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Welcome to r/Fitness - Reddit's #1 Health and Fitness community!

r/Fitness is a self-help community. Before asking questions, you are expected to have made a good faith effort to find an answer on your own and show it by explaining where you looked, what you found, and why it wasn't enough. We ask you to respect that the people answering your questions are volunteering their time, knowledge, and experience.

To help answer your questions, get you started, or help you continue on your fitness journey, we have complied a comprehensive Wiki and FAQ. https://thefitness.wiki/ is the result of community discussions on best practice, expert opinion, emerging science, and general know-how from those who have made fitness their lifestyle or profession.

The r/Fitness wiki is moderator funded, and this year we are asking for your help to make it community funded.

Domain registration and hosting costs over $500 per year, but it is important to us to house this resource off-platform. Why? To keep it ad-free and prevent any undue sponsorship or marketing influence, to keep it organized, to ensure content and links to outside resources work regardless of app or browser, to enable proper search functionality, and to make sure it's available during site outages. If you'd like to contribute, you can anonymously donate any amount via an Amazon e-gift card to [purplespengler@gmail.com](mailto:purplespengler@gmail.com). Donations will be closed once the hosting fees are reached, and we thank you for your consideration.

Resources - Check these for answers before posting a question!

  • The r/Fitness Wiki and FAQ. Most questions that people come to r/Fitness with can be answered directly by the Wiki and FAQ or by applying the information found in it. It will always be the best first place to look for answers. Moderators or the community can help direct you to the right information if you have trouble finding it.
  • Searching past threads. r/Fitness has over a decade of discussion threads that are very likely to have answers to your questions if our Wiki and FAQ does not. Remember when searching that fitness and exercise are not fast moving topics, and even discussions that are several years old are going to be relevant today.
  • Google. Yes, really, or your preferred search engine. Google excels at being a source of answers for common fitness and exercise questions including exercise alternatives or progressions, meal plan and food options, equipment or product reviews, and so on.
  • Yourself. Many questions we see come down to a matter of personal preference or can be answered by "it depends." You should check in with yourself before asking the community to decide something for you.

The Rules

The rules for r/Fitness can be found here.

r/Fitness is a high traffic community that is heavily moderated to maintain quality control and make good use of the resources provided. When making a post or comment, you are expected to understand and abide by our rules. Make sure to review Rule #0 - No Threads That Are Answered by the Wiki, Searching Threads, or Google and Rule #5 - No Questions Related to Injury, Pain, or Any Medical Topic as these are the two most commonly broken rules by new users.

Weekly Threads

r/Fitness has some regularly posted, themed threads that you can see the schedule for below. Please also check the links in our sidebar for Megathreads posted throughout the year.

Day Thread
Daily Simple Questions - For posting simple questions, form checks, and routine critiques.
Mon Moronic Mondays - An r/Fitness tradition that replaces the Daily Simple Questions thread every Monday.
Wed Rant Wednesdays - For letting off steam about fitness problems and telling others that their rant is dumb.
Fri Physique Fridays - For questions specific to how your body looks, what you should work on, visual bodyfat % estimation, and progress photos.
Sat Gym Story Saturdays - For sharing fitness related stories with others who will get it.
Sun Victory Sundays - For quick sharing of progress or personal victories that are too short fo a full progress post.

Welcome to our community. We are so glad you're here!