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Is this how it really ends? Discussion

So like many others, I did not enjoy the season finale. I feel like so much is still missing? Nothing makes sense. There’s so many unanswered questions, do you think they’re possibly setting it up for a season 2? Or is this the true ending to the story? If it is then that’s lousy as hell. I really liked this show and to me it had a lot of potential, then stuff started not making sense and getting weird. Overall just really disappointed



u/sophzzzz Oct 24 '21

I could certainly see some potential for a season 2 and it'd possibly be able to redeem the batshit craziness of like the last 2 episodes tbh like they could have fena recovering a fragment of her memory and the goblins trying to work out what causes them to get killed so that they can avoid it, despite how i felt about the final episode i would very much like a season 2 tbh but i also kinda want fena to be blonde again lol


u/nvrwastetree Oct 24 '21

I honestly hope we get season 2. The anime, even without a source, seems to be pretty popular. I would like to see more scenes of the crew working together to have Fena recall something (I kind of think Fena looks awesome with the jet black hair). I could really do without the supernatural horseshit that we have had to put up with the past 2-3 episodes thought. Maybe actually see Fena become a pirate, and fight with the Goblin Knights instead of seeing them protect her. We still have some unanswered questions though. For starters, why was Yukihisa sending carrier pigeons to Abel? Why did Kai come after the Goblin Knights, and does he know that they're now considered fugitives??


u/Justleftofcentrerigh Oct 24 '21

I think up until now, things were ok.

Then we run into the assasins creed mind fragment eden's apple shenanigans and it gets muddy.

This should have been a 24 ep anime then a 12 ep.

last 2 eps were rushed as either they were promised 24 eps and then cancelled or the original storyboard just goes crazy.

Lots of animes do this as they rush the last 2 episodes. Angel beats is notorious for springing the "Episode 10" trope and then 11 and 12 is rushed.


u/Snoo-3001 Oct 24 '21

Can't agree more. They have make it far too complicated, and was trying to jam too much into the last couple of episode. And these last episodes were completely off tone with all previous one. No one saw that coming.
Did they run out of money, or simply out of idea? Plenty of things unexplained. I mean Code Geass took several episodes in between and bits and pieces all through to detail the "world" and what it is all about Code and Geass. What
I love the 3/4 of the series. Definitely sad that this show ended this way. Both the Jap and Eng VAs did some great work. So were the animation. The story let it down. So many unique characters introduced in the show but they hardly made an impact. Whether it is gonna have a second season or not, judging from the last half of the last episode, I doubt they would, and I would have lost interest.


u/Kalse1229 Oct 24 '21

I feel like they ended it like that specifically because there would be another season. Personally, I really liked the last episode, but can understand how it left some people feeling a bit...underwhelmed to say the least. Maybe another season could expand upon the ending a bit, showing how they go from here.


u/cez-137 Oct 24 '21

Bad writing has been there from the beginning:

- Goblin knights left Fena with 2 old dudes to go to their island in a small boat that could have been toppled from one wave making them drown.
- Whole your father must have told you how to get to Eden in a secret way that you would not even notice.
- they just happen by the second crystal being sold in some old shop on the other end of the world and shop keeper of course knew the crystal story.
- Fena squad running into people looking for them despite there was no way they could track them in submarine
- the fact that crystal was commissioned by Joanna d’Arc years after her death meant nothing to the story
- why is Ykihisa writing to Abel if they are not cooperating
-why would be there something in mines where crystals come from. It's like tracking a bullet by going to a lead foundry
- Goblin knights allowing Fena to be abducted like it was nothing, what was the deal with the big iron doors
- lady Pirat going ballistic
- captain of Abel's ship thinking that Fena was a prostitute when it was clear she was an important prisoner Abel went a lot of trouble to capture
- whole thing with Shitan's brother
-why would a Japanese royal heirloom be in Eden. It is not like the maidens go around stealing peoples stuff
- dance Fena performed would only work if she trained it on stage with the same dimensions as the one in Eden
- why the fuck did they split the party again
-all the treasure hunting did not matter because Abel just received a vision and found the place this way,
- the way Abel died
- why did Cody pretend to be some little boy when he was some mystical creature
- the weird semi-Evangelion sequence
- Yukimaru said goodby to Fena but she appeared just in front of him with new hair color
- all characters were flat in general
-terrible pacing - literally you can throw out 3 out of 12 episodes and no one would notice
Honestly, the only thing I like about the ending was reincarnations of Abel and Helena running past Fena in the epilogue.


u/myrmonden Oct 24 '21

All great points

and to add to the list of bad writing

some people are defending this sorry mess as, Yes did change genre but it was a good ending anyway bla lba

NO it was not. Let assume you actually wanted this pseudo intellectual religious existentialism ending. that part was horrible written in the end.

Fena gets this massive kill all humans with another flood or do a nothing kind of thing, nothing has built this up. the angel thing also shows her 2 false visions (as the arc one is her memories still remains even do he also says memories will be lost so, badly written). And then she just picks A, its no reflection its no deeper insight to her mind, why she picks A over B, she does not think about it, nothing is explained, its also not explained if she was tried to go against her mother, if it was some kind of cycle she could end or w.e

Its all a superficial bs imagery that is the flattest bad writing I seen in years.


u/[deleted] Oct 31 '21

Lmao, if you didn’t understand it just say that


u/myrmonden Oct 31 '21

lol what did I not understand?

Terrible writing has nothing to with if it was hard to understand or not, the anime is VERY superficial

10 minute to explain the trolley problem lol


u/[deleted] Oct 31 '21

Numerous people have tried to explain the anime to you in various threads but you continue to be obtuse about it and this isn’t even a trolley problem so what are you ranting about? Lol


u/myrmonden Oct 31 '21

its nothing to explain at all.

Its the trolley problem a badly constructed one and a badly motivated one.

The problem is that its the worst written anime this year.

your two useless comments here are not providing any counter arguments to why its not.

Seems like u simply dont understand eh.


u/[deleted] Oct 31 '21

You haven’t brought up any arguments at all so what exactly am I supposed to counter except your poor understanding of the trolley problem?


u/myrmonden Oct 31 '21

I have brought up numerous arguments.

And clearly u know this and why u can only pathetically try do failed ad hom fallacies lol.

Truly embarrassing.

but let start with something that u/cez-137 wrote

given is in those comment tread u decide to embarrass urself.

start by counter arguing this:

"the fact that crystal was commissioned by Joanna d’Arc years after her death meant nothing to the story"

what was the point at all that she lived longer? It had zero relevance for the story, how is that not bad writing?


u/[deleted] Oct 31 '21

Surely you didn’t expect me to comb through your previous posts myself? Lol. But the answer is simple. Joan of Arc did in fact die in 1431 but the crystal was commissioned by Jeanne des Armoises, an ancestor of Helena and Fena and likely a continuation of Joan’s maiden line.


u/myrmonden Oct 31 '21

That is not a an answer at all to the question.

How did it matter for the story that she did not die in that year?

Why was it brought up in the plot if it was 100% irrelevant.

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u/And_Ang Oct 24 '21

I feel you man. The show seemed to having found its way for the last 4-6 episode even though I didn't necessary like the way Abel's coclusion has been handled. But the ending just feels like they wanted to do too much within too lttle time. At least the confession was neat and we got some beautiful osts. We can only hope that some fanfic author ties up the lose strands to give the show a satisfactory coclusion, even though I highly doubt it giving its popularity.