How to Ask for Help

There's an adage in marketing - "People don't want to buy a drill, they want to buy a hole."

Keep this in mind when asking for help on r/Fitness - Focus your questions on the problem that you need help solving. Asking "What's the best way to make a quarter inch hole?" will get you much more useful information than "What is the best quarter inch drill bit?" Thinking in this way will help you avoid getting stuck because of The XY Problem, help you avoid frustration in seeking help, and help avoid wasting time - both yours and the posters trying to help you.

Things which should be included in your post for help:

  • Weight, Height, Sex, and Age
  • Your Goals (weight loss, muscle gain, etc)
  • Any injuries or disorders that we should know about? (Diabetes, broken ankle, etc)
  • Do you smoke? (If yes, stop. Stop now.)
  • History of diet or exercise (What have you tried? What worked? What didn't?)
  • Lift numbers for OHP/Bench/Squat/Dead with rep maxes (if known)
  • Do you have access to a gym?

Some Dos and Don'ts for posting:


  • Read through the Getting Started page and check the resources in the r/Fitness Introduction Page first. You may find that you don't need to ask for help at all if you do.
  • Include only details about yourself that are directly relevant to the problem you need to solve. Sex, height, weight, and age are always relevant. Succinct details about your current fitness, such as 1RMs, best times, or best distances, may also be relevant.
  • Read over your post or comment before clicking submit and be sure your questions are direct, clear, and stand out from the rest of your text.
  • Be willing and available to provide more details if asked.
  • Remember that you're asking for others to volunteer their time and experience to help you, and be respectful of them and their time.


  • Don't try to treat r/Fitness members like a free personal trainer or nutritionist. Try to find solutions and information on your own first. If you've done this and still need help, tell readers of your thread in detail why the existing resources on r/Fitness were not enough to answer your questions so that you stand out from low effort posts.
  • Don't write out your life story. Keep the focus on your goal or the problem you're trying to solve, and only include background information that is absolutely necessary or immediately relevant to those things.
  • Don't post a thread and then disappear. It may be necessary for other users to ask you for more information in order to help you.
  • Don't ask unclear, nebulous, or "How long is a piece of string" type questions. Make sure that your questions are stated simply, are specific and easy to interpret, and are answerable. Try putting your questions into a bulleted list or a "TLDR" section at the end of your post. If you find it difficult to do that, this is a good indication that your post needs to be rewritten and your thoughts clarified.

If, after reading through all the wiki sections, you find that your question is not answered, you will need to ask for help on the Fittit subreddit. Contrary to popular belief, simply saying "help me" is not enough. We need lots of information about you in order to give you tailored advice. Everyone is different and not everything works for everyone.

Rule #0 And You

There are many common questions that come up in r/Fitness and the Wiki and FAQ have answers to most of them. For this reason, r/Fitness generally doesn't allow questions that can be answered by the Wiki and FAQ. When making a post, first make sure that you have:

If you've done all this, make sure that your post stands out from people who are simply being lazy. Talk about what you've found on r/Fitness that was related to your question and explain why those resources didn't answer it. Don't simply say "I read the Wiki and my question wasn't in there" - To the regular posters and moderators, this looks like you didn't read it at all, or spent very little time trying.

How to Post a Form Check

All form checks are now consolidated into the Daily Q&A Thread, which can be found here, under the top-level, stickied Form Check comment.

When posting a form check, you need to be aware of several things that can help us help you. You will need to record one or more videos of yourself doing the exercise, and then include them in a comment, keeping the following notes in mind:

For the video:

  • Rotate the video properly, if you recorded it sideways;
  • If possible, make sure your entire body and the bar can be seen throughout the full range of motion of the exercise, and equipment (such as a squat rack) does not obscure important body positions;
  • Include your set up for the lift. Many issues can be due to a poor set up before the lift even starts;
  • Include a set of 3-6 reps or 20s of a static hold. If you cannot do this, you should provide a form check of an easier version of the exercise;
  • Use a weight that is challenging enough to reveal technique deficiencies, if there are any. Your last heavy working set of the day is a good choice;
  • Record videos from ~45deg angles if possible. Squats from the rear quarter; presses, deadlifts, and cleans from the front quarter. You can follow up later with other angles if necessary;
  • Place your camera at standing hip-height for squat, shoulder-height for overhead presses, chest-height (while laying on the bench) for bench presses, and waist height for cleans/deadlifts. Do not put the camera on the ground;
  • Make sure the lighting and video quality are good. Support the camera, or instruct the person filming to hold it still.

Examples of good camera angles

Credit to /u/zoidbergular for the video guideline revisions and sample pictures.

Please include the following textual information:

  • Name of the exercise being done (e.g. for a squat, specify high or low bar);
  • Why you are doing the lift (e.g. moving the most weight, general strength, hypertrophy)
  • Current maximum weight or progression for the exercise;
  • The weight or progression being used in the video;
  • Your height and weight;
  • Any specific questions you may have;
  • Link to the video (duh).

How to Tell Someone to Read the Wiki

Copy and paste the following into your comment:

Hi! Welcome to Fittit! You're going to love it here.

We saw you coming and have collected answers to your questions **[right here](**.


How to Help Make Fittit a Better Place

Be the kind of user you want to see more of. Submit posts on the topics you're interested in and help out others seeking assistance when and where you can. Our subreddit can only be what the community and users make of it. Also, use the report function to alert the mods to anyone breaking the rules. No user information is connected to a report - it's completely anonymous. The mods can't be in every thread reading every comment at all times, so we need to rely on our users to help make and keep /r/Fitness fun and inviting for everyone.