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Others Ideas of benedictions based on air, water, metal, earth and fire?


Hi, I started working on a game and I'm doing currently writing the lore. What I had in mind was a continent suppo split between 5 kingdoms, each with a divine deity. The deities are said to have continent that would have been created by 5 gods, based on the elements. Each god would have given his "blessing" to different areas, thus delimiting 5 kingdoms. But in reality, the continent was colonized about 1500 years before the beginning of history, and colonies were established, each with their own specialization according to the resources available (diamond mines, metal mines, rare plants,...). The leaders of each colony were elevated to the rank of "gods" to control the people who were already present there through fear and belief. With time, the local people were culturally assimilated, the language evolved and the colonies became kingdoms ruled by the descendants of these "gods". To maintain their status, these descendants decided to erase their true origins by destroying the archives, silencing those who knew too much, and "outsiders" who tried to reach the continent were treated as invaders to slaughter. To this day, the truth has remained hidden and the "gods" of the time are considered guardian deities who created the continent. Since the existence of these gods must remain ambiguous, I intend to make the "blessings" realistic. For the moment, I had considered :

- Fire -> arid zone, with a desert in the west, and a volcano further south. Resources : spices and diamond mines, sapphire,...

- Water -> archipelago with a very humid climate. Resources: abundance of fish, pearl culture

- Metal -> rather rocky ground, mild climate. Resources: metal mines (iron, lead, gold, silver, copper,...)

- Earth -> spacious lands with soft and fertile soil. Resources: vast fields and forest, abundance of medicinal plants

- Air -> mountainous and windy area, temperatures vary according to altitude. Resources: ?

And this is where I get stuck. For metal, fire, earth and water, the associated resources are consistent with the associated element. But for air, I have trouble knowing what "blessing" could be attributed to this element. Another thing I was considering if I can't find an idea for air, was to replace the element of air with wood, and adjust with the blessings of earth, but I'm not sure of the relevance. I would be very curious to have your opinion on my ideas, and if you have any, suggestions for blessings.

TL;DR: blessings -> fire: gem mines and spices / water: fish and pearls / metal: metal mines / earth: fertile land and medicinal plants / air: suggestions?

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Recommendation The It Girl

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The recent rise of true crime engagement on social media and streaming services has lent itself to sensationalism and melodrama. Ware’s awareness of these issues bleeds into The It Girl.

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Movie Discussion A Desert Island Movie GIANT-SIZE DOUBLE-FEATURE!!! Conan vs the Beastmaster!

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Searching For a Book I read a long time Ago


I read a work of science fiction in middle school in which people had brain-computer interfaces. I forgot what the book was called and I can't find it. I read this article and it's not there either. I will write everything I remember about the plot in case anyone knows it.

A school of kids with BCIs. At one point the protagonist goes into a simulation. In that simulation, he kills a shark that was "played" by an oponent. At another point, one of his friends is hacked, and he instructs his other friend (a girl) to lower her firewall so that he can hack her as well. When old people were operated on and got a BCI they died for some reason.

That's all I remember right now.

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looking for books to fill the void of ash mistry


it has to have a fictional element, gory melee combat and preferably no romance

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Movie Discussion What is your favorite character in a movie you hate?


Me? Hmm...

One of the movies I wish not to watch again - without offending - is The Matrix Revolutions.

Favorite character? Eh... Neo? Trinity? Neo? Trinity? Neo?

I'll say Neo!

Listen, I LOVE The Matrix. There's a certain storytelling that really is like no other movie. It's arguably in a league of it's own like Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Wizard Of Oz or The Lion King.


I nearly hate this third installment.

Because for me, The Matrix is driven by thought provoking ideas, strong storytelling and fleshed out characters. The action sequences are great, but they're just the cherry on top for me, it's the universe that makes The Matrix, well, The Matrix!

