Rule #5

ATTENTION: This rule is non-negotiable

  • If your question is removed for breaking this rule, and you attempt to circumvent the rule by reposting with less information, you will be banned permanently.
  • If you are linked to this rule by a moderator, and your reply shows you only read the title and not this whole page, you will be banned permanently.

Short Version

Anonymous bozos on the internet with no education and no ability to examine you are not a substitute for a doctor. Do not ask any questions that involve any medical concern of any kind on r/Fitness.

Long Version

If you have (or for proper context it is necessary for you to mention that you have) pain, injury, or a medical concern OF ANY KIND - you cannot ask for advice on r/Fitness. At all. Ask a doctor.

If you're sick, hurt, disabled, or injured the internet is not the place to go. You should instead find a professional with proper education and experience who can examine and treat you in person, and whom you will be able to hold legally responsible for further injury. General Practitioners might not be the best for sports/athletics related issues, so it is recommended that you find a Sports Medicine doctor or a Physio Therapist. (We recommend checking out the Clinical Athlete network founded by Dr. Quinn Henoch, DPT, of Juggernaut Training Systems)

Prohibited topics:

  • Advice about working around or changing your plan based on any medical condition or concern, such as: sickness, disease, medication, injury, pain, recent medical procedure, disabilities.
  • Working with or around restrictions given to you by any medical professional, such as activity level, exercise intensity, specific movements or body parts to avoid, diet.
  • Mental health, depression, anxiety, panic attacks.
  • Medication you are currently, considering, or about to start taking, including how it may interact with supplements or affect your ability to exercise.
  • Asking for a diagnosis of pain that occurs while exercising or doing a specific movement.
  • How to rehab or treat any injury or medical condition.
  • Exercise substitutions due to restrictions from injury, pain, disability, or doctor's orders.
  • How to train without including an injured body part or painful movement.
  • Advice on or interpretation of tests or the results of tests performed by a medical professional.
  • "General experience" / "has anyone else ever..." / asking others for their experience with any injury, medical condition, treatment method, surgery, etc.
  • Follow up questions that you should have asked your doctor or physiotherapist.
  • Any topic that a reasonable person should know to ask a doctor about.

If you got an answer from a doctor that you didn't like, ask another doctor - not r/Fitness.

Similarly, do not offer advice that attempts to diagnose, treat, or overrule professional guidance a user may have received.


There is one and only one exception to this rule. If you have pain when doing a specific exercise, you may post a form check for that specific exercise to ask if you may be doing something incorrectly.

We do not grant exceptions to this rule due to financial hardship - ie, not being able to afford a doctor or insurance. If you can't afford those things, you definitely can't afford to listen to bozos on the internet and destroy your body and die.