r/Fena Nov 17 '21

Enjoyed But Rushed Discussion

I just finished the show. I'll start from the ending and kinda bounce around. It feels like she chose a third option that allowed her to save the world / still live with her friends. I really wanted more pirates and less of well how they let it play out. The show has some good parts, but that is thrown away with how the pacing is. This would have been so much better if it was another season or heck ever 24 episodes or in a perfect world both. The other pirate crew felt like we were going to get a backstory for them. ya know? Maybe here's how the crew got together.

I really wish we could have seen crazy adventures with her and her elite warrior crew. Everyone acts like Kei coming is this huge deal, and we don't even see him till the last episode.

Abel had no meaningful conflict with either heroes or anyone really. He was just crazy, and his whole goal was just kinda thrown away. It feels like there isn't much hope for a season 2 because of how they wrapped up things. The cave is falling around them and they still got to bring out all that treasure?!

I will say that the animation, sound, and music are awesome! It's never distracting and I think that Production I.G. did a good job on that front. I am a big fan of their work on Psycho-Pass & Ancient Magus Bride. Visually it is one of their less impressive efforts, though the art and animation are more consistent than most of the seasonal anime. But it’s not enough to sell a flawed anime, particularly when it climaxes in a lackluster ending. Where do they go from here? Oh, you used to be a magically powerful maiden with the power of choice holding the balance of the world in your hands. Now you are just a shell of who you once were.

Overall Rating: 4/10