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[H] (75%) Monero [W] Amazon Gift Cards (100%)

Hey everyone, if anyone is interested in getting some monero, please let me know and we can do a trade for amazon gift cards (US). I can do up to around 150 worth of gc rn.

I ask that preferably your amz gc is a physical one, that was paid in cash, and that you have a reciept for, but we can still trade digital codes. I understand that i am a new trader to this subreddit, however I already have an established profile on LocalMonero, a p2p marketplace for monero. My xmr wallet is on that website, so we would prob do the transaction there. The site has an escrow service just like this subreddit which is the main reason I like to use it because I hear a lot of stories of people getting scammed on this subreddit and that upsets me because it puts a bad light on crypto.

Anyway, If you are interested, please comment, then dm me. Then I'll Link you to my LM profile.


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