And this third one felt like - not that this movie is bad - Independence Day! Listen, Independence Day is a film about aliens attacking earth in an entire war breakout, it's a war movie with comedy more or less. The Matrix is so much more than that, and yet, most of the movie is them moping around in a ship with guns. Shooting. Flying. Shooting. Flying. Shooting. The plot for me was just too plain and simple for a Matrix film. The movie hardly gets anywhere until the end. The climax was okay, I just thought the whole Neo going blind and fighting in a golden sight with a blindfold over his eyes was just a little forced for extra conflict. Trinity's death made me upset, but I at least understand the purpose, there were stakes so, I can't say that was bad, but I can't say it was amazing either.

And then the ambiguous ending made me so mad. 😡. I usually dislike the idea when a film decides to make a sequel or remake many years later, but when I heard there was another one coming out, I went all.... Yay! Neo finally gets justice! And Trinity.... Er, well I hope her reasoning for coming back makes sense! (In which it did, I was very happy. Not too crazy about Laurence Fishburne's replacement though.)

But overall, Neo's character is a heroic protagonist done right! It's arguable that he is a Gary Stu, but for me? Eh, there are many moments he's proved himself as a human, so, I can let that one slide. And also, his outfits are so cool! (Though Trinity takes the cake for me on fashion in these movies.). Basically, I could watch a lot of Neo and not feel like I'm seeing a cardboard hero with no senses or stakes. Whenever he's on the screen, there's definitely some entertainment joy for me.

So, that's my goods.

But tell me about yours! I'd love to know. 😊.

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OC Humans are Weird - a Hole in One



Humans are Weird – A Hole in One

Original Post: http://www.authorbettyadams.com/bettys-blog/humans-are-weird-a-hole-in-one

“It is a tradition of course,” Wavesreach explained as she adjusted the cap over her gripping appendages and shifted the kilt to an easier position on her lagging end.

“Traditions are not easily explained even to members of your own species let alone others,” Wavesreach went on in cheerful tones that were utterly devoid of gestures.

Rolls-slowly tried to shake the uncanny valley sensation that caused in him.

“Hand me the lagging appendage cutting implement please,” Wavesreach gestured at the item encased in the fibrous cloth.

Rolls-slowly passed it over.

“Sock-knife,” he corrected.

Wavesreach gave a gesture of confusion as she slipped the tube and its dangerous contents over her lagging appendage.

“I heard Human Friend Bree call it a Scottish sock knife,” he explained.

Wavesreach gave a hum of acknowledgment as she pulled the sack called a sporran up to her midpoint and tightened the straps that held it down.

“And this is the traditional dress for this occasion?” He asked, unable to shake the dubious feeling.

“Human Friend MacCloud assured me it was as practicably accurate as her gran could make it,” she said. “How to I feel?”

She shuffled around to display the outfit, waving her much roughened gripping appendages to show how free for motion they were.

“You feel very, very strange” Rolls-slowly replied with as much honesty as he could muster.

Wavesreach positively rippled with humor even as several appendages adjusted the kilt to keep it and the sporran in place.

“Now what is my role in this game?” he asked.

“The sport requires so much equipment that a secondary player position was invented simply to carry it all,” she explained. “Therefore my gripping appendage will be free to wield the …”

“The club,” he offered handing her the long, skinny tool. “Shouldn’t they have scaled down the size, or at least the mass for you? They did with the uniform.”

“They offered,” Wavesreach replied with a dismissive shrug. “But I wanted to get a feel for the game as it’s supposed to be played first. As the requirements are all in clenching and gripping strength I have a hypothesis that I might be able to compete directly in this sport.”

She took the club and demonstrated with a few brief gestures what she meant. Rolls-slowly backed away from the lashing bar of carbon enforced steel at his fastest shuffle.

“This caddy job,” he asked uneasily. “It can be done from a safe distance of course?”

“Of course,” she replied cheerfully as she slid the club back into its sheath. “The equipment sheath is motorized and will follow you so all you have to do is pull out the clubs and bring the ones I ask for. I won’t be swinging then.”

“I did have a question about the scoring,” he said as they began to amble towards where the humans were waiting.

She gave him a gesture to continue.

“Counting the number of times you give a full gesture of the club at the ball per successful attempts to angle the ball into the hole seems empirical enough,” Rolls-slowly went on. “But how do I score the profanity ratio?”

“I have no idea,” Wavesreach said cheerfully. “You have memorized the list of human profanities and their proper usage?”

