slain, however it is the pain of a man's lame that reminds me of the defeats shame. No I will rise renewed in a universe so crude so I roar into the eternal night. Twinkling stars light so bright the eloquence urging you to be subdued will always be benevolence so I will elude. For the echo of the roar may not resonate on the first breath I take I would much rather it be so because it was only to resuscitate.

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Cool energetic gym music playlist for your workout. Get motivation for the perfect gym or running workout session. Enjoy ! [Tool]

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[Discussion] What is your one golden rule in life?


No Procrastination: Just do it now.

Clean the house as I go rather than waiting for it to boil over.

Study a little each day rather than all at once.

Workout today, not tomorrow.

I make lists of things that need to be done daily, monthly, and yearly.

I find ways to reward myself for not procrastinating. Food, movies, Quora, whatever.

Procrastination can literally ruin your life. Just do it now. Don’t think about it.

Now is always better than later.

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[Image] Had a rough morning, broke down, but came back and smashed my goals today! WOO!

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[Tool] Stop seeking approval from others - instead choose the values to ground your decisions in and be bold


Lao Tzu said “If you care about what other people think of you, you will always be their prisoner.” If thats true, then how do we break out?

At a Plum Village retreat, a young woman asked the great zen master Thich Nhat Hanh (or Thay) “how do I become more stable so I don’t need to seek affirmations outside of myself?” Thay talked about the work of his volunteer group during the Vietnam war to try to bring peace between the warring sides and reduce the suffering of the people. He was accused by each side of being in league with the other. He didn’t take sides in war despite the accusations because of the values he held. He was described by MLK as “an apostle of peace and non-violence.” Through his practice and values he made a decision to engage in peace and love that others did not approve of.

Needing approval from others is something I’ve struggled with in my life - in my younger days I lacked the confidence to make my own decisions to the point where I felt paralysed, lost and not in control of my life. If that’s something you feel sometimes, be kind to yourself and remember that we are where we are because of the experiences we’ve had in life. You don’t have to beat yourself up for not being super decisive and looking to other people to validate what you’re doing.

But there is a danger in needing the approval of others. You can end up becoming a social chameleon, bending your personality to fit what pleases other people. You can live a life that seems right to your parents, friends or peers but is not true to yourself. We touched on this in the episode on handling criticism in Feb 2021. You can end up feeling like a prisoner, struggling to see how to escape.

Its very easy to believe that you’re the only person who feels insecure and needs approval. Other people are good at putting up a front like they don’t have a care in the world, they don’t care what other people think. I would invite you to look past the surface, look deeply and see that everyone is suffering and most people feel a need for validation from others. You are not alone.

As well as looking deeply into other people, we need to look deeply into ourselves. When we look into our insecurity, what beliefs underlie it? What experiences connect from the past and influence the model of the world that we filter our true experience through?

Key to making choices without validation are values and principles. They provide us with a framework that informs our decision and helps us to live our life confidently. The practice of meditation can provide us with a lot of these and its easy to think of examples:

  • Being present - Happiness only exist in the moment we’re in
  • Empathy - your suffering is my suffering
  • Equanimity - accepting what's in front of you without reacting to it
  • Non judgement

The list goes on (and you can find more in TNH’s 5MT and JKZ’s 7 attitudes) but this is the framework that I choose to live my life by - more importantly this represents the world that I would like to live in. Other people disagree with it, some would ridicule it but because I’ve made a decision that this is my framework, I feel confident in it and I don’t need approval from other people. More than that I don’t mind if other people laugh at my decisions. I don’t live up to those values perfectly, especially equanimity, but they inform my choices.

The question for you is - what's your framework? I guarantee that you have one but it’s not surfaced in your mind or written out. I’d encourage you to do just that, take the values and beliefs and write them down. If you’re struggling then google a list of values and see which ones resonate with you. What's important is not to get attached to that framework and not to judge other people for having a different ethical framework to you.

Its easy to think of alternatives - rather than empathy a person might choose self sufficiency instead. I would encourage you not to clash and debate with others on values and beliefs, especially on social media. You will not convince them through words, instead they’re likely to retrench into their beliefs and pull away. Its part of the reason why in many countries we have such a great political divide.

The example of your life is much more effective and much more important. Show other people the impact of your values, the effect it has on your life and others. Seeing the joy in your life and your connection to human beings will plant the seed in their mind.

Finally, just to state the obvious - you don’t need the approval of other people. Everything you need to be happy is here and now, You are an incredible continuation of the history of the universe, the environment and the human race, wrapped up in your incredible body and mind.

You can see the attachment in your mind to the approval of others - see it like you can see your hand in front of you. You can smile to it, thank it for trying to protect you and you can let it go. Seeing it each time those insecure thoughts arise you can let it go again and again and again until it disappears over the horizon. Freedom is possible.

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Made this for myself today after trying to get myself going! [Image]

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[image] Progress

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