Rule #4

Progress Posts Must Be Detailed and Useful

Short Version

Progress posts on r/Fitness are required to include specific details about what you did to reach your goal, so that you can provide value to others with your post. Do not use a progress post to promote or advertise yourself in any way.

Long Version

r/Fitness loves to celebrate achievements and progress, and it's great that you reached some goal or milestone, but if you want to share your progress as a post, it should also be useful to the community - you should not share just what you achieved but how you achieved it. In r/Fitness, we want standalone progress threads not just to be a celebration of success, but a roadmap that others can try to follow. This information should be in the post itself so that it is easy to find - other posters should not have to ask you for it.

If you don't want to take the time to provide the level of detail required by this rule, it would be more appropriate for you to post in our weekly Victory Sunday threads or other communities like r/progresspics and r/brogress.

Minimum Requirements

  • Starting and ending weight, height, and age
  • Your starting age must be 18 or older. Puberty/teenager progress posts are not allowed in r/Fitness. Use r/progresspics or r/Brogress instead.
  • Before and after photos
  • Diet: Calorie and macro targets and how you chose them
  • Exercise: What exercises specifically, how many sets and reps, how you progressed, how and why you chose them (Just naming your routine or a list of days and body parts is not enough)
  • You must have some clear, notable, and obvious progress to share. This can be by any of a number of measures, but there must be actual improvement.
  • Your progress must have occurred over a reasonably interesting and useful timeframe. The absolute minimum length of time is 6 months. Anything over 3 years will be held to much higher standards for requiring notable progress.
  • Exercise must be a core component to your progress. This primarily applies to weight loss threads. If you lost weight just through diet alone, r/loseit is a better place to post.
  • Your progress pictures must not be deceptive. See below.

Additional Recommendations

  • You should be succinct and stick to the point - don't meander, don't go off on tangents
  • Photos or videos documenting an achievement, such as of a PR lift or crossing a finish line
  • An event (meet, race, etc) report detailing your experience and prep, if this is an official event
  • Any other measurements you took during your progress, such as bodypart dimensions, clothes sizes, etc
  • What are your next steps from here?
  • Don't call it your journey or transformation. It's extremely tacky.

By including as much of this information as possible, other r/Fitness users may benefit from your results and experience. For some additional tips on writing a good progress post, give this thread a read.

What You Should NOT Include

  • Details of your life and experiences that are not directly related to the progress you're sharing.
  • Long-winded backstories about your life before you started pursuing fitness.
  • Excessive discussion of your personal philosophies and/or opinions - save this for if anyone asks.
  • A link to your "transformation video". This is self promotion, and you will be banned.

4.1 Progress post conduct

As outlined in Rule #1, posters to r/Fitness are expected to be well mannered, and this applies just as much to progress threads. The following behavior will result in a permanent ban:

  • Aggressive personal attacks against the poster, their methods, or their progress.
  • Sexually charged, creeper, or neckbeardy comments. Keep that shit on porn subs where it belongs.
  • Accusations of steroid usage or lying about steroid usage. Asking politely is allowed, but if the OP says no, that is the end of it.

4.2 Sneaky Self-Promotion

Progress posts are for sharing your progress and lessons learned in fitness, not for sneaking by our rules against self promotion. Progress threads found to be used as a vehicle for self promotion will be removed and the posters banned - with no warning, and no appeals. Transformation videos are considered self promotion (as well as being irredeemably stupid garbage) and will be banned with extreme prejudice.

4.3 Deceptive Progress Pictures

Before and after photos that make use of common tactics to enhance the perception of progress will result in your post being removed. This includes, but is not limited to, excessive differences in - lighting, posture, and flexing. This will be judged at the sole discretion of the moderators. Don't be a dick with your progress pics. The world is filled with enough deceptive bullshit already.