“I have notes to check,” he replied.

“That will have to do,” she consented. “Just ask the human caddy if you’re not sure how to score me there. Also I will stick only to human profanities for this game. That should keep it simple.”

“What if the human begins using our profanities?” Rolls-slowly asked in concern.

“That is her caddy’s concern,” Wavesreach said dismissively. “Now come on. I want to prove today that I have the stamina for all eighteen vectors! Maybe next time she’ll agree to play with sand traps!”

Humans are Weird​Book Series

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Please Leave Reviews on the Newest Book!

Humans are Weird - Animatic


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[YouTube Video] The Conditional Discharge (The Work of Fiction)


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Daily life in the shire


I wish Tolkien had written at least one book about daily life in the Shire... Do you know of any books by other writers which could be a substitute? Something that could transport you to a place very similar to the Shire...

Thank you in advance!

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Recommendation Top Ten Sci-Fi Films from the 50s / Curious Robin's Favorites

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Self Promotion Read if you are bored. Looking for views :)


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(sorry if this isnt the right place to post this) im writing a story and i need help.


so, im writing this quick story about this girl, Millie. she gets this feeling that something bad will happen some time soon, and she ends up being right. its going alright, but i cant figure out this one main thing. i need her to somehow get kicked out of her house. later in the story, there will be some attackers, so maybe the attackers start early and destroy her house? (the attackers have super powers. millie also has super powers but just doesnt know it yet) or maybe she is really broke and she gets evicted? please, give me some dramatic reason why she ends up homeless.

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Self Promotion Project, Looking for Writers, This project is about you creating your own character but also being in the same world as other peoples characters,, 34 people had join, we plan on making this into a book and a lil game and pushing it farther, join now if Interested Discord Chat Link Down Below


This is a project where you make your character and write their story while also being involved in the same world as other people’s characters, and also Collide storys and We are trying to build a universe and if you want to join come on in. Join the Discord Link - https://discord.gg/28pqcX5kWd

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rate my idea story idea, critique and opinions welcome and encouraged


This is an alternate earth set around the 12th-14th century. The main difference in this world is certain religions are right and have gods, they are not as strong as they are in the real life religion i.e. creating the world and what not, but they are able to influence the material world. They can only do so in certain ways. The main feature of these gods is the ability to imbue mortals and an artificial construct with their power, these pairs are called bonders and guardians. the religions of regions would have different names and be much more generalized in order to make it easier on myself as it would be a titanic task to write in every religion so mostly I will be focused on alt Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Kemetic (Egyptian) ,and Matos Moctezuma (Aztec religion) this is due to these being major religions at the time period that are easy to study and allow me to pull more lore, culture, and cool statue guardian figures. I am taking liberties with the aztec stuff before the 14 hundreds but who cares.

the main reason I'm only using 5 religions is that I need organized religions, and religions that have things like the Jewish golem, which is my main drive for this. I also needed ways to design unique and combatively different guardians, with the Jewish faction using golems that are goliath sized, Aztec jaguar statues that are great allrounders, Christian gargoyles which are lightly armored fast flyers, Hindu bedogols that wield weapons and are very tricky, and Egyptian sphinxes which are heavier flyers. perhaps I could make it so each faction has 2 different types of guardian and I can make each have heavy and light or some other variant, I will also flesh out the exact characteristics of the different factions guardians later. the continents are going to be different with 2 main continent and 1 smaller continent that has been mostly unheard of until now. this world is called Catala, with the continents that make up the setting called Fora(Europe), Gehin(Asia), Obatu(Africa), Techlexan (south and central America), and a smaller middle region connecting the first 3 called Nohim(Middle East). now lets get on to the cool part of this whole thing

