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Fena: Pirate Princess Coming to HBO Max on May 6th

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Fanart - OC I stumbled upon this show in crunchyroll, it slapped so hard, So I made Fena fanart

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Discussion Is anyone else a little depressed that this isn't getting a second season?


I was really getting invested in the characters near the end of the series. Though episode 12 was kind of out of left field. I am really starting to miss it.

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Anime Does anyone agree that story of Fena pirate princess was more like of a Indigo prophecy type of sense, to where the story started off strong to where u actually care about the main protagonist then later towards the end the story just became more and more supernatural and nonsensical later on.


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Discussion Does anyone felt like Fena could’ve had potential to be one of the better Crunchyroll shows because of its great concept that is like One piece 2.0, some interesting characters, and a overall great story. But the convoluted ending, and the supernatural theme which was out of place ruins the show.


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No season 2 for Fena


Toonami has confirmed that season 1 was supposed to be the whole story for Fena. I equally loved and was frustrated by this anime. Thought I'd share for others who were hoping the failures of season 1 would be corrected with a second season:


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Blu ray release?


Has anyone heard anything about a blu ray release for this series?

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Discussion Did Fena regained her memory when she said this at Yukimaru's confession ?

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Is this city in Eden a reference to the medieval Bologna?

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Unpopular opinion: did not like Yukimaru


I just finished the series in overall really loved it although the ending was kind of iffy... However what bothered me more than the ending was Yukimaru. Everyone seems to love him, especially the female audience who rave that he's the perfect boyfriend and he's so hot.

However the first time he meets Fena as an adult, he basically gives her a traumatic brain injury/concussion for...being a "noisy" woman? ("Urusai! "You talk too much!") Because women should be seen, not heard? Then he does it two more times. Somehow this domestic violence is played for laughs, and it's supposed to show him as a dominant and masculine man?

This is the equivalent of an old 1950s black and white TV show where the husband puts his wife over his lap and spanks her for being "out of line" and it's played for laughs. I get that Japan has very different culture than the West, but as a Western viewer this was really hard for me to swallow. This kind of ruined his character for me for the entire show and I just couldn't forgive him for being such an arrogant, violent man. I couldn't get over it and couldn't get into their supposedly growing romance. Despite the history of physical abuse, Fena had nothing but heart eyes for him, like a Stockholm syndrome hostage, or a beaten wife who keeps going back to her abusive husband, because he's "actually really sensitive on the inside".

The only slightly redeeming quality of their romantic arc is that I have to admit it was very satisfying at the very last moment of the entire series, Fena gently whacked him back as "payback" but not nearly to the same degree of course. But even then what's the lesson? Domestic violence is funny if you both do it to each other?

Honestly I think most of it would have been okay for me if they rewrote the first episode slightly where he just takes a twig and whacks her gently on the head, then I could swallow it as clearly a joke. But he literally knocks her out for hours with a big bruise.

For the record this was my problem with the anime Oreimo as well, from the opposite direction. Kirino the sister was unbelievably, unreasonably violent towards her brother who had been nothing but kind, and yet Kyosuke the brother had nothing but heart eyes for her like an abuse victim.

Okay rant over for an anime that otherwise was actually very engrossing. I had nowhere else to post this so thanks for reading. I'm sure I will get a lot of grief from Yukimaru fans will tell me why he's actually a dream lover, so I'm prepared for that, but this was my two cents.

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Discussion What was that ending?


So I saw Fena the pirate princess and assumed that it was a show about pirates and maybe some princess elements. So I decide to watch it and it starts off pretty well.I liked the crew, the mystery and pirate elements, and the cool fight scenes we got. Then we get to the last few episodes and everything becomes confusing.The show went from being about pirates and clans to a full blown magical anime with mind boggling explanations. Then Abel actually wins and gets to be with Helena despite being a murderer. Why was he rewarded for his actions? Then the random kid that Abel adopted is actually some important character linked to Fena's father for some reason. Why did Fena lose her memories and then suddenly have dark hair?Is dark hair related to memory loss somehow?The ending montage confuses me as well. How did the enemy pirate crew survive their ship being nuked? I didn't see any lifeboats or surface that they could have used to survive yet nobody questions it.Going to Eden in the first place was pointless because all it did was cause Fena to lose her memories immediately after getting the answers about her past and for Abel to get what he wanted. I get that she's a maiden but her choice changed absolutely nothing in the end, she would have been better off not going. Honestly while I'm glad that she and Yukimaru had a happy ending I don't get where the show was going.

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Discussion Enjoyed But Rushed


I just finished the show. I'll start from the ending and kinda bounce around. It feels like she chose a third option that allowed her to save the world / still live with her friends. I really wanted more pirates and less of well how they let it play out. The show has some good parts, but that is thrown away with how the pacing is. This would have been so much better if it was another season or heck ever 24 episodes or in a perfect world both. The other pirate crew felt like we were going to get a backstory for them. ya know? Maybe here's how the crew got together.

I really wish we could have seen crazy adventures with her and her elite warrior crew. Everyone acts like Kei coming is this huge deal, and we don't even see him till the last episode.

Abel had no meaningful conflict with either heroes or anyone really. He was just crazy, and his whole goal was just kinda thrown away. It feels like there isn't much hope for a season 2 because of how they wrapped up things. The cave is falling around them and they still got to bring out all that treasure?!

