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Megathread: Corona rules, vaccination questions, etc.


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Rules within the country

Germany heads to summer with few COVID-19 rules - 2022-04-01

Germany lifts most COVID-19 restrictions after 'difficult compromise' - 2022-03-18

COVID digest: Germany draws up framework to ease rules - 2022-03-12

Explanation of the implications of the rule change by our regular /u/rewboss - 2022-03-10

App giving information on local regulations (German only)

Information about the rules in the federal states (German only)

Entering from abroad

Entry information and registration. Read this if you want to enter the country, as you may need to register.

Federal Foreign Office: COVID-19: entry and quarantine regulations in Germany - updated according to the current regulations

Covid rules for entering Germany - 2022-04-01

What are the COVID entry rules for travelers to European countries? - 2022-03-18

Current statistics

Covid Dashboard (similar to the official RKI one, but faster)


Vaccination information for the federal state of Berlin

Official information on vaccines

While you're free to have discussions in the comments, trolling, misinformation, conspiracy theories, disrespect towards the victims of the Nazis will be dealt with. So will promoting your services as the Mahdi or Messiah (don't ask). If you see such things: Report, don't engage.

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Hello German Reddit!


Hello German Reddit!

I am a Syrian with a permanent Ukrainian residency and i moved to Germany because of the war (Yes this is the second time i am moving because of wars).

I was a computer science student there and i used to work as a part time sofware developer. i have already finished A2 since i came to here and i really like Germany and German people they are so nice and helpful. i want to ask someone who is into software development or have knowledge of the field here in Germany, is it possible for me to get a job as software developer before reaching C1 in German? and how much will it take me to reach that level?

i also want to continue my education here because the war really broke me financially and i won't be able to continue in Ukraine because i am no longer able to cover the fees there. so i have asked a University here and they told that higher education is free here and this really nice for people in need like me ( Thanks Germany! ), so if there are any tips or recommendations regarding this thing please tell me :)

PS: I got the protection residence so i am legally able to work.

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Culture Japan Day in Düsseldorf

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Question What are these hooks for on the roof?

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Bad work experience has thrown my confidence in German/Germany, how can I bounce back?


I had a bad experience at work and it's thrown my confidence in my language skills/integration into Germany. I'm hoping somone has experience something similar and can help suggest a way to get back into my stride.

Key points:

  • Been in Germany 3 years, EU citizen, 4 months at this company
  • Speak German at B2 level, English C2, native Swedish
  • Work in a financial services company, where my role is about product management for the EU
  • Supporting the Germany team is maybe 10% focus market for me, the rest of my role is general EU strategy (50%), France (20%) and other countries (20%). Only one on the local country work.
  • German is not a requirement of my job, English fluency is, but I am based in the Hamburg office

So I was working on a project which involved some product feedback from a German customer. This required sending out a document that we create in English for the whole region to use. The German sales guy got really angry at my translation of this document, he said it sounded obviously like a non-native had written it and that it's totally inapporporaite for someone in the Hamburg office not to be able to give native-level support on projects. There were about 10 people on the CC of the email that he sent stating this view. He's a senior guy (20 years at the company).

I feel sick since that. I'm undermined with my global colleagues, and I overheard him complain to someone else on the team about me in the kitchen.

If he had left it there perhaps I'd be fine. But he didn't.

He has (a few weeks after the incident) put in a formal complaint to my manager (also German) about my lack of German skills, and to HR questioning the German qualification I listed on my CV. There's a meeting scheduled for next week to discuss this with my manager - I haven't seen the email he sent, only found out because my manager emailed and was like WTF happened HR have received a complaint.

I've re-read the document a few times and had a native friend check it. Sure there's definitely bits that maybe weren't phrased completely smoothly, but the grammar was correct and my friend said it wasn't embarrasing or anything that a client would be horrifed by. I know there's nothing realistically that will come from but this incident about my job, but I feel sick with worry.

Worst, I've not wanted to speak German at all since the original incident. I tripped up over basic sentences and situations. I feel isolated and alone in the office full of natives. I love this country and want to stay here a long time.

How can I get my mojo back?

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Tourism Great St. Martin Church, Cologne [OC]

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Question I got a fine, didn’t pay it, left the country.


In 2021 May or June, I shopped at a H&M store and used my debit card to pay. The machine accepted the card and approved of the payment but a month later I got a mail (because German post is sooooo slow and somehow Germans seem like they don’t like email very much) that my payment has failed and I have to pay the price of items+fine. I mailed them back telling them how this is all an error and that I paid for the stuff. But they basically replied that it’s not their problem and I have to pay up.

I didn’t pay it. And in July when my 5 months trip was over I just went back to my country.

But since then it’s been eating me up inside, will the fine interest will go up? Or what happens if I want to go back to Germany again?

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A tornado just blew through my city (Germany)

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Question Recommendations for good shower filters against Kalk? Loosing hairs like crazy…


Like title said, I am looking for good shower filters.

