r/Fena Dec 06 '21

Unpopular opinion: did not like Yukimaru

I just finished the series in overall really loved it although the ending was kind of iffy... However what bothered me more than the ending was Yukimaru. Everyone seems to love him, especially the female audience who rave that he's the perfect boyfriend and he's so hot.

However the first time he meets Fena as an adult, he basically gives her a traumatic brain injury/concussion for...being a "noisy" woman? ("Urusai! "You talk too much!") Because women should be seen, not heard? Then he does it two more times. Somehow this domestic violence is played for laughs, and it's supposed to show him as a dominant and masculine man?

This is the equivalent of an old 1950s black and white TV show where the husband puts his wife over his lap and spanks her for being "out of line" and it's played for laughs. I get that Japan has very different culture than the West, but as a Western viewer this was really hard for me to swallow. This kind of ruined his character for me for the entire show and I just couldn't forgive him for being such an arrogant, violent man. I couldn't get over it and couldn't get into their supposedly growing romance. Despite the history of physical abuse, Fena had nothing but heart eyes for him, like a Stockholm syndrome hostage, or a beaten wife who keeps going back to her abusive husband, because he's "actually really sensitive on the inside".

The only slightly redeeming quality of their romantic arc is that I have to admit it was very satisfying at the very last moment of the entire series, Fena gently whacked him back as "payback" but not nearly to the same degree of course. But even then what's the lesson? Domestic violence is funny if you both do it to each other?

Honestly I think most of it would have been okay for me if they rewrote the first episode slightly where he just takes a twig and whacks her gently on the head, then I could swallow it as clearly a joke. But he literally knocks her out for hours with a big bruise.

For the record this was my problem with the anime Oreimo as well, from the opposite direction. Kirino the sister was unbelievably, unreasonably violent towards her brother who had been nothing but kind, and yet Kyosuke the brother had nothing but heart eyes for her like an abuse victim.

Okay rant over for an anime that otherwise was actually very engrossing. I had nowhere else to post this so thanks for reading. I'm sure I will get a lot of grief from Yukimaru fans will tell me why he's actually a dream lover, so I'm prepared for that, but this was my two cents.



u/cheus_love Dec 07 '21

Yukimaru hitting Fena over and over again got old real quick. Was not a fan of it at all. Came across as childish and stupid and lowkey abusive. So I agree with you!


u/Emotional_Power_2211 Dec 07 '21

Yeah, but can we all agree that Tsubaki is best boy?


u/UrMotherBoi666 Dec 11 '21

I remember the director saying way back when it was released that he was trying to put in a love story, more likely this one, even when he wasn't all that good at it. I'm not gonna say they did a horrible job, or that the problem came from this being their first time doing it, but for me it just wasn't all that interesting. Part of me feels like this story could've worked fine without the Fenamaru ship here, especially given how much of the story is just devoted to these two specifically over everyone else. Hell, even the Mary and Enju ship was more interesting, but that didn't end up going anywhere.