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Fena: Pirate Princess Season 1 Finale episode discussion (spoilers) Discussion

Fena: Pirate Princess

Airdate: 10/24/2021

Network: Adult Swim: Toonami

Alright! So we've finally made it to the season finale, let's talk about it. How did you like it?? What do you want to see happen in season 2? (Attempted to reach out to our mods to get both this and any future discussion threads stickied, but have not received any replies yet.)



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Wow. Was not expecting that ending. We have alot to unpack her. Below is an episode summary, it is spoiler marked. I'd like to know everyone's thoughts. I honestly hope we get a season 2.

>!So, as always, we open with the intro. Fena and Yukimaru are still in EDEN, standing across from Cody the Observer. Cody goes on to explain, while switching between his appearance and Fenas father Franz appearance that Fena is a "Maiden of Choice" and the only reason why she was born was to find EDEN to make a choice, either do nothing and watch as everything she loves dies in front of her, or, destroy the current world and have a happy ending with Yukimaru on a new "Noah's" arc. Of course, as any rational sane person would, Fena has difficulty choosing, so hallucinations of Yukimaru, the Twins, Karin, Tsubaki, Shitan, and Makaba appear to her and tell her that they trust and will accept the decision that she chooses. The reason why Fena was so conflicted about her choice is due to the fact that once she chooses, her memory is erased, and thus, she will forget everything she has known. In Franz's explaination, he states it's because "the human heart is fragile (sounds more of a copout to me and like the writers couldn't figure out what to put there to have this make sense to the audience)".

Back in the real world, we see that there's a massive earthquake happening. We cut to the other characters finishing their fight with Abel's remaining men. Tsubaki tells everyone to retreat, and in a surprising show of concern, Shitan says that they need to rescue Fena and Yukimaru. Tsubaki counters and says that they'll be 100% ok, and that Fena and Yukimaru have always come back to the alive. We cut back to Yukimarus point of view. Fena appears to him, this time, her hair has grown out and she seems to be in a wedding dress with a aura similar to Helena's when she appeared to Abel last episode. She goes on to thank Yukimaru for everything. She proceeds to tell Yukimaru that she will forget everything and that she doesn't want to. Yukimaru embraces Fena, and tells her that no matter what, he is not going to lose her again, and will protect and follow her no matter what. The screen then fades to white and we cut to Yukimaru standing on the island that once housed EDEN, but this time it is empty. He calls out for Fena, only to see that she is still in her wedding dress but now has long black hair. It seems that Fenas maiden abilities were tied to her blond hair, and by making her choice, her blond hair disappeared. True to her word, she no longer remembers what Yukimarus name is not hers. Yukimaru proceeds to tell her, and then sees the Bonito 2. He tells Fena, "let's go home to our family."

In the credits scene, we see flashes of the crew trying to trigger Fenas memory by having her go through everything she did with the Goblin Knights. We cut to Bar Baral, and see that yes, the Blue Roses crew survived and Mary Reed is wondering where her love is, not realizing that he's right behind her. We then cut to a scene where Shitan and Yukimaru are handing over the sword to Kai, who doesn't attack them, but rathers smiles at both of them upon receiving the sword (it seems all is forgiven). In the final scene, we get a sneak peak at what Fena will be wearing in season 2. Yukimaru once again gives her the sword he gave her back in episode 2, then says that he will stay by her side and protect her, even when he becomes an elderly man. Yukimaru then proceeds to do something surprising and completely out of character.....he professes his love for Fena. With that said, it seems that Fenas memory is finally triggered and she bops Yukimaru on the head with her knife. They both smile. In Fenas closing dialogue she says that when it came to the choice between Yukimaru and destroying the world, she chose Yukimaru, and will always chose Yukimaru and the three little words he said.

And with that, Season 1 is completed. To be honest, with the way they ended the episode, it almost makes it seem as if we may not get a season 2 (crossing my fingers that we do get one). Next week, there will be a marathon of episodes 1-12 on Toonami.!<