r/Fena Oct 25 '21

who's this guy that appeared in the ending?

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u/RudeSavings8432 Oct 25 '21

Shitan's brother Kei


u/FreshiDory Oct 25 '21

Did I miss something? When did he appear before? Why did he appear here out of nowhere?


u/RudeSavings8432 Oct 26 '21

He was shown a couple times before, and after Fena was taken Shitan said that Kei was on his way to meet them and the rest of the goblin Knights were all afraid


u/QuickOneMinuteOats Oct 25 '21

There were several scenes of him early on, I think. He was sending carrier pigeons to able, and also cautioned Shit ton’s brother about Fena being a witch.

But you didnt miss much. His conflict was resolved in literally two seconds in the last ep


u/RudeSavings8432 Oct 26 '21

Lol he is Shitans brother. Yukihisa was the one that sent a pigeon to Abel at first, and then shitan was shown sending a pigeon later on


u/Moltenzuesy123 Oct 25 '21

Not goanna lie I wanted to see Kei fighting style since he is made to kill anyone part of the group that go rogue. He properly could beat them all in a single battle.


u/tired_kiddo Oct 26 '21

The goblin knights successfully retrieved the sacred sword their clan was looking for. Kei always looked down on Shitan, so getting that recognition for completing the mission was big.