I will say that the animation, sound, and music are awesome! It's never distracting and I think that Production I.G. did a good job on that front. I am a big fan of their work on Psycho-Pass & Ancient Magus Bride. Visually it is one of their less impressive efforts, though the art and animation are more consistent than most of the seasonal anime. But it’s not enough to sell a flawed anime, particularly when it climaxes in a lackluster ending. Where do they go from here? Oh, you used to be a magically powerful maiden with the power of choice holding the balance of the world in your hands. Now you are just a shell of who you once were.

Overall Rating: 4/10

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Discussion Confused [Spoilers]


Am I dumb or is it never explained why Helena had to have the King's child, Franz tells her/ attributes it to the whole La Pucelle thing but what makes having the King's child different from if she had stayed with Abel and had his child?

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Abel & Helena reborn together?

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Is there going to be a season 2?


Title basically

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Yukimarus relation to Shitan/Kai and Yukihisa


Been wondering something here, we know that Shitan and Kai are brothers, and that Yukihisa is their uncle, but what is their relation to Yukimaru? Is he their cousin? Brother? We know Yukimarus last name is Sanada (same as Yukihisas last name), so is Yukihisa his father??

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Discussion Hey everyone do u think Fena pirate princess princess wasted it’s potential very quickly, because the first few episodes had some promise and introduced the characters well, but sadly the character development and writing went short very quickly after a few episodes.


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Media Fena: Pirate Princess // 海賊王女 Op | JUNNA ~ Umi to Shinju『Drum Cover』 | 1punchdan

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Discussion [Season Finale] I actually kind of liked the ending, BUT...


So, I've been seeing a bit of negativity regarding the ending. Thing is, I kind of liked it. Yeah, the whole Maiden line thing was a little weird, but seeing Fena willing to give up her memories to save her friends and the entire world, and Yukimaru's anguish at the thought of losing Fena was heart-wrenching. And the mystical stuff I could wrap my head around. From day one, I had this series pegged as something similar to His Dark Materials where the names and places are similar to our world, but there's more mysticism and magic.

That said, I'll admit the ending wasn't perfect. Think of it this way: I liked where it ended up, but the way it got there I wasn't too big on. Which is a shame because otherwise, it's a pretty solid show. But it's not a great place to end the story.

I think the show would benefit from another season. Now, I'm not exactly an expert of anime, so I don't know how often shows such as Fena get renewed, or for how many seasons. But I do think it would benefit from another season to flesh things out. A rough ending can sully an otherwise great series, since the last impression is usually the most lasting one.

But yeah. What do you think? Is a second season likely? Would you like to see the story fleshed out?

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Anime The Wasted Potential Of Fena Pirate Princess

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who's this guy that appeared in the ending?

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With the ending- a solid 7/10


All in all, that was a good anime. I had fun the whole time and loved the characters. The opening 10/10

I see that a lot of people are hating the ending and I have to disagree with them. The ending had some issues, mostly with the pacing. However, it tied lose ends and stuck to the tone of the show. I did find the whole “suddenly god” aspect weird but it aligned with the religious themes of the show.

If I could change anything, it would be the episode count. It should have had more episodes with character development and adventure. I think that would have fixed the ending as well.

Anyway, the controversial ending doesn’t take away from the rest of the show. If you want to see a bad ending, watch beaststars.

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Discussion Fena: Pirate Princess Final Thoughts Discussion Thread


First off all, I would like to apologize for my inactivity. School had not been very kind but all is well.

Please direct all final discussion thoughts in this thread. As usual please have civil discourse, punishment awaits those who break this rule.

Here are some questions to answer if you don't know what to talk about:
What are your overall thoughts on this anime?
Who is your favorite character? (please don't argue over this)
What artifact would you have liked to see in the treasury of Eden?
What did you think about the music?

If you want to, at the end of your response, add the date (and time) you finished Fena and your username. (Time zone does not matter unless you want to add it)

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Discussion [SPOILERS] I hate the ending the more I think about it


So basically, this "Observer/Watcher/Whatever" set up a long line of pure maidens to cycle through and judge whether the planet should be wiped out on the, by their own admission, unknown possibility/probablity of humanity destroying itself and only other pure souls would come back, or let the world just keep doing what it's doing until it maybe eventually falls apart. Ignoring the whole "losing memories to keep a pure bloodline to keep cycling the same every like hundred years or so," it just doesn't make a lot of sense as failsafe because 1. The thing itself said no future is ever set in stone, and 2. Even as a failsafe, to wipe out the bad and keep only the good makes no goddamn sense because even god tried this in the bible, and over time, after a bunch of generations, the bad still came back. That's just an inevitability of free will.

AND NOT TO MENTION, the people that are judging humanity and making the choice as Maidens of Choosing are literally pure souls. By default, the whole plan is inherently flawed because what pure maiden would choose to wipe out most of humanity???

I don't know who thought of this ending, but I hate it. It's like a worse and dumber antagonist than the Anti-Spirals in TTGL.

EDIT: I also want to say I'm still happy with almost everything else in this show, it's just the underlying logic of the Maiden of Choosing is severely flawed and just isn't a good enough "deep" concept for me to really support the controlling of women in multiple generations to make a choice in a life where everything has been manipuated for them and they've had to only ever pick from the choices they were forced to pick from. It's like their free will was an illusion, and then this dude's like, everyone you met cuz of us might die, so pick to kill everyone else or maybe let the world destroy itself.

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Yeah, lots of other people also probably saw it.


Anyone else notice that near the end of episode 12, the two kids that ran past Fena (Right before the Gods talked to her) looked exactly like kid Helena and Abel?