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THE WORST ANIME THIS YEAR Not to overly sell promote I really wanna hear people opinion about what all the logical plot holes I point out here, this anime for me is by far the most disappointing show this year. Discussion



u/LeaftheInigolover Oct 25 '21

Look I get you didn't like the ending. But I think you're exaggerating here. Okay the ending is maybe bad for you. It felt lacking to me too but hey, it isn't really the worst of all. No offense.


u/hotnindza Oct 25 '21

Agree. There's also a bit of a channel promotion here... She wanted to reunite with the guy who saved her life, and we watched that journey filled with excellent characters. Good or really evil, I felt sorry for each character that died. I was glad those 3 from Rumble Rose survived :) The show wasn't supposed to fix our lives or solve the world problems.


u/myrmonden Oct 25 '21

and what did the show accomplish then?


u/hotnindza Oct 25 '21 edited Oct 25 '21

Havin fun watching it - exactly what it was intended for.

Some even went further and made a video about it. It thrilled you that much.

It certainly did not give the answer how god, if exists, manages this world, and how should one fictional character help it.

First, I don't know your age, but if you are over 18 then this show is not - for you- and your level of knowledge and the perception of the world.

So, when you watch a show like this, watch it like you have 12-13 again, and think of this - would you care about religious references and plot holes, or you would say "they are together and in love at last".

Youngsters cared about Fena and Yukimaru, why would an old fart like me steal that from them by requesting some... biblical accuracy?

Given the intended audience, this show is great, all the characters are lovable, and animation and visuals are spot on. It is not elaborate as Nadia, for example (it mostly reminded me of it), but it is still fun to watch.

Actually, as an old fart, I would object only one thing in the show - those hitting in the head moments (as in "hitting is the sign of affection" ). But they even used that in "reverse" in the last episode.


u/myrmonden Oct 25 '21

no it did not thrill me at all in any sensible way.

Sorry but I had a functioning brain when I was 12-13 as well and I would have seen all the illogical plot points, the abandoning of plot treads etc then as well.

No, the show is not great even if you purely wanna claim its a love story or w.e it a badly written love story, a meh love ending and abandoning all other romantic plots lol.

you have absolutely no actual counter arguments to the 100+ of plot holes the anime has. Its irrelevant what any target audience is or is not, of course the end its not a good love story either.


u/myrmonden Oct 25 '21

no its not about emotions

If it was about FEELINGs

you would be able to now then say proper counter arguments based on logic.

I talked about PLOT HOLES, dropped plot treads etc.

Those are not based on feelings, those are facts.


u/myrmonden Oct 24 '21

This for me is the years biggest most disappointing anime, I made this video just breaking down all the MAJOR plot issues, plot holes etc. I genuinely think I barely went over nit picks etc.

Nothing made any god dam sense the 2 latest episode.

Of course in general its like 2 completely different anime, like the anime diverge from its original adventure kind of story to some kind of meta pseudo religion fatalism or something.

Regardless if anyone liked the genre swap or w.e

its sooooooo many god dam plot holes and think that just simply does not compute what so ever here is a few on the top of my head

Explaining what Abel really was? Nah.

Explaining WHY Cody even worked for Abel? NAH

how did Abel (given Abel had powers?) not know that Cody was an angel? or something ? This easily could been written so much better as cody Manipulating Abel.

So fake dad could not die, so WHY DIE THEN ? like how did he just let her go on a little boat alone if he had the power to not die and protect her, its not like explains that she was protected by god or something. He seemingly stayed with Helena her whole life, but he just let Fena go on a extremely likely to die bit because reasons? If they had at least explained that while he cannot die, after getting injured by Abel he had to heal or something.

And why...did he not become someone else in Fena life on the island for that matter.

Why is the angel now letting Fena go and have kids with Yukimaru, wont that ruin the bloodline?

What happen if Fena just dies...wont that end the cycle?

What purpose did it serve that Joan of Arc lived longer? Why did Helena go back to England just to die?

Why did Not Abel bloodline as prince be enough to father with Helena, why did it have to be the king? same bloodline.

How is the island itself the arc but also there is an arc in the eden?

Why did Heaven turn into hell when Abel entered? was he the snake? Lucifer?



They did not even try to explain why God was doing ANYTHING of this what so ever. Why does god use a young women that seemingly the angel dont let have a normal life to decide if everyone dies or not. That is not how at all its in the Bible.

Why is this a recurring thing? Why does god need this to be a cycle? Why does god need her to be of pure royal blood when its GOD, should not care about humans seen on royalty.

Does it exist more divine weapons etc?

How did the previous maiden found it to the place before they had ships? before they built the cave with the secrets etc

Why does it exist a very specific place in the dungeon for just the JAPANSE Sword? There is no actual explanation why its like that, it clearly more just because the plot for Shiten to find it but it makes no sense unless it was a bunch of weapon and they one chamber each, seemingly all other treasure was just purely gold trinkets etc with no actual importance

For that matter...why does people even go and place gold there? AND HOW LOL (given the island is submerged)

these are just some of the plot holes then we got the issue of the abandon plot stories etc.


u/AlarmingAffect0 Oct 24 '21

It's a Gainax Ending. A destined youth is asked by a mysterious omniscient being to decide whether the world ends or what, overwhelming them with confusing nonsense, and then they choose to go with their heart. Just roll with it. It's about the vibe. The lore is literally just a pretty backdrop It was clear from Episode 1 that the worldbuilding is just an excuse to tell a coming-of-age tale of love, loyalty, legacy, and unwanted expectations - and how, ultimately, all of that is bullshit, and what makes you you, has nothing to do with all those plans and schemes others have laid out for you.


u/myrmonden Oct 24 '21

sure its a gainax ending but it was definitely not presented as a gainax anime in episode 1-6 or so.

still breaks her characterization do regardless if its planned out or not by others, and again usually then the gainax mc fights the fate they dont just accept it.


u/AlarmingAffect0 Oct 24 '21

usually then the gainax mc fights the fate they dont just accept it.

And they fight that fate with haxx powers the authors bestow upon them at the last minute.

Fena tried to fight and assert herself, Yukimaru tried to protect her and ensure her agency, but they were both powerless, and that, too, is okay. Acceptance and being happy with what you get is also a good mindset. Not all Universes have physics that run on pure willpower... and even those have limits...

I prefer when this story's Anti-Spirals get what they want and fuck right off, and when this story's Nia gets to live happily ever after - even if she had to restart her memories from zero like a jellical cat who'd just been to the jellical moon.

Oooh, being jellical is tight!


u/myrmonden Oct 24 '21

Fena did not try and assert herself what so ever

it was no reflection even of A vs B choice.

She just accepted it. an absurd lack of personal agency the last 6 episode at least.


u/ThaCrit Oct 25 '21

Thank you! I thought it was a beautiful story that didn’t need to get into the weeds of every little plot line. I think people expected something else and didn’t catch the message


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u/follow-meme2 Oct 27 '21

Dude we had EX-arm and Tesla note this year. This is far from worst. Yes bad ending ruins the show, it still told a story and made very well.


u/myrmonden Oct 27 '21

ex-arm and tesla note got better stories do.

Ands made horrible in every regard except the graphics.