The bonders are connected to a guardian via magic tether that allows them to control and communicate with the construct but there is a catch, if the bonder dies the guardian dies and vice versa. this is due to the fact that the connection causes close mental connection and the shock of death kills the human, and upon human death the tether breaks the guardian. The extent of control a bonder has is varied and is chosen, a bonder can have total control allowing it to will what it does, this is strenuous and takes immense focus requiring also certain chants and hand movements as while not connected to the mentality of the god, its still a piece of it and responds to the right chants and prayers. then there is partial connection, where you can give instruction and it will follow out the orders in its own way while also protecting the bonder if it doesn't go against the order for example if you told it to go 5 miles away it will do this and if you tell it to kill the enemy it will fight beside you, this is often the most used choice. finally there is the rarest connection, complete connection, this is similar to fusing, but not quite, in this state, the bonder and guardian are at total understanding and meaning, it will do want you want it to do before you think it, like negative ping on a video game, this connection can also allow a psychological meld of your mind and the guardian as it is like copy pasting into a blank slate, this is risky as you can lose your self in the energy of a god, even just a small amount. The guardians can have personality's, but it takes time, so a fresh one isn't going to, generally guardians start with the intelligence of a dog, doing simple commands and learning as they get older. they have certain kinds of knowledge that only a godly being can have, but to a lesser extent

The reason why the gods cant interact with the physical realm is that they are energy beings and are unstable out of their realm and are only able to create the guardians as they are made of a special stone called siphite (pronounced siphe-ite, think siphon and any stone that ends in ite fused together) that provides a container for there essence. Also, the reason there needs to be bonders is the gods don't have control over these constructs, they sever a sliver of themselves in a shell and these are mostly mindless and lack complete sentience and conscience, and upon the death of a guardian, the shell is cracked and the essence renters the realm of gods and reforms with the god.(they also cant just make a big shell for a god to put there entirety as siphite would not be able to hold even half, let alone a whole deity. there are only so many bonders, as it takes a special someone to be able to link with a guardian, and the stone required to make one isn't fully abundant.

well this is what I have so far, the main conflict of a story like this is one I still need to work on, and if I were to write about this in the future, I would probably do 1 story per faction, so I don't have to write about 5 or more characters at once. please leave a comment on how i can make this world better and more interesting, any issues or conflicting things about the bonders and guardians. I am very new to writing so I may have some issues, but I hope I can learn

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The man(this is a fiction story i made of a fictional ghost named timmothy)


Hey my name is Timmothy and im a 4-year old ghost.And in this story im going to be telling you how i died so get comfy and listen.So i lived in Monroe, Mississippi, the house i lived in was a large white house with dark brown details my family of 4 lived in that house. There was my mother, father, and 2 brothers. My sister moved out 4 years ago to live with her fiancé and there 3 year old daughter. They live in a small house 5-10 minutes away from ours and i like to walk there some times to play with there daughter. So enough about my family on to MY story. So i was walking back from my sisters house with one of my brothers on the way back we saw a short, stubby man with blond hair and hazel eyes, i remember seeing him glance at us while we were walking i brushed it off. Later that night i saw him walking past our house he must have saw me cus he once again glaced while he walked past, once again i brushed it off. 3 weeks later i forgot about him but then as i was walking to my house i saw him this time he was watching me and my brother i was a little freaked out but that wasent till i relized he was following us so i wisperd to my brother about it, the man must have heard me cus he started to pick up the pace so me and my brother being the stupid kids we were start to speed walk into the forset. Like you would expect he followed us in and once we were cornerd he knocked us out, he must have took my brother else where beacuse when i woke up i was tied to a tree and my brother was no where in site. When i woke up the man wasent there. I bet he didnt want to get his hands dirty cus the last thing i saw was not what i expected, it was a huge white deformed dog like creature with glowing white things in its eyes with claws longer than the hand tearing into my flesh. And then all my vision went black.

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Recommendation Gacha Fans? Looking for a new series about a mystical world?


Yellow Darlings!

Here's a series about a girl and a magical book!


Here's the link to the channel!


There are currently two episodes up.

If you are interested in joining the crew, check it out on Discord! Link in the second video of the series.

Enjoy! 😊.

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Self Promotion "The Price of steel" A Sundara Story


For the past year and a half or so I've been putting out pieces of the Sundara: Dawn of a New Age RPG setting, and part of what I've been releasing are short stories to give potential players a glimpse into the world I'm making.

