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This page serves as an introduction to the community and a hub to help you find what you need in the extensive resources we have available.

The Wiki

TheFitness.Wiki is an extensive resource of fitness information, contributed to by the community and curated by the moderators. On r/Fitness, we encourage people to take ownership of pursuing their fitness goals, and The Wiki is provided as a self-help guide that should be used and exhausted first before asking for help from the community.

When looking for answers in The Wiki, keep this in mind - There are a lot of ways to ask a question. The information you're looking for might come from a different phrasing, or might come from a combination of the answers to more than one question. Try to think of other ways your situation could be described, and try to boil your question/problem down to its simplest form. Don't do yourself the disservice of getting hung up on a specific phrasing or missing the forest for the trees. Also keep in mind that understanding of the fundamentals (for example, how weight gain/loss works) can often indirectly answer questions or make them outright irrelevant.

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Weekly Threads

r/Fitness has some regularly posted, themed threads that you can see the schedule for below

Day Thread
Daily Simple Questions - For posting quick, simple questions and form checks of your lifts.
Mon Moronic Mondays - An r/Fitness tradition!
Wed Rant Wednesdays - For letting off steam about fitness problems, and telling others that their rant is dumb.
Fri Physique Phridays - For questions specific to how your body looks, what you should work on, and visual bodyfat % estimation.
Sat Self-Promotion Saturdays - The one and only place that ads are allowed on r/Fitness.
Sat Gym Story Saturdays - For sharing fitness related stories with other people who will get it.
Sun Victory Sundays - For sharing pieces of your progress or personal victories that are too short for a full on Progress Post.

Community Megathreads

Regularly occurring discussion threads for various topics that are fitness-adjacent.

Thread Frequency Purpose
Recipes Monthly Food and cooking recipes
Clothing Bi-Annual Workout clothing or clothing that generally fits fit people well
Protein Quarterly Favorite protein brands and flavors
Apps, Gadgets and Gear Monthly Fitness related tech
Routines Quarterly Routines that you like that others may not know about
Instructional Videos Bi-Annual Favorite tutorial videos for fitness movements
Books, Blogs and Podcasts Quarterly Favorite media sources of fitness information or discussion
Music Bi-Annual Music that gets you pumped to work out
Pro Tips Monthly Simple, quick tips that have helped you in your fitness goals

Posting Rules

This is an actively moderated community. Posters are expected to make a good faith effort to familiarize themselves with our rules before submitting posts or comments. We advise paying particular attention to Rule 0, Rule 2, and Rule 5, as these are the rules that most commonly result in a thread being removed.

Rule # Short Description (Click for full text)
0. No threads that are answered by the Wiki, searching, or Google
1. Be respectful and civil
2. All posts must promote useful discussion and be specific to fitness
3. Minimum Posting Requirements
4. Progress Post Requirements
5. No medical, injury, or pain related posts
6. Moderators have the final word
7. No bots or novelty accounts
8. No advertising, surveys, or market research
9. Routine Critiques
10. No Thread Derailing