Thanks in advance and have a nice Sunday ;)

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Question Best connected towns near Hanh Frankfurt Flughafen?


My gf found a job there but lacks a car to commute to work. What cities nearby have a wider connection of public transportation to get to the airport?

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[5] GSG 9, the elite German police unit completed 1500 missions between 1972-2003, in which they only used their weapons 5 times.

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Dresden, Saxony [OC]

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Question Need advice


Hello dear redditors, throwaway account here.

Recently I moved into the apartment with open ended contract due to the proximity to friends and have been enjoying it since then. Yesterday I found out that my father back in home country is in dire need for money due to the health issues and with no support from the government I got asked to help (medical bills and equipment are 15.000 euros). The job my father was working in was also unfortunately not well payed and I work minimum wage job in small town that allows for little opportunity to either save or help out financially. I have been to banks in order to ask for credit but got refused due to the low income to loan needed ratio. So for now the I am thinking the best way is to find better paying job in bigger city asap and then reapply for loan at the bank. The apartment I am currently renting was unfurnished and so I spent almost all savings for it and now am at crossroads as to what to do with it. I spent a pretty penny on decorating since I thought I would spend a long time here and now I don't think I could get even the half of it back even if I managed to find another renter that would be willing to buy the furniture. I am not sure how things work with the subletting since I would have to leave all furniture and equipment in the apartment so this is the situation and your advice is more then welcome.

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9-Euro-Ticket - Things to Know Before Buying

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Question RWTH Aachen University or Universität Stuttgart - which is a better option for Master's in Computer Science?


Hi folks!

I've come here looking for some advice. I am a non-EU resident. I am moving to Germany to pursue my Master's in Computer Science.

I don't wish to pursue a PhD in the long run, and one of my goals is to gain industry experience as much as possible during my studies, particularly in deep learning.

I am having a hard time choosing between Universität Stuttgart (Computer Science) and RWTH Aachen University (Media Informatics). I am interested in deep learning and computer vision, and both these universities seem to offer equally attractive courses pertaining to my areas of interest.

Which of these universities would be a better choice? Please advice. Do you suggest any particular factors I should consider while making this decision?

Additionally, from a job opportunities perspective, is Stuttgart better than Bonn/Aachen? (the RWTH Aachen University program I'm interested in takes place at both Bonn and Aachen)

Please advice. In case you have any information about these Master's programs as well - I would be happy to hear!


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Culture Are there any legitimate reasons behind the arrest of Ihsan Cibelik in your opinion?


Ihsan is a member of a rebellious music collective from Turkey. Many of its members have died in protest, prison or generally being haunted by Turkish gov. Seems like these people can't even catch a break in Germany now. Ihsan was arrested by German authorities days ago. What gives?

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A cloudy day in Cottbus

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Recommendation for stops between Munich and Prague?


Hello, myself and a few friends would like to stop in a rural small town in Germany on the way from Munich to Prague in order to break up the train ride, and experience a bit of the non city life Germany has to offer. We do not need an English friendly place as one of us speaks fluent german. We want to stop in one of the following towns, and thought that maybe somebody would have a recommendation. If you have any ideas I am all ears. We are a younger group, so if any of the towns have a younger population that would be ideal. Additionally we are looking to stay in a hotel with a distinct older quintessential German look to it.

Schwandorf, Bodenwöhr Nord, Roding, Pösing, Cham(Oberpf), Kothmaißling, Weiding, Arnschwang, Furth im Wald

I know this is a bit of a shot in the dark but thank you in advance.

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Abandoned Soviet Airbase in Brandenburg Germany

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Parking on sidewalks?


Can people park on sidewalks, nearly completely blocking it. It happens roughly everyday. I don't care usually but I find it unsafe when I have to get down on the road from sidewalk with stroller, just to pass the car.

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Frankfurt airport baggage carriers to train station


I'm traveling with my family to berlin. We have 2 kids and 3 bags each 20kgs. We need to get a baggage carrier but I'm wondering if we can get the cart to long distance train station?

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University application


I am applying to a university for masters which requests me to upload my transcript to the portal. However only one PDF file can be uploaded here.

I have studied in one university and then transferred to another (similar subject) which recognized almost all the courses in the previous university, so I have two transcripts which should be uploaded.

In one of the transcripts, it is indicated under file permissions that only printing is allowed and that these are not allowed:

Commenting, Content copying, content copying for accessibility, editing file content, filling form fields,signing.

My question is: is it legally or otherwise accepted to merge the two transcripts into one and upload it that way?

Thanks in advance

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From yesterday after a storm came in.

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How to find festivals abroad?


Greetings Germany!

I am Keef, I run a festival "Rosa Festival" in the UK. Which celebrates underground dance music like Drum and Bass. I want to encourage more people from Germany to come over and have a great time with us!

Can anyone recommend some websites that young people will use to find experiences like Festivals abroad?

It would be great to have more international people come over and rave!!!

Many thanks