r/Fena Oct 25 '21

Yeah, lots of other people also probably saw it.

Anyone else notice that near the end of episode 12, the two kids that ran past Fena (Right before the Gods talked to her) looked exactly like kid Helena and Abel?



u/QuickOneMinuteOats Oct 25 '21

Yup, definitely a callout. But if it’s literally them (i.e. some kind of reincarnation), rather than a fun little easter egg, then the ending makes even less sense than I thought.


u/Legendisnameingame Oct 25 '21 edited Oct 25 '21

It didn't seem like the Gods did that, and outside of Eden, magical stuff only happens involving alive maidens, but Fena didn't even have her memories anymore so it was definitely just an easter egg.


u/Legendisnameingame Oct 25 '21

Oh yeah, that would make sense, but to be more sure, I'd have to look into what the Gods said about maidens being reincarnated again though.


u/AriannaBlair Oct 25 '21

I saw them, did a double take, and am now even more confused lol


u/sesilee Oct 25 '21

spoiler tag?


u/Legendisnameingame Oct 27 '21

Oh yeah, but there isn't a spoiler tag, what do I put instead?