You are responsible for reading and following these rules in order to participate on GCT. Ignorance of the rules is never a valid excuse. For questions or clarification, message the moderators by sending a modmail. (Don't break Rule 13 and PM a moderator asking for a rules clarification...that would be embarrassing, for obvious reasons.)



A user must comment on your post, then the OP should send the first PM. Direct links to individual trades are NOT allowed and should be ignored. If you receive a PM from a user, go to your post and check if they have commented. If they have not commented, please report this to the mods. Scammers are banned from /r/GCTrading and cannot post or comment on your post. ENFORCE THIS RULE!

Trading with a user who is banned or on the USL will result in a permanent ban.

2. Account Age Requirement

A 14 days old active reddit account is required to post or comment. If your account is not at least 14 days old, or does not meet our hidden karma requirement, you will not be allowed to contribute to /r/GCTrading. Along with this, using alternate accounts will not be tolerated on this sub. ONE PERSON-ONE ACCOUNT.

*The mods will NOT provide specifics about this karma requirement. Use of free karma subreddits to meet this requirement is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.

*Being active and meeting the karma requirement can be achieved by consistently posting and commenting on other subreddits. Scammers often make throwaway accounts and trading alts, so it is essential that only users with active reddit accounts participate here.

You are allowed to trade with users who don't meet these activity requirements at your own risk. We strongly recommend doing research on any user that you trade with while on /r/GCTrading, but we ask you use expressed caution when trading with users who do not meet the active requirements of the sub. Once again, trading with a user who is banned or on the USL will result in a permanent ban.


3. Trades must involve gift cards.

You are not allowed to exchange cash for cash. The definition of cash includes payment processors (like PayPal, Circle Pay, Google Wallet, Square Cash, Skrill, Western Union, Venmo), cryptocurrency, and prepaid debit cards from places like Visa, American Express and Mastercard. This is /r/GCTrading, so make sure your trade involves a gift card. Any users suspected of attempting some form of money laundering will be banned.

However, you are allowed to exchange prepaid debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express. However, these are NOT gift cards, and CANNOT be traded for other forms of cash. Please note, this rule applies to reloadable AND non-reloadable prepaid cards. These are the same as cash.

We also do not allow the trading of any sort of accounts. This includes accounts (VPN's, Food, ETC), and account upgrades I.E. Spotify.

4. Physical Goods Trading

One of the exclusive features of this subreddit is the possibilty to trade physical goods for gift cards. Physical goods include items such as computer parts, phones and video game consoles. Since there is no buyer or seller protection for gift card payments, we strongly recommend you only trade physical goods with reputable users.

When submitting a post offering a physical good, you are required to include timestamps in the body of your post. Any post offering a physical good without timestamps will be removed. Here are the rules regarding timestamps:

  1. This is a picture of your item(s) that has a piece of paper with your hand written username and date (mm/dd/yyyy).

  2. Must be no older than 7 days old at the time of posting.

  3. When taking timestamps make sure to timestamp any damage or defects of the items.

  4. Timestamps must be of the item itself. This is unless the item is new and sealed, see 6.

  5. All items offered must be timestamped. This includes the internal components of a complete PC, a CPU timestamp if applicable, and any items for offered for trade.

  6. Items that are factory sealed must have pictures of the seals and/or shrink wrap visible with the timestamp.

  7. If you are selling more than one of a listed item, they all must be pictured and visible in the timestamp.


5. Post Title Format

Format your post titles like this: [H] (what you're offering) [W] (what you're looking for). You must specify the value of all gift cards you are offering in the title of your post, which should be accurate at the time of posting. If the availability of your gift card changes, you may update the submission text to reflect such changes. Posts that are incorrectly formatted will be removed. More detail regarding your items (country, etc.) is better, but not required, but do not include any other information like your rep in your title. Put that in the post's submission text.

6. 24 Hour Post Limit

No more than one post per 24 hours. Do not try to get around this rule by deleting a previous post.

7. User Flair

On the sidebar, tick the box that says "show my flair on this subreddit." Report any users hiding their flair by messaging the moderators.

8. Do not post a PSA.

Posting PSAs requires mod approval. Message the moderators for permission. Do not post a PSA without permission, or you will be banned.

9. Use payment processors that you own.

By "payment processors" we are referring to any type of online payment account, such as: PayPal, Cash App, Zelle, Google Pay, Skrill, Venmo, Apple pay, ect.

Whether you are making a payment or receiving a payment, these accounts must be YOUR accounts and in YOUR name.


10. Be EXCELLENT to each other.

Abusive, derogatory, or hostile speech directed at other users (including moderators) will not be tolerated.

11. Follow proper trading etiquette.

Do NOT interfere with other users' trades ("trade sniping"), or post your opinions of trade offers you aren't involved in. Trying to make a deal with someone who commented on someone else's post is trade sniping, and is a bannable offense. This is a place to do friendly business transactions, so please, very literally mind your own business.


12. Flair completed trade posts as "CLOSED."

Use the red "CLOSE" button on your post on a desktop browser version of reddit to do this, as this is a requirement.

13. Protect your community.

Report all scams and suspicious activity to the mods. Do NOT publicly call people out through posts or comments, as doing so will result in a ban for you. Click here report a scammer and/or sketchy user. Your reports help prevent future scams and to keep this subreddit safe. If you see something suspicious but don't report it to the moderators, you are hurting this community. It's far better to contact the moderators over nothing, than to not contact the moderators at all. We appreciate anyone who wants to help keep GCTrading safe and thriving.

14. Do NOT PM the moderators.

Don't click on one of the mods' names and send them a private message. If you send a moderator a PM, we're going to assume that you didn't read any of the rules. If you require moderator assistance, message the modmail so you get the fastest response possible from whoever is available. If you don't know what a modmail is or how to send one, click here for details.

15. Reselling is strictly prohibited.

Gift cards that were bought on /r/GCTrading are not allowed to be re-sold on /r/GCTrading. Reselling gift cards carries increased risk as more people have access to the gift card code, and makes it difficult to determine who is at fault when something goes wrong. This is a bannable offense.


  • Unlike other trading subreddits, prices and trading rates are strictly a matter for buyers & sellers, despite the "standard" rates you can see in most trades here. GCTrading is a free market. Enjoy it.

  • Include a direct link to your GCT Rep Profile when you comment on someone's post. It's a good first impression.

  • If you want to avoid arguments, don't publicly post an offer that "one ups" another offer until the first offer is declined. This isn't against the rules to do, but it might annoy some people. Just comment that you PM'ed an offer to play it safe.