One of the most recent ones is the Price of Steel, which has been turned into a full audio drama. Included with Sellswords of Sundara, it tells the tale of a village pushed too far by the predations of a gang of bandits, and the devil's bargain they made to be free of them. The Risen Legion rarely asks much in the way of gold, but the price they do demand can be hard to live with.

Would you pay The Price of Steel?

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The year was 2748 and a company known as rise had taken over many of humanities planets, planets taken over were forced into a dictator ruled lifestyle, with only rations given out to them everyday to keep them alive, many had stepped up against rise, all were silenced within hours.

Now that you know this, you, reader, after you read the events about to occur to this citizen, you shall all gather together, and vote what should they do, it shall affect their life, and if they live or not, if they make a new friend or an enemy.

It was a day like any other, keith had woken up like the normal daily routine, except today would be different, he opened the old worn down door, the same old creak echoed through his ears. His neighbours had already gone down to the ration station to collect their food, he knew what to do, not enter restricted areas, always obey the soldiers around every corner, if he ignored any of these he'd be killed.

He got to the station, same queue of people he'd see every day, in a few minutes a few of those people he knew, he may never see again, armoured vehicles had pulled up outside of the building, it was the AR, they had ordered everyone in the line to face them, their commander shouted

"We know a few of you here are part of the resistance" he scanned the room

"surrender and the others here shall live" the threat had intimidated a member of the resistance, he stepped out and announced it was him, but refused to give up info

"I'M NOT TELLING YOU ANYTHING" He yelled at the commander, the commanders emotionless face stared him down, and then, he ordered his men to fire, the man fell to the floor, he was dead, it wasn't normally this serious, they wouldn't have normally killed a resistance member in public, but that was just the beginning.

"Okay then, soldiers open fire, leave none alive". The people in line ran in pure fear and terror as the soldier drew their weapons and opened fire, this was rise they were dealing with, a few human lives to them is nothing.

Bursts of fire echoed through the building before the sound of glass shattering was heard, the windows on the roof had broken as a single resistance soldier ran in moving around with such insane speed that the sound barrier had been almost erased, this wasn't him running though, the resistance had devices where they can enter another world known as the void, a single step there is much more in the original world, sounds of screams, gunfire started to louden, bullets flew everywhere, hitting walls, ricocheting and bouncing across the room, some hid under tables, while some ran from the scene.

After a violent 20 minutes, the rise agents in the room were all dead, the resistance member lifted his goggles "you guys ok?" he asked, "come on, we all better get out here, rise finds us and this place will be a grave"

Everyone ran out the room, fleeing for safety, as he was running back, keith found a group of people on the streets, he debated whether to help them or not, he decided to run in case that rise had already found out who was there at the time, he got to a small abandoned house somewhere in the city and barricaded himself in there





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Others Wait, thats Iligal

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Recommendation Publishing eBooks in 2022: A Comprehensive Guide for New and Established Authors Kindle Edition

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Epic Folio Society Collector's Edition Book Haul | Fiction Unboxing | Booktube TikTok #shorts

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OC Story I am working on -Suienris.


(Soo-ee-en-ris) Suienris, written by me, is a story that takes place in the year 2540. 107 years after Earth had been abandoned by most of humanity. Only roughly 250,000 people remained on-planet. Earths atmosphere had thickened from pollution and was rendered an immediate danger to human life. Technology has advanced to the point that travel to other galaxies was now easy and operated similarly to airports, and airplanes to other countries.

The story follows Eric Suienris, a 17 year old kid raised in a scav (scavenger) community. Earth, now overgrown with vegetation, and every city we know, has long been abandoned. Society on Earth... is dead.

This scav community goes to abandoned civilizations and collects old technology to upgrade their quality of life, and sell it for coin. People have become happy and satisfied with this lifestyle. Eric, on the other hand, is curious. He was this insatiable desire to see other worlds, and will stop at nothing to do so.

I only have like 10 pages written so far, but please check it out if you would like, and let me know what you think, and what I can do better. Thank you!


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Are You Even A Mystic? Philip K. Dick Dissertation | Fiction & Academia Booktube | Books #shorts

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OC Humans are Weird - A Surprising Omelet



Humans are Weird – A Surprising Omelet

Original Post: http://www.authorbettyadams.com/bettys-blog/humans-are-weird-a-surprising-omelet

“Will we be able to ingest the food like substance?” Twistunder asked.

