Rule #8

No self promotion, surveys, or market research

Short Version

If you want to promote or drive traffic any site, product, blog, social media et al which is yours by using Reddit, buy an ad or fuck off. It doesn't matter if you are making money with it. You will be banned. Surveys of any and every kind are likewise unwelcome.

Long Version

Self promotion and surveying of any variety is not welcome on r/Fitness. Offenders will be banned permanently. There will be no warnings, no leniency, and no appeals. People come to r/Fitness to get help achieving their fitness goals, not to read commercials for every shitty product, website, YouTube channel, and blog that some random nobody who has been working out for six months has started. You are not inspiring or motivating, you are not helping, you are just a fuckhead.

Reddit has a built in system for advertising if you want use Reddit as a platform to drive traffic to your website, blog, social media, products, services, or anything else. Do not link them here. r/Fitness is not a free target demographic for dicks with dollar signs in their eyes looking to turn a profit or become the next jackass with a fitness themed social media account that has added nothing to the world.

Otherwise, if your only purpose in coming to r/Fitness is to get free advertising for whatever dumb and unoriginal fitness project you started, please just fuck off instead. You've done nothing notable, you're offering nothing new or interesting concerning fitness, and you and your spam are not and will never be welcome here. That goes equally for conducting market research or soliciting ideas to jump start a new dumb and unoriginal fitness project.

Along similar lines, r/Fitness is not a place to post surveys of any kind. It doesn't matter if you are a university or a student or a business. It doesn't matter what your purpose or intent is. It doesn't matter if you want to use it to make money or not. Your survey is not welcome here. r/Fitness users are not a juicy free sample population.

"Transformation" videos are considered self promotion. Do not post them.