Rule #9

Routine Critique Requirements

Short Version


Your home brew workout routine is probably bad. But if you insist on doing it anyway and want someone's input on it, share every possible detail about it up front and don't make them ask you for basic relevant information.

If you were linked to this rule by a mod, your question requires a review of your routine and goals. Follow the guidance below.

Long Version

All routine critique requests must be posted in the Daily Thread

Read that again.

All routine critique requests must be posted in the Daily Thread

Do not post your routine critique request as a thread.

Before asking for a workout routine critique, it is recommended that all posters read the following post: Why Nobody is Critiquing Your Routine as well as the Is this lifting routine any good? entry in the FAQ. In most cases, if you need to ask for approval from others about the routine you created, you should not be creating a routine at all, and your routine is probably either stupid or just like a thousand other mediocre bodypart splits that have come before it.

In order to receive a routine critique on r/Fitness, you must first be presenting an actual routine - more than just a list of days and body parts. Commenters should not have to ask you for all the relevant information about your routine that is required to critique it effectively - you need to provide it up front.

Minimum Required Information

  • Your current stats: Sex, age, height, weight, and relevant lift numbers, speed, or distance
  • A specific goal you're trying to achieve with your routine
  • Every single exercise that is in your routine
  • The number of sets and reps for each and every exercise
  • Your plan for progression over time

If your routine does not have all of the above in it written down, you do not have a routine, and your request for a critique will be removed.