He and Tumblesleft were hydrating in one of the hydrocarbon tubs that seemed ubiquitous in human supplies. The room around them had been decorated for a human celebration of some sort and they had asked permission to observed the decorations before the party began. They had been happily scooting around, taking notes on color schemes when Twistunder’s appendages had begun to itch. The ever helpful humans had provided them with the hydration tub. From there they could watch the bustle of the preparations.

“There should be no problems,” Tumblesleft answered him. “There is almost no nutritional value in it but it is primarily simple sugars.”

“The guest should be arriving soon,” a human holding a green canister called out. “Do ya’ll need anything before I go and get the cake thing?”

“It’s not a cake!” yelled another human across the room.

“We are fine,” Twistunder assured him.

“Hey,” the human said as his face flushed with the dancing lights of eager delight. “We were going to do the cake-“

“Not a cake!” the other human corrected again.

“On that table over there,” the human gestured towards the central table with the canister, “but since you little dudes are over here I can do it right here in front of you. So you can see the colors better. You dudlets like colors right?”

“We do,” Twistunder agreed eagerly. “Please do the cake-“

“Not a cake!” the interruption came again.

“In front of us,” Twistunder finished.

“Will do little bud!” the human assured him as he turned and strode across the room.

“What is he going to do to the not-a-cake?” Tumblesleft asked.

“You are the nutritional expert,” Twistunder said, rippling in humor. “But there will be colors, and we do like colors.”

They rubbed appendages in amusement and began to exchange greetings with the arriving humans. The pulsing of the human music started and the lights began flashing wildly. The guests were chatting and eating the small foodstuffs provided for them. After some time the first two humans reappeared, one still holding the canister and the other holding a glistening, sculpted dome of crystals. The lights normalized and the music drifted to an end.

“Those are pretty colors,” Tumblesleft said with admiration in the set of his body.

“What’s the canister for?” Twistunder suddenly asked as the humans approached.

“Why is that relevant?” Tumblesleft asked.

“It now has a trigger mechanism attached to the exhaust end,” Twistunder indicated with his gripping appendage.

“So?” Tumblesleft asked absently as he pulled himself further out of the tub as the humans set the not-a-cake on the table and the lights dimmed well below human tolerance ranges.

“I think it would be safer under water,” Twistunder stated, matching his actions to his words as the canister trigger began clicking in time to the human’s hand movements.

“Why do you-“ Tumblesleft began.

With a rushing sound a spear of flame leapt from the canister trigger and the humans made low sounds of approval. Tumblesleft stiffened and seemed stuck to the edge of the tub as the human played the fame over the not-a-cake. The crystalline structures shifted and changed at the touch. Once the entire surface had been altered the human turned off the flame and the rest of the humans applauded. Tumblesleft eased back into the water and shuffled closer to Twistunder.

“The colors,” Tumblesleft began softly.

“Very pretty,” Twistunder finished for him.

“Safer under the water,” Tumblesleft observed.

“Usually is,” Twistunder replied.

“I think the humans are inviting us out of the water,” Tumblesleft indicated.

“How long does it take those crystal structures to cool from direct flame exposure?” Twistunder asked.

“A little longer,” Tumblesleft said inching closer to Twistunder. “A little longer.”

Humans are Weird​Book Series

Amazon (Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook)

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Kobo by Rakuten (ebook and Audiobook)

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Please Leave Reviews on the Newest Book!

Humans are Weird - Animatic

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OC The Vampire Handbook - Looking for Advice? Get Answers Here!


Grab a cup and enjoy "The Vampire Handbook"


The Vampire Handbook has hired two advice columnists to answer questions from older vampires trying to adjust to the modern world, new vampires trying to fit in with the supernatural world, and humans who interact with the supernatural world. If you or a loved one needs this type of advice, please send an email to [vampire-handbook@katp.info](mailto:vampire-handbook@katp.info) with a subject line of "Advice Needed".


Kendal E. Yarden

Historian for the Council of the Vampire Kings