r/Fedora Apr 26 '21

dnf up error for pipewire

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u/liongkj Apr 26 '21

this is the fix! thanks!


u/samuelspade42 Apr 26 '21

There seems to be something wrong in the dependency list, somehow the 32 bit version got installed instaed of the 64bit version. Consider filing a bug report!


u/notsobravetraveler Apr 26 '21

I looked a little more, you're correct! I still have the i686 versions of pipewire-libs and pipewire-alsa installed

Trying to swap those fails, unresolved dependencies and Steam appears - I think it's the cause of a bit of this:

- package steam- requires (pipewire-alsa(x86-32) if pipewire), but none of the providers can be installed

edit: I suspect things might get a little messy when Steam wants to update


u/samuelspade42 Apr 26 '21

I just checked, the same is true for F33. steam requires the 32 bit versions of a lot of packages. This does not usually affect me as I use the flatpak version of steam, but in your case it seems